Your Daily Muslim #653: M. Mohamed Abbas

M. Mohamed Abbas

M. Mohamed Abbas

Indian Muslim lawyer/so-called human rights activist M. Mohamed Abbas needs to learn what “human rights” activism really entails. Instead of fighting against child marriage, Abbas has argued for teenage girls to be married off to older men by their parents.

Recently, a 16-year-old girl’s father had her married off to an older man. When local government officials discovered the union, they immediately dissolved it and kept the girl safe from her “husband” and father. Abbas heard of the government’s action and spoke out. He filed a complaint, blaming the government officials for their involvement in the girl’s rescue. He claimed the termination of the foul coupling was an offense against Islam and the sharia of Muhammad, pigs be upon him. Muhammad, for those unfamiliar, married a 6-year-old girl and violated her when she was 9. In the eyes of Abbas and many other Muslims, child marriage is halal (permissible.)

Of course, that wasn’t the entirety of Abbas’ grievance-mongering. He demanded a 10 lakh sum be awarded to the local Muslim community, whose seventh-century sensibilities had allegedly been offended by the prevention of child rape. He mentioned the girl’s parents had been unable to see her, and that somehow this was a bad thing. Uhh, her father is the one responsible for this whole trainwreck. He should be behind bars, not allowed to potentially further traumatize his daughter.

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