Your Daily Muslim #654: The Death of Abdul Salam Mahmoud

Abdul Salam Mahmoud photographed touching little boys yet again

Abdul Salam Mahmoud photographed touching little boys yet again

Part 1 on Mahmoud / Part 2 on Mahmoud

Not many Muslims that have been featured on here have died since their first appearance on the site. Jihadist Abdul Salam Mahmoud recently joined that small group. The former Sydney street preacher traveled to Syria to wage jihad a little over a year ago. Yesterday, he was delivered to his grisly end by either a Syrian government air raid or a clash with Shiite militiamen; sources are conflicting.

What had Mahmoud been up to in Syria? Indoctrinating children on the alleged virtues of jihad, of course. It is likely he was affiliated with the Islamic State terror group, as it was an ISIS-identified Muslim using the kunya Mohamed ibn Albaraa al-Shami who broke the news (linked as a source; do not harass the Muslims as they may upload more materials relevant to this piece) of Mahmoud’s departure. That said, Mahmoud didn’t discriminate against other terror groups. The children he was “mentoring” (read: turning into bloodthirsty maniacs) developed a fondness for all sorts of terror groups, as can be seen by the names they chose for their soccer teams:


In August, Mahmoud was remotely interviewed for SBS Insight, an Ausfailian news broadcast. This particular episode was a discussion of youth radicalization among Muslims. Of course, the network did very cursory research and identified Mahmoud as being involved in “humanitarian” efforts instead of looking at all the dirt on him on YDM. Humanitarianism and Magic Muslim Peace Sprayers™ totally go hand in hand. “Wherever our people are being harmed or being oppressed, it’s an obligation for us [Muslims] to go and help them to fight tyranny and to fight oppression,” Mahmoud said, trying to paint his aggression against the infidel as a noble crusade for justice.

Mahmoud’s wife, Zaheeda Abdullah, who is also in Syria, is set to excrete her spawn in a matter of weeks. Had Mahmoud and his wife stayed in Australia, any and all of their children would have been able to grow up comfortably. However, they didn’t think of the consequences for their children, just the promise of flowing wine and virgins in jannat al-firdaus. For people who claim to be concerned with charity, they’re mighty selfish.

When word of Mahmoud’s death spread across social media, many Muslims expressed their heartfelt wishes for the dead terrorist.


Newsflash: he’s dead. There are no virgins.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #654: The Death of Abdul Salam Mahmoud

  1. Good riddance. Unfortunately there are many more that need a bullet in the head.

  2. […] Abdul Salam Mahmoud – Australian street preacher who traveled to Syria to join a “relief effort” (read: terror group.) In a video message, he stated: “Our media will be purified and cleaned from these devilish programs that have been brought to us by the west… then in the streets, you will not be able to see women and girls wearing short shirts and things that, uhhhhhhhh, you just can’t believe that you see in the Muslim country. And boys and girls will not be free-mixing out in the open. And alcohol will not be sold in the stores out in the open. And nightclubs and all the things will be shut down because we are Muslims and this is haram and we cannot have these in our country.” Mahmoud was killed in March. […]

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