Your Daily Muslim #658: Omar Hallak

Omar Hallak

Omar Hallak

Sending your child to an Islamic school is one way to guarantee they’ll receive a suboptimal education, especially if that school is Ausfailia’s al-Taqwa College (for Americans who may be confused, the word “College” doesn’t mean it’s a university.) Omar Hallak is the principal of al-Taqwa college. Taqwa is the principle of “god-consciousness” in Islam, which can be summarized as the belief that Allah is watching your actions and you should behave accordingly. I wonder what that invisible voyeuristic psychopath Allah thinks about Hallak’s numerous pseudoscientific proclamations.

Hallak stated that if young girls run “excessively,” they may “lose their virginity.” This led to him cancelling the runs of the girls’ cross country team for the past two years. Now, even Islamic texts aren’t crazy enough to lend support to Hallak’s theory. However, that didn’t stop him from basing school policy on it. Also, what does it matter if running causes a girl to lose her virginity? It’s hers. Some creepy old dude should have no say in it.

At the al-Taqwa college, students experienced an alarming amount of sexist discrimination. Certain areas of campus were reserved for boys, and girls’ areas were often repurposed as boys’ areas. Female pupils’ complaints often fell on deaf ears.

Hallak also claimed he and his school administrators “don’t believe Muslims are creating [the Islamic State terror group],” and that the Islamic State is “not linked to Islam.” Oh really? Then why do they justify their cruelty with passages from the Qur’an, and why do they scream Allahu Akbar every ~8 seconds?

Hallak blamed the creation of the Islamic State on the US and Israel; Muslims tend to be incredibly unimaginative when it comes to their conspiracy theories. He claimed those nations formed the terror group to gain control of the region’s oil. Uhh, if we wanted oil, we wouldn’t do it by beheading random Shiites and Americans. The fact that Hallak is an educator remains gravely alarming; who knows what kind of madness is being taught at al-Taqwa?

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #658: Omar Hallak

  1. […] Omar Hallak – Australian Islamic school headmaster who believes that allowing girls to run may cause them to “lose their virginity.” Hallak also claimed the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is a US-Israeli conspiracy. […]

  2. For Americans who may be confused Sydney is nowhere near this school … In addition I’d suggest you get your facts right rather than quoting hearsay and gossip

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