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Your Daily Muslim #660: Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Minnesota Muslim Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud has never been well-behaved. His criminal career has been lengthy, with its recent culmination in an attempted jihad attack against police.

In 2012, Mahmoud was arrested for kicking over the chair his 6-month-old daughter was sitting in during an argument with his ex. His ex told authorities he had abused her at least fifteen times. It is unknown the extent of abuse the child suffered; she was bruised but not permanently injured from Mahmoud’s assault. Mahmoud was charged with domestic violence and stalking.

In 2013, Mahmoud again got in trouble with the law for interfering with a 911 call and for another domestic violence offense. You’d think he’d learn to treat women better, but his holy book encourages their abuse (Qur. 4:34.)

After that most recent term of prison dawah, Mahmoud decided it was time for something more sinister. When police responded to a report of suspicious persons at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Mahmoud was laying in wait. The police approached the loitering group. Mahmoud then made like Shaheeda Hadee and drove his car at the police. Officers shot at the vehicle, hitting Mahmoud. He and one officer were hospitalized. It is unknown whether or not Mahmoud and the suspicious group coordinated the vehicular attack.

Mahmoud is facing aggravated assault charges. He will appear in court in the near future.

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