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Your Daily Muslim #661: Abdourahamane Diallo

Abdourahamane Diallo

Abdourahamane Diallo

Minnesota Muslim Abdourahamane Diallo (not to be confused with Diablo), 29, was down on his luck. After losing his phone, Diallo initiated what may have been an attempt to help his mosque win the Muslim Jackpot.

Diallo traveled to the Islamic Center of St. Cloud, where he vandalized the center with haram beverages. He also reportedly smashed windows. Diallo was a member of the congregation who had regularly attended prayer. Why did he attack his religious institution? It’s easy to rile up left-wingers and professional grievance-mongers such as CAIR; had he not been caught, Diallo’s act of vandalism could have resulted in airtime for some CAIR mouthpiece.

Diallo was taken into custody. He may be facing charges of felony destruction of property due to his involvement in another similar incident.

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