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Your Daily Muslim #663: Ahmad Faisol bin Haji Omar

He likes grabbing black phallic objects

He likes grabbing black phallic objects

Islam is notorious for its austerity. Now, Muslims are being forced to pray – specifically, they’re under threat of legal punishment for failing to! Yep, you read that right: Muslims in Kedah, Malaysia will face up to a 6-month jail sentence or an RM1,000 fine for missing Friday (Jumuah) prayers three times in a row.

One of those leading the charge is sheikh Ahmad Faisol bin Haji Omar, the enforcement chief of the Kedah Islamic Religious Department. “We will act based on public complaints, especially from those among their local congregation,” Omar said of the latest Islamic witch-hunt. Now, people who are jealous of their friends who actually have lives have a method to obtain severe recourse. Leave it to Muslims to be spiteful and bitter – “no! You can’t enjoy your Friday! You have to bang your head on the ground!”

“Hopefully, the enforcement of the relevant law will reduce the number of Friday prayer truants,” Omar continued. Uhh, why does it matter? Are you so insecure in your faith that you have to force others to go along with it? Is your devotion so fragile that you couldn’t take it if the rest of the congregation chose to stop attending? Considering the extreme measures Islam has taken to prevent apostasy, including implementing the death penalty under sharia for leaving the faith, it isn’t surprising that many Muslims can’t handle the thought of people thinking for themselves.

Omar mentioned people could find anonymous complaint forms with which to report their fellow Muslims who missed Friday prayers. Anonymous complaint forms, big government, unusually harsh punishment… am I the only one who sees a parallel to Nazi Germany here?

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