Your Daily Muslim #664: Mochamad Fuad Basya

Mochamad Fuad Basya

Mochamad Fuad Basya

Indonesian major-general and military spokesman Mocha-mad Fuad Basya should spend his time gorging himself on the beverage he was named after instead of interfering with women’s personal business. The Indonesian military currently carries out “virginity tests” on female applicants, in which two fingers are inserted into the recruit’s vagina to determine whether or not she’s a virgin. Because a woman’s sex life is totally relevant to whether or not she’s ready for battle.

Oh wait, we’re dealing with Muslims here, of course they’ll take any chance they can get to violate and humiliate women. And yes, before you ask, men are the ones performing the tests on women. It should be seen as haram for them to look upon the private areas (awrah) of an unmarried woman, but exceptions are often made. Basya weakly attempted to justify the test: “It is done in order to get the best people both physically and mentally.” Uhh, tell me again how a woman’s virginity has anything to do with her combat prowess? And as for mental function – I think non-virgins are psychologically healthier than virgins who repress themselves. Of course, Muslims don’t recognize that sex is a good thing because their 7th-century child-porn fairytale tells them it isn’t.

“If it is due to an accident we can still consider it but if it’s due to another reason, well, we cannot accept her,” Basya continued. How can you tell if hymen tearing was caused by a penis or an injury? Basya attempted to explain the bizarre method currently employed, which involves tears at certain angles being indicative of sexual activity. This method, needless to say, has no basis in science.

The test is currently up for debate as to whether or not it will continue. Hopefully Basya and all those who performed the test are removed from duty.

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  1. […] Mochamad Fuad Basya – Indonesian military commander who oversees “virginity tests” carried out on all female recruits. The test involves a man inserting two fingers into the woman’s vagina to determine her virginity. Non-virgin women are disqualified from being able to serve in Indonesia’s military. […]

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