Your Daily Muslim #665: Tanny Bashir

Tanny Bashir

Tanny Bashir

Some of you may recognize UK Muslim Tanny Bashir, a supervisor at the Dollar Financial Group, from this site’s Messages of Peace page. Well, I checked out his online presence and found him to be a truly unpleasant Muslim. Here’s the original Message of Peace he wrote:


“Religion of peace.” Yep. Sure. Gotcha.

Like many of the other foamers featured on here, Bashir hates Israel. He suspects western (read: American and/or Israeli) involvement with the Islamic State terror group:


Speaking of anti-Semitism, there’s very little more spiteful than Holocaust denial. But if there weren’t ludicrous 7th-century idiocy like this next screenshot, this Muslim wouldn’t warrant his own YDM piece!


He then doubled down on his Holocaust denial, even after being criticized for it:


Unfortunately, Bashir has spawned offspring, which he is quite possibly indoctrinating with his anti-Semitism. Poor kids 😦

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #665: Tanny Bashir

  1. At least he’s not in the US…. the UK is mindless to whats happening. They’re being taken over yet still want to remain pc… like the Islamic sex rings… ‘perpetrated by asians’ instead of Pakistanis. …

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