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Your Daily Muslim #668: Hasanuddin AF

Hasanuddin AF on a poster

Hasanuddin AF on a poster

It’s been a while since I put a “death to gays” Muslim on here. Of course, the religion of peace has given me no shortage of candidates to choose from. This idiot from Indonesia really stood out. Enjoy!

Hasanuddin AF, the head of Indonesia’s leading Islamic clerical organization, recently issued a fatwa advocating for gays and lesbians to be put to death. This mimics the violent homophobia of Muhammad, pigs be upon him, who said of gays: “kill the doer and the receiver.” Hasanuddin’s exact words were: “Sodomy, homosexuals, gays and lesbians in Islamic law are forbidden and [it] is a vile act that is punishable by the death penalty.” No, killing people for being with those they love is a vile act, you seventh-century savage.

Like every other Muslim on here, Hasanuddin just had to dig himself into an even deeper hole, and not the kind I got into Saturday night. “It doesn’t matter that they love each other. The law still prohibits it. In Islamic law, it’s a sexual act that must be heavily punished. It would be bad if the government allows same-sex marriage.” Why must it be punished? Because our sex lives are infinitely better than yours and you’re envious? Because some bloodthirsty warlord from the 7th century wanted more excuses to kill people?

Hasanuddin said the fatwa was issued to remind Indonesians that homosexuality is “deviant” and is a “stain on the dignity of Indonesia.” Actually, the fatwa is the stain on the dignity of Indonesia. Hasanuddin should be ashamed.

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