Your Daily Muslim #669: Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin

Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin demonstrating the trademark Islamic finger point

Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin demonstrating the trademark Islamic finger point

Civil liberties lawyer Eric Paulsen was arrested in Malaysia for accusing the Department of Islamic Development, which has previously been featured on YDM, of fomenting extremism. Instead of examining the obvious validity of Paulsen’s assertion, Malay Muslim Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin, who heads the JMPP Islamic group, supported the arrest. As we’re all too aware, Islam’s followers cannot handle criticism of their religion’s practices.

“[Criticism of Islamism] is like a ticking time bomb that could invite unrest in our country.” Referencing the Charlie Hebdo jihad attack, Nordin continued: “It is hoped that all parties learn from events happening all across the world now. Uncontrolled provocation can lead to that which is undesired by anyone of rational thought.” Excuse me while I laugh at Muslims considering themselves to be “of rational thought.” They’re the ones who believe in an invisible sky-demon who demands they bang their heads on the ground five times a day.

“If [Paulsen] is released just like that, we believe it will fuel the rise of more extremists who hate Islam and the enforcement of Islamic law in Malaysia,” Nordin stated. Who’s the real extremist – the one who wants people arrested for speaking uncomfortable truths or the one who speaks them? Nordin’s crusade against Paulsen is the latest in a long line of examples why Islam and the west will never be compatible.

When a young Malay woman was photographed holding a stray dog at an adoption event, Nordin immediately jumped into action. Cute and fluffy as they are, dogs are viewed as ritually unclean in Islam, and touching them is haram. Nordin demanded that “action” be taken against her. Of course, this probably means incarceration and/or caning. Because nothing screams criminal behavior like holding a puppy.

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  1. Man you are owning them , lol. Keep up the good work.

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