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Your Daily Muslim #670: Mohammad Azizan Ismail

Mohammad Azizan Ismail

Mohammad Azizan Ismail

Malay Islamist group Perkasa has popped up a few times on this website for engaging in various forms of seventh-century idiocy, sometimes involving dogs. Man’s best friend is seen as ritually unclean (nejis) in Islam and many Muslims are waging jihad against any sort of canine presence.

Perkasa posted on Facebook suggesting that a string of tornadoes was the wrath of Allah, his ire drawn by a dog-petting event in addition to the usual “causes” (drinking, gambling, etc.) Yep, petting dogs causes tornadoes. Yet for all of Allah’s alleged wrath, the American Kennel Club hosts numerous giant events for dog lovers every year without any meteorological interruption.

“When vice is widespread, then Allah will unleash his wrath,” a Muslim named Mohammad Azizan Ismail commented on Perkasa’s post. “When Islam is toyed [with] by those who claim to be champions of the religion, then the disasters will be greater.” If disasters are caused by hypocrisy among the leaders of the Muslim world, why hasn’t the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group been wiped out for their rather inaccurate applications of sharia? They should know to throw gays from buildings instead of shooting them in the head! But I guess Allah’s OK with that as long as there are dead bodies.

Ismail is also an opponent of immigration and has accused Malay politicians of manipulating Islam for their own gain, going so far as to call them “opponent[s] of Islam.” Who does he think are the righteous Muslims? The Perkasa crazies. He even claimed that the distribution of Malay-language Bibles may be an attempt to “deflect the belief of Muslims.”

Needless to say, Ismail is crazy. And on the subject of drinking and gambling, I’m off to invite the wrath of Allah in Vegas. I’ve got a couple posts in the queue to tide you over ’til I get back.

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