Your Daily Muslim #671: Waqqas Hussain

Waqqas Hussain

Waqqas Hussain

UK Muslim Waqqas Hussain and two of his Muslim friends really didn’t like this other dude who was also a Muslim. Instead of ignoring him or working out their differences like civilized people, the seventh-century savages decided it would be a good idea to put him through a terrifying, violent ordeal.

The trio of miscreant Muslims kidnapped their victim, stuffing him into the trunk of their car before driving to a secondary location. The three then decided to get all 50 Shades of Gay on the victim, stripping him and repeatedly hitting him. I mean, if it were consensual, this wouldn’t be an issue – but it wasn’t. The naked victim was then released – with his head still attached, surprisingly.

The three assailants were arrested and have been charged with kidnapping. Let’s see if the UK courts sentence them to prison dawah or if they let them go due to “cultural differences.” Of course, the couts aren’t expressing any interest in pressing charges against Hussain for anti-Semitism – an image of the Israeli flag being punched through with the words “death to Israel” on it is his current Facebook profile picture. But again, “cultural differences.” Any criticism of Islam lands you in jail but Muslims can spout death to Jews all day without consequence.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #671: Waqqas Hussain

  1. Muslims kill more muslims then any other religion…..

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