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Your Daily Muslim #675: Alaa Bader Abdullah al-Hashemi

alaa al-hashemi

Welcome to Muslimah Week 2015 on YDM! Every year, Muslimah Week comes around once or twice to try to fix the gender disparity of people featured on this site. Turns out a patriarchal religion doesn’t let women have the spotlight very often.

Emirati Muslimah Alaa Bader Abdullah al-Hashemi is the latest in a long line of arguments for banning Islam’s ridiculous ninja costumes. She walked into a women’s restroom in an Abu Dhabi mall. Instead of taking care of her business and leaving, she felt it best to slay the infidel as Qur. 9:5 instructs.

Ibolya Ryan, an American teacher, was using the restroom at the same time as al-Hashemi. Seeing the infidel woman sent al-Hashemi into a rage. The mujahidah stabbed Ryan several times before fleeing the scene, clad in a ninja costume that prevented her from being easily identified by security footage or witnesses.

Of course, this murder was only the first al-Hashemi had planned. Thankfully, she was arrested. Aside from the homicide, she was charged with making an explosive device with the aim of harming others, creating an online account to promote terrorist ideas, spreading information that harmed the country and donating funds to a terrorist organisation. Gee, a Muslim promoting terrorism and trying to make a bomb… no way! Even if such a thing were to happen, it’s in no way indicative of a larger problem; it’s an “isolated incident” perpetrated by a “lone wolf.” It can’t possibly have been motivated by a “religion of peace.”

al-Hashemi’s lawyer claims the witnesses’ testimonies are invalid because they are not Muslims. Under sharia, the testimony of non-Muslim witnesses is viewed as less credible. “The law states cases of murder according to Sharia law are not proven unless they are pleaded by the council of judges, testimony of two male witnesses, or by the oath. The oath taken by the witnesses is invalid as they are not Muslim,” the lawyer stated, thereby telling the world he hasn’t advanced beyond the 7th century.

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