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Your Daily Muslim #677: Zohra Dawood

Zohra Dawood

Zohra Dawood

Bradfordabad, UK. Three sister Muslimahs with between two and 5 children each concocted a sinister plan. They received benefits from the UK government due to their motherhood, and decided they would pool that money together for their children’s future… with the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

One of the sisters, Zohra Dawood, claimed she “didn’t like the UK” despite the fact that it’s infinitely better than shitholes like Syria. Why? It’s becoming “too much like America.” Well, with one key difference: America doesn’t have a problem controlling its mujahid problem.

The sisters then talked their male cousin into joining the Islamic State terror group with them, and together with all their children, they fled to Syria. This is one of the biggest parenting fails of all time – instead of protecting their children, the sisters took them into the middle of a warzone.

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