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Your Daily Muslim #678: Ismahan Isse

Ismahan Isse

Ismahan Isse

Ohio Somali Muslimah Ismahan Isse wanted to become a police officer. There was one problem with that: police officers are required to wear uniforms.

Isse realized she would be unable to continue with a law enforcement career if she wore the hijab on duty. She reportedly chose to be uncovered during law enforcement training. Instead of transitioning into 21st century police attire, Isse unfortunately allowed her Ohio career dream to become the latest casualty of the religion of peace.

Upon hearing of this terrible injustice, the litigation jihadists at Hamas-linked CAIR sprung into action. They asked for the police dress code to change to be more inclusive of various religious groups. Here’s the thing: it’s a uniform. Everyone has to wear it. Do you think anyone wants to not have any say in terms of their professional attire? No. However, maintaining a dress code definitely helps maintain professionalism in the workplace. Demanding an unbiased standard be changed to accommodate your pseudoscientific beliefs is selfish.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #678: Ismahan Isse

  1. Terrible injustice she wasn’t drug away and beaten.

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