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Your Daily Muslim #680: Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

St. Paul Somali Muslimah Ubah Ali and many of her fellow seventh-century celebrants are the latest group of regressives to push sharia compliance on America’s swimming pools. The raucous horde of Muslimahs got in touch with the St. Paul police department and the local YMCA. Together, they began an early-morning swimming instruction program so they could swim without being seen by the opposite sex. Because Islam totally isn’t into segregation.

“We have to have privacy,” Ali said. Her daughter, 12, goes to the lessons. Why do you need privacy? Going to swimming pools is one of the most all-American, innocent pastimes there is. Everyone has a great time. However, Islam isn’t too keen on the idea of fun if it involves even the slightest chance of contact with the opposite sex. For a devout Muslimah like Ali, such a risk was unacceptable.

Want to know what’s actually unacceptable? Refusing to integrate into Western culture and demanding things be gender-segregated.

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