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Your Daily Muslim #685: Ahmed el-Zend

Ahmed el-Zend

Ahmed el-Zend

In May, Ahmed el-Zend was sworn in as Egypt’s new Justice Minister. However, his idea of “justice” is what we in America consider cruel and unusual punishment. A staunch supporter of sharia, el-Zend enjoys discussing his love of corporal punishment.

“We have in our penal code some articles that contradict Islamic sharia,” el-Zend stated. “I would like the penal code to become Islamic from A to Z. I would like a single article to be added to the penal code – that Islamic sharia to be applied with hudud [corporal punishment].” He even specifically outlined that he wanted beheading, lashing and amputations of limbs to be the penalties for apostasy, fornication and theft, respectively, because that’s what is prescribed under sharia. And now, he has a position of influence in Egypt’s government to push his sadistic agenda.

Recently, el-Zend criticized the terrorists responsible for killing homophobe Hisham Barakat (YDM #629). Of course, he had to throw some anti-Semitic invective in: “Allah Almighty will treat [the perpetrators] as he treats the Jews; they will wander through the land, a day will come where no country will accept them and they will not find a home, since there are no homelands for vileness and wickedness.” Accusing Jews of vileness and wickedness while advocating beheading as punishment for apostasy? That’s rich.

Despite having been in office a meager six weeks, el-Zend has already committed more gaffes than Joe Biden. Surely it won’t be long before he ends up on here again.

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