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Your Daily Muslim #687: Nurashikin Salim (Part 3)

Nurashikin Salim demonstrating something very haram with her fingers

Nurashikin Salim demonstrating something very haram with her fingers

(Part 1 on Salim | Part 2 on Salim)

Last time I checked in on Singaporean Muslimah Nurashikin Salim, she was explaining how she doesn’t think men should be arrested for rape if the victim was uncovered because the victim was at fault. This time I’m going to discuss her recent comments on homosexuality, as well as her thoughts on selfies and infidelity. For a 24-year-old, her views are certainly far from normal.

Salim and her husband recently completed the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. They prayed in the Masjid al-Haram and listened to the imam’s sermon. Of course, the seventh-century savage used his pulpit to spew anti-LGBT bile because of the US’ legalization of gay marriage. Salim took great pleasure in this, despite likely being a deeply closeted lesbian:


That wasn’t the only homophobic comment Salim made. As if her earlier writings claiming Muslims “eradicate LGBTQ from society” out of love weren’t horrifying enough, here’s this:


So she can’t reject Qur. 8:12, which commands Muslims to behead and dismember infidels? Or Qur. 4:34, which advocates wife-beating? Or maybe Qur. 2:228, which states that men are to be placed above women? Or Qur. 4:24, which permits men to molest women captured in battle? By her admission that she believes a true Muslim must believe in the entirety of the Qur’an, she just admitted to sanctioning those forms of barbarism.

Salim also detailed more of her past inclinations toward lesbianism, trying to downplay any sign that she might (gasp) have feelings for other women. Because that’s haram and a 7th-century child-porn fairytale is more important than living authentically in the present.



If she were straight, she wouldn’t have considered being with a woman. She claims she innately knew lesbianism was wrong, but I highly doubt that. Any society with a devout populace will invariably impression homophobic attitudes upon the minds of the young.

Now, on to selfies. Sure, no one’s gonna give you many likes on Instagram if you look like a Ringwraith in every picture no matter what filter you apply, but this level of envy toward those who do take selfies is unjustified. Just saying, maybe Salim could get more Instagram followers if she ditched the oppressive Halloween costume she wears all the time.


What Salim fails to recognize is that taking a selfie is one’s own prerogative. If someone wants to be an Instagram celebrity, that’s their choice. There’s nothing “sadistic” about it.


Oh look, there she is again blaming women for men’s inability to control themselves. What does she expect, that women will pretend they don’t exist and that they won’t share their lives with others on social media? Really? Posting a selfie on the beach is not a sinful act, and it’s ridiculous to think it is.


“Meant to be his.” No. Women are not their husband’s property. No attribute of a woman is her husband’s property. Salim’s attitude suggests this, and is frankly horrifying. If a man doesn’t like the fact that a woman does what she wants with her body, he’s a douche and she should find someone better. It’s not fair for a religion to expect a woman to hide from sight so others don’t see her. That’s oppression. Islam oppresses women.

Next week: the Nurashikin Salim finale! You don’t want to miss this.

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