Your Daily Muslim #688: Akhunzada Saifoor Shah

Akhunzada Saifoor Shah

Akhunzada Saifoor Shah

Pakistani Muslim Akhunzada Saifoor Shah is really good at keeping his head in the sand. Instead of acknowledging the fact that his religion’s PR problem comes from within, Shah accuses Indians, Americans, and Israelis of manufacturing terror efforts in a smear campaign against Islam. When Shah found a Facebook counterjihad page called I Hate Islam is Back, he went into full foamer mode. Behold:


I wonder what proof he has of his assertion that terrorists captured and killed in Pakistan are foreign agents. Probably something he read online from one of his fellow mumineen. Of course, he had to conclude with a threat to slaughter all who oppose his religion and its barbarism. Of course, this is totally not in line with the teachings of the religion of peace’s prophet, pigs be upon him, who said “I have been made victorious through terror.”

When people commented on Shah’s crazed foaming post, he responded with bizarre threats of molestation and urination:


Apparently he forgot Qur. 17:32, which commands Muslims to avoid adultery. All that f**king he references certainly can’t be halal…

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #688: Akhunzada Saifoor Shah

  1. Among his facebook likes is “Stylish boys” ..tsk tsk tsk.

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