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Your Daily Muslim #690: Kylie Mason

Kylie Mason

Kylie Mason

Today’s daily Muslim isn’t particularly egregious or horrifying; I wanted to dissect her terrible logic, but she doesn’t warrant the usual YDM treatment.

Ausfailian Muslimah Kylie Mason has been “married” by religious ceremony to kebab shop owner Cahit Ozturk since 2007. Ozturk has been legally married to another woman since 1992. He lives with both. Islam allows men up to four wives. Australian law does not allow polygamy.

Mason converted to Islam in 2006. She and Ozturk were married in all ways except legally soon after. When news of their marital arrangement became public, Mason commented: “If we were able to [be legally married], then of course we would be. If we’re going to do same-sex marriage, polygamy actually makes more sense. It’s in the Bible and the Qur’an and same-sex marriage isn’t, so why wouldn’t they legalize something that’s part of religion?”

I’m going to ignore her babbling about same-sex marriage; I’m sure everyone’s read more than enough of my thoughts on the subject.

Here’s what’s wrong with Mason’s logic. Why not legalize child marriage? That’s permitted in Islam – Muhammad, pigs be upon him, married Aisha when she was 6 and molested her when she was 9. Just because something is part of a religion does not make it worthy of respect or even tolerance. The protection from criticism religions receive in our society is beyond ridiculous; their ideas and practices should be as heavily scrutinized as any other ideological movement.

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