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Your Daily Muslim #691: Ali Rıza Demircan

Ali Riza Demircan still cries at night about that time his wife used teeth

Ali Rıza Demircan still cries about that time his wife used teeth

Turkish Islamic scholar Ali Rıza Demircan, author of Sexual Life According to Islam, caused a firestorm on Twitter after a televised interview went awry. He brought up the increasing divorce rate in many societies and offered a bizarre explanation of it.

Demircan claimed that the widespread practice of haram (forbidden) sexual acts between married couples caused divorces. Specifically, he cited anal sex, BDSM, and “advanced oral sex” as reasons couples divorced. If a couple is into BDSM or anal, I don’t see how that could cause them to divorce unless the passion dies. And even in that case, it isn’t the sex act’s fault.

As for “advanced oral sex,” what does that even mean? Deepthroating? Since it allegedly leads to divorces, could it involve the misapplication of teeth?

Thankfully, the host of the interview couldn’t contain her laughter, and the old Muslim was turned into the laughingstock he is. Social media has had a field day skewering him, with a devout few defending his absurd claims. Whether or not he will commit similar gaffes in future interviews remains to be seen.

Perhaps Demircan’s one redeeming attribute is that he isn’t entirely anti-sex. “Sex is a part of worship and, indeed, is the same as namaz [prayer],” he said, bolstering a campaign to encourage married couples to have children. (If a religion’s followers actually believed that statement and backed it up in practice, maybe I’d believe in that religion…)

Of course, Demircan’s not a fan of all forms of sex because of his religion and perhaps a bad experience or two, but at least he’s not as terrible as many of the obvious virgins on here whose only hope of getting laid is in jannat al-firdaus (Islamic heaven.)

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