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Your Daily Muslim #694: Muhammad Junaid Jutt

Muhammad Junaid Jutt

Muhammad Junaid Jutt

Pakistani Muslim Muhammad Junaid “Jaizy” Jutt is yet another foamer from the Messages of Peace section I felt deserved his own piece. What caused his frothing eruption? A page that made fun of his prophet, pigs be upon him. Here’s the foam that landed Jutt on YDM in the first place:


Oh really? So Einstein and Tesla were Muslims? Edison? Galileo? Jutt’s likening of bacon to feces isn’t as crazy as the mad anti-bacon ranting of Sabreena Sadaf, but is still completely non-scientific and unwarranted. Bacon is delicious. (Can you tell I’m American?)

His command for infidels to insert cucumbers into their rectums may or may not have been inspired by the perverted fatwa issued by Abdel-Bari Zamzami ben Seddik, who authorized the use of some vegetables and household objects as masturbatory aids.


Just… eww. That can’t possibly be halal.

Aside from his disgusting foaming, Jutt is a firm believer in the Qur’an. He has shared messages on his Facebook wall indicating his belief in the power of Qur’an recitation, that thousands of angels will protect your house if you recite certain verses. Couple this with his belief that the world’s greatest scientists were all Muslim and you have one seriously incorrect worldview.

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