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Your Daily Muslim #701: Anwar ul Haque

Anwar ul Haque

Anwar ul Haque

Islamabad pathologist Dr. Anwar ul Haque is a true 7th-century regressive. Despite being versed in western medicine, he clings to outdated beliefs from ages past. Let’s take a look at what he’s written on his Facebook:


The point he tries to make about women’s testimony being worth less than men not being in the Qur’an is only somewhat true. Qur. 2:282 makes an allusion to this. However, a hadith (Bukhari 6:301) explicitly states what taqiyya master ul Haque tries to deny. I’m not even going to bother going into the rest of that misogynistic horseshit; any sane person knows women shouldn’t have their rights taken away in the name of “protection.”

ul Haque is Facebook friends with yesterday’s daily Muslim, Kaukab Siddique. On a post regarding homosexuality and its causes, the “doctor” commented:


How are we destroying the fabric of society? We aren’t the ones randomly beheading people or blowing ourselves up.

He explained how Muslims are comanded to wage jihad against the kuffar on a post about a Pakistani politician’s new wife:


Speaking of jihad, he supports convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui and blames her arrest on (wait for it) the Jews:


Here’s some crazy conspiracy bullshit to round this one out. This level of crazy defies explanation:





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  1. Interesting. Daily Muslim rocks.

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