Your Daily Muslim #704: Hashim Hussain

Hashim Hussain

Hashim Hussain

Teenage UK Muslim Hashim Hussain, who frequently discusses the end of the world on Facebook, had some unkind words when interacting with counterjihadists. After misunderstanding a question and outing himself as a homophobe, he dug a hole now far too deep to ever get out of.


“And it’s the only punishment that will make people learn.” Really? Since when did a natural consensual behavior that harms no one warrant a punishment? Hussain also fails to understand that killing people is a crime in the civilized world, though his barbaric religion teaches him it’s A-OK under various conditions.

“It’s not right in Islamic nature,” Hussain continued. The narrow worldview of “Islamic nature” is not the same as biological reality, as any educated person knows. Sadly, Hussain’s mindset has yet to catch up to modern times.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #704: Hashim Hussain

  1. “It’s not right in Islamic nature,” Hussain continued. well why are the gays they are throwing from buildings Muslims? Oh thats right, indoctrinated from birth, not Muslim by choice!

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  3. […] Hashim Hussain – UK Muslim who claims gays should be stoned to death because “it’s the only punishment that will make them learn.” Why does he believe that gays should be stoned? “Because God has demanded us to in the Qur’an so therefore we have to obey and do that.” […]

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