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Your Daily Muslim #706: Ghulam Ali Naeem Abadi

Ghulam Ali Naeem Abadi

Ghulam Ali Naeem Abadi

Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ghulam Ali Naeem Abadi, who represents Iran’s Supreme Leader in Hormozgan province, put his foot in his mouth recently. How? By demanding others’ limbs be removed.

“If the hands of a few of those who commit theft in society are cut off, they would serve as examples for others and security will be restored,” Abadi stated. Iran recently amputated the right hand and left foot of a man accused of robbery, a punishment prescribed by sharia. Abadi doesn’t realize that dismembering people is far too severe a sentence for the crime.

“Security would be restored in society by amputating a few fingers; why then are such punishments not being fully implemented?” Abadi asked, not realizing his tongue’s amputation (though still a horrible crime) would be of much greater benefit to society.

Abadi is also a misogynist. While claiming Islam enjoys a privileged status over the infidel, Abadi praised the Islamic ninja costume as a “bright sign of Islamic society.” Of course, the fact that his religion’s “bright sign” causes its adherents to look like Ringwraiths is totally lost on him.

He encouraged Iranians to adhere to Islamic rules of modesty, and called upon radio broadcasters and his fellow scholars to speak on the subject of traditional Islamic values. He also criticized westernization, calling it an influence of “cultural NATO.” He concluded by saying, “our politics is religion and our religion is politics.” That’s even scarier than Mike Huckabee’s stance.

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