Your Daily Muslim #707: Mashhoor bin Hassan ibn Mahmood al-Salman

Possibly acting out something NSFW

Possibly acting out something NSFW

Islam permits its followers to keep sex slaves captured in battle, as evidenced by Qur. 23:5-6, 4:24, and 33:50, among others. Palestinian-Jordanian cleric/author Mashhoor bin Hassan ibn Mahmood al-Salman is a big fan of sex slavery, likely because no free woman would ever touch his hideous creep ass. During a live fatwa broadcast, a viewer asked questions of sex slavery and whether or not women could use sex slaves.

“Is a woman allowed to have sex with her slave?” al-Salman began, not realizing that the very notion of slavery should be dismissed as morally repugnant. “Dear Allah… A woman cannot have sex with her slave. A woman, by nature… Even in the akhira (afterlife), it is not in her nature to be had by one man after the other.” Uhh, tell that to Kim K. Also, every woman’s sex drive is different, so al-Salman is an idiot for making the generalization he did.

To further showcase the amount of patriarchal bullshit in Islam, al-Salman blathered: “When men take turns with a woman, it is humiliating and degrading for her. A man gets 70 virgins (in paradise), but what does a woman get? One young man.” Needless to say, that should really demotivate any woman from becoming a suicide bomber.

“The prophet Muhammad [pigs be upon him] said: ‘The dwellers of paradise have clothing that never wears out, youth that never wanes, and a penis that never bends,'” al-Salman stated. If you needed any more evidence that Islam was crated by perverts, there you have it. “So she can have sex with this strong man, but she cannot have multiple men taking turns with her.” That’s unfortunate. Some women like that. It’s not cool for the religion to deny its followers certain forms of sex due to their gender.

Returning to the question of sex slavery, al-Salman pronounced his fatwa: “So a woman is not allowed to have sex with her slave, but she can marry him. If she has no husband and wants to marry her slave, she can. As soon as they are married, he becomes a free man and her master.” What?! How is that fair for the woman, who just wants a husband? Islam’s anti-female teachings are entirely indefensible.

al-Salman’s stance on the male slave taking control of the woman’s life comes from Qur. 2:228, which states that men are a “degree above” women. He still fails to recognize that his sexist ranting is what ruined his sex life.

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