Your Daily Muslim #709: Islam Slimani

Will memes return to YDM? Time will tell.

Will memes return to YDM? Time will tell.

Algerian Muslim Islam Slimani plays soccer for the Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Algerian national team. Slimani recently caught the public’s eye because of his hatred of celebration. When his team won, one of his teammates unsuccessfully attempted to get Slimani to lighten up and have fun. However, his religion would allow no such thing.

Pouring champagne over your teammates’ heads after a win is a common celebratory practice. Islam strictly forbids alcohol. Thus, when champagne was sprayed all over the Muslim’s face, he threw his hands up in anger an stormed off to wash the haram substance off his body.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #709: Islam Slimani

  1. Easy solution!
    Leave Islam and be normal.
    Oh I forgot Islam is like the Hotel California, you can check out but can never leave! (Alive that is)

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