Your Daily Muslim #712: Adel Daoud

Adel Daoud

Adel Daoud

Chicago Muslim Adel Daoud, awaiting trial on terror charges related to a car bomb sting, decided he enjoyed prison so much he wanted to guarantee a longer sentence. When a fellow inmate referenced a cartoon of Muhammad, pigs be upon him, Daoud knew this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. How dare an infidel use his freedom of speech!

Daoud assailed the other inmate with all the peace his religion has to offer. Using a shank, he seriously injured the man. Now, he is facing five more counts from that attack alone. These charges are on top of the numerous allegations against him for attempting to plant a car bomb and attempting to place a hit on the FBI agent responsible for the sting operation. Needless to say, Daoud has plenty of prison dawah ahead of him.

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