Your Daily Muslim #713: Saadia Nuruddin

Yet another leopard-print headbag... cue Natalia Kills' X Factor speech

Yet another leopard-print headbag… cue Natalia Kills’ X Factor speech

Most young women lust over the likes of Jason Momoa or Jamie Dornan, but South African Muslimah Saadia Nuruddin prefers older men – Adolf Hitler, to be specific.

When Nuruddin came across a now-deleted counterjihad page on Facebook, she went full foamer status. Instead of railing against the infidel for insulting her prophet, she unleashed all the hatred in her heart for Jews. Because posting #pigsbeuponhim memes somehow means a page is run by Israelis. Muslim “logic” never makes sense.


Let’s see what we have here: praise for Hitler, calls to annihilate Israel, and bizarre conspiracy theories about infertility. So basically the exact same filth the others in this site’s anti-Semitism category said.

Nuruddin has also liked numerous Facebook pages about Hitler and his beliefs:


It’s 2015. Anti-Semitism needs to end.

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