Your Daily Muslim #714: Adem Karadag

mohamad museyin

You know how Islam consistently shows the infidel it’s really a misunderstood religion of peace? By continually behaving like Turkish Muslim Adem Karadag. In Bangkok, Karadag visited the Hindu Erawan Shrine, a popular attraction for people of all faiths. Karadag, however, was not there to work on his selfie stick game. He entered with a backpack and left the shrine shortly thereafter without it.

20 dead bodies later, Karadag was on the run. He was tracked down and captured by THai authorities.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #714: Adem Karadag

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  2. […] from her support of sunnah treatments for cancer (read: pseudoscience) to her claim that terrorist Adem Karadag is actually an American infidel, Thaib’s unwillingness to accept reality knows no […]

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