Your Daily Muslim #715: Tehreem Siddiqui

Tehreem Siddiqui

Tehreem Siddiqui

Pakistani Muslimah Tehreem Siddiqui, who uses the name Maya Khan on Facebook, has some odd beliefs even by Muslim standards. In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy bore down on the US, most collaborated to bring relief to those affected. Not Siddiqui. She thought the disaster was the work of Allah, and attributed it to “Muslims’ prayers.” Praying for Allah to rain down natural disasters on the infidel… yep, totally a religion of peace.

tehreem siddiqui

Her claim that Muslims don’t abuse others religions’ deities is also false. The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group routinely destroys Christian places of worship in territories it has conquered, not to mention the flurry of recent attacks on Jewish cemeteries.

Speaking of not attacking other religions, Siddiqui will have a hard time explaining this hypocrisy of hers:

tehreem siddiqui 2

Siddiqui is also a report jihadist. Muslims often gang up against pages and profiles of people they don’t like and report them en masse, hoping that Facebook staff will shut down the “offending” page due to the sheer volume of reports.

tehreem siddiqui 3

Needless to say, you should ban her if she ever comes near your page.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #715: Tehreem Siddiqui

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  2. Here in the wild wild west, we prefer to go by logic and reason rather than mumbo and jumbo, but hey, if you want to believe that prayers to your super boggie monster killed innocent people because you enjoy hatred, as repugnant and self-demeaning as that is (not to mention unflattering to your faith), be our guest. I seriously doubt most musslims are so severely morally bankrupt as you are. It was actually a natural and explainable event that occurred with or without muzzie intervention. We hope you can find some serenity one day. I’m wondering what you think about lightning striking a crane, toppling it over, and killing faithful muslim worshippers. Was it Allah’s punishment for causing hurricanes? Probably just the tendency of static electricity to build up in turbulent particles until it finds a nearby path to a conductive surface. You should look into it. It could save some valuable human lives.

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