Your Daily Muslim #716: Mustafa Baskal

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UK Muslim Mustafa Baskal is a more prolific Tweeter than even the most vociferous of Gamergaters. Baskal, who is of Turkish descent, routinely fires off dozens of Tweets a day, inundating his followers with all sorts of 7th-century nonsense.

Recently, UK Channel 4 aired a documentary about Muslim drag queens. Of course, the Muslims featured therein were widely condemned and threatened by their coreligionists because living in the present is against Islam. The critics cited numerous Qur’an verses condemning homosexuality, effeminacy, and so forth. Let’s see what Baskal had to say.

baskal drag 1

“If you have gay thoughts… keep that within you.” Uh, so you want all gays to stay in the closet? Wow. Why don’t you keep your Islam within you and let others live their lives as they please?

baskal drag 2

So you can’t disagree with child marriage, taking captured women as sex slaves, amputating hands for theft, and so forth? If that’s Islam, it has no place in civilized society.

baskal drag 3

…and there he is justifying death threats. Religion of peace.

baskal drag 4

The media paints Muslims as terrorists because many are. It’s not a series of “isolated incidents” anymore; it’s a pattern. Maybe some drag queens would help Islam’s PR problem. Instead, the Muslim community spends its time ganging up on those brave enough to come out.

Baskal is an anti-vaxxer. His beliefs are rooted in conspiracy theories, unlike the weird vegan-esque shit the stereotypical anti-vax suburban white moms peddle.

baskal antivax

And now for some misogyny:

baskal covered

What about covering yourself automatically makes you of more “value”? Sounds like bull to me. Forcing women to cover themselves to be valued is archaic. Also, Baskal is a bit of a hypocrite, as he has been photographed with an uncovered woman with whom he appears quite comfortable. Here’s some more absurd prudishness; I doubt this could come from anything other than deep insecurity:

baskal skanky

This last screenshot will have you shaking your head harder than you already were.

baskal approachable

So he’s either saying he isn’t a good man, or he’s full of shit about not allowing women to approach him. I suspect both.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #716: Mustafa Baskal

  1. Reblogged this on Kerberos616.

  2. Whoever has written this article has no life and is clearly bored!! Mustafa has to be the REALEST guy on Twitter, whether you choose to believe this or not, this will always be a FACT. If I were you I would stop being a sad cunt, deactivate this site, join something like the gym to keep your mind off him 🙂

  3. What an uninterestingly stupid hypocrite. According to Islam, all should be or convert to Islam under threat of extortion, humiliation or even death (because there is nothing particularly attractive or convincing about it). WTF is this moron talking about – “chose gay or islam?” If being gay was a choice, even as a hetero, I guess I would have to chose gay because islam is unacceptable, and quite frankly, immoral. You can’t reason with a muzzie, being faithful to this illogical fascist grime requires dilligent stupidity.

  4. ‘The media paints Muslims as terrorists because many are’ – Does this apply to over a billion Muslims in the world? You’re no better than the people you try to demonize you sanctimonious bell end.

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