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Your Daily Muslim #718: Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Indonesian-born Muslimah Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib, who now resides in London, isn’t a fan of facts. Ranging from her support of sunnah treatments for cancer (read: pseudoscience) to her claim that terrorist Adem Karadag is actually an American infidel, Thaib’s unwillingness to accept reality knows no bounds.

After news of Karadag’s jihad bombing broke, Thaib began spouting insane conspiracy theories about his nationality, religion, and motive.



Here’s the thing: Karadag (initially identified as Mohamad Museyin) is a Turkish Muslim. Whether or not that sits well with Thaib’s worldview is irrelevant to its veracity.

Thaib works as a hijama therapist. The last hijama therapist featured on YDM earned the title of Muslim of the Month – is the same in store for Thaib? Aside from her hijama practice, Thaib supports other forms of sunnah medicine. Here, she advocates consuming black seed oil to fight off cancer and cure viruses. (Black seed oil is mainly used to relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.) Forgive my skepticism, but I’ll stick with western medicine when it comes to anti-viral therapy.


Thaib’s religion has also damaged her self-esteem. She feels people won’t see her worth if she doesn’t hide underneath a black bedsheet. However, instead of criticizing the religion that has mentally scarred her so, she defends it a la Stockholm Syndrome. Let’s see her sunnah medicine cure that.


Thaib also had some choice words for “Islamophobes”:


Those “Islamophobes” have studied Islam. And you know why they’re opposed to Islam? Because of those clerics who spent decades learning their religion and issuing vile fatwas based on its regressive teachings.

Thaib posed a rather horrific question to her 6,000-plus Facebook followers. Of course, to her, it’s a vision of a better world. To anyone not living in the 7th century, however, it’s a grim picture of savagery, oppression, and anti-intellectualism.


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