Your Daily Muslim #719: Jaffer Syed

jaffer syed

Most of the folks featured on here are not the brightest, but Pakistani Muslim Jaffer Syed is quite possibly the dimmest light in the room. The idiot had the gall to attempt to debate Islam with counterjihad activist Christopher Logan, who asked the tough questions about Islam that make Muslims squirm. Syed squirmed… and admitted some horrific truths about his religion between volleys of vitriol aimed at the west.



Oh really? Muhammad, pigs be upon him, marrying a 6-year-old and molesting her when she was 9 isn’t pedophilia? Islam promotes Muhammad, pigs be upon him, as a perfect moral exemplar. Also, Syed’s demonstrated lack of knowledge about consent is frightening.

Syed then had the nerve to accuse the west of being a rape hotspot. Here’s the thing: in many western countries, an estimated 3/4 of rapes are committed by foreign-born Muslims.



Another accusation Syed attempted to hurl at the west was that we enjoyed getting intimate with goats, a stereotype commonly used against Afghans and Pakistanis:


Other things Syed isn’t fond of include the film industry (it’s allegedly against Islam), Jews (no surprise there, this is YDM, after all), gays (this guy really likes being predictable), and women who leave the house. The only kind of man who gets bothered by independent women is insecure and has control issues.




Yeah, I am afraid of Islamic laws – I don’t want to be thrown off a building before being stoned, assuming I survived the fall.


Was that a threat of violence in there too? Is this guy trying to be the most stereotypical foamer ever?


Last but not least, Syed decided it was smart to use the west’s love of bacon as an insult. I’m not sure he realizes that we love bacon because it’s delicious and there’s nothing wrong with eating pigs.


3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #719: Jaffer Syed

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  2. I read recently that inbreeding is common in the Muslim world with Pakistan having the highest rate. Current estimates for Pakistan is 70% counting 1st cousin marriage. This guy is probably a result of inbreeding practices.

  3. “Producers of gay and lesbos”? “Mr pig”? Jaffer Sayed is 7 years old and used his dad’s picture to post online. And WTF do muzzies have against pigs? Pigs are delicious and too self respecting to mate with muslims, unlike goats and donkeys.

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