Your Daily Muslim #723: Illiza Saaduddin Djamal (Part 2)

Illiza Sa'aduddin Djamal

Illiza Saaduddin Djamal

Last time we looked at Banda Aceh, Indonesia mayor Illiza Saaduddin Djamal, she was rounding up punks and putting them in re-education camps. Now, the menacing Muslimah is targeting other groups: gamblers, women who have sex outside of marriage, and Hindus.

Recently, 34 people were sentenced to public caning for various offenses, ranging from gambling to sex outside of marriage. Four women were among those caned for extramarital intimacy. “Punishing [miscreants] in front of a crowd has a strong deterrent effect,” Djamal said. “The public needs to support and supervise the convicts to help them return to the straight and narrow.” Narrow like your mind, Djamal? Thought so. Djamal’s envy of those women’s sex life is extreme and apparent, and her statement regarding their caning was notably not without a hint of glee.

During a cultural festival, an Indian dance was performed which outraged Djamal. She called the dance “vulgar” and “erotic” despite the fact that it was nothing of the sort. Because such an atrocity involving improperly-covered women in public had been allowed to take place, Djamal demoted the chief of the city’s Culture and Tourism Agency. “[The event] featured an Indian dance and the [female] dancers were not wearing hijabs,” the mad Muslimah stated. “[This dance] is not in line with sharia as it features hugging and displays parts of a woman’s body that must be covered.” Must be covered according to whom? Puritans? Censorious control freaks? People who feel insecure about their own bodies at the sight of someone who takes better care of themselves?

“[We] cannot be paradoxical about the sharia and hamper our mission to establish Banda Aceh as a civil city,” Djamal continued. Uh, you’re caning people for gambling and having sex, yet you consider yourself civil?!

In late 2015, Djamal spoke in the Forum of the United Nations in New York. The subject of her speech is said to be about the allocation of resources for disaster relief. The Forum follows the UN Sustainable Development Summit. The only thing the UN should have to do with this woman is putting her before the Human Rights Council to answer for her enforcement of inhumane laws.

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