Your Daily Muslim #724: Jafar Hussain

Jafar Hussain

Jafar Hussain

Like the nefarious homosexual from Aladdin, Indian Muslim Jafar Hussain is quite the villain. The impoverished man held fast to his Islamic faith, and was reportedly described as devout by those who knew him. When his 4-year-old daughter didn’t cover her head at lunch, Hussain knew he could not allow such an affront to stand. Walking around with her goods bared for all the world to see would surely enrage the invisible psychopath Allah.

Hussain, a father of four, picked his daughter up and threw her to the ground repeatedly. When his wife tried to stop him, he beat her. He thrashed the helpless girl to death, then ordered his wife to bury the corpse in their house. Word of the murder somehow got out of the house, likely from Hussain’s wife or his oldest child, and the madman was arrested.

Now, this one is obviously a bit extreme even for YDM standards. Here’s the kicker: the girl was 4 years old. Girls are supposed to cover themselves around the time puberty begins, sometimes slightly sooner, because apparently men (read: Muslim men) believe they will incite temptation if not oppressed. Hussain believed his 4-year-old daughter would sexually tempt men if allowed to show her hair. Muhammad, pigs be upon him, married a 6-year-old and molested her when she was 9. For any religion to treat children as sexual objects is abhorrent.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #724: Jafar Hussain

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  2. is that a joke? did you ever see a sane man not even a muslim do such thing to his daughter. YOU JUST MOCKING YOURSELF AND NOBODY CAN BELIEVE YOUR BULLSHIT.

    • That’s the point, fuck whistle. Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a murder manual created by a pedophile sociopath. It’s impossible NOT to go insane while trying to follow that idiot’s psychotic ramblings.

  3. I bet you are bunch of idiots who look for some free publicity. We won’t give you that chance. So, get lost.

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