Your Daily Muslim #726: Ziaullah Khan


725 wasn’t enough. No promises about starting this up again as a regular thing, but here’s one I couldn’t resist writing up.

Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Centre for Islamic Development is causing quite a ruckus. Its leader, imam Ziaullah Khan, isn’t too fond of the hipster brewery/restaurant next door. Instead of accepting those of different lifestyles – as brewery patrons do of the Centre’s Muslims – Khan (whose resemblance to Wario is uncanny) has filed a formal complaint against the brewery. In the complaint, Khan demands the revocation of the brewery’s liquor license.

Alcohol is haram (forbidden) in Islam, which is one of many reasons Muslims never have fun and are thus more prone to being homicidal. Khan’s effort could put the brewery out of business if the complaint goes through. Islam has a long history of demanding people live by its rules without regard for the laws and beliefs of other cultures.

Khan alleges brewery patrons have vomited outside of his masjid, as well as having left waste (both bodily and otherwise) in the area. This is criminal behavior, without a doubt. However, news sources about the dispute did not mention any constructive dialogue about the problem behavior between the parties involved.

Khan has also called the liquor commission the “disease commission” and spewed more than a frat boy on his 21 run:

“God Almighty in the Quran, Allah, He states, He said that these are abominations meaning to say, alcohol is something that takes you towards the path of the devil itself, and this is something that is totally forbidden for us [for Muslims]… why do we allow this disease to be sold in stores like here, come and take a disease, because once you start you can’t get rid of it?” Khan posited. “We funded it and we praise it while it destroys every fiber of our community. We created the alcohol. We put fermented stuff. It’s madness that a human being will be drinking something that’s fermented…” Uhh, many Muslims drink camel piss because Muhammad (pigs be upon him) believed its consumption to be medicinal. And they’re condemning alcohol?!

“Alcohol consumption is ranked as one of the top ten causes of divorce in the world,” Khan continued. “Is your family worth this human-made disease? Because it is a human made disease… we put the disease in a bottle and you put it to the store and say look: this is a disease, well, come in buy it.” If someone wants to buy something harmful, that’s their choice. Are you also complaining about people eating Twinkies? No? Just alcohol, because your seventh-century religion objects? Then sit down.

“Literally the governments are out there giving them licenses to open an alcohol shop on every corner,” the imam ranted. “It’s just ridiculous, and this is the liquor commission, and how nice it sounds, the liquor commission as though, this is we call the disease commission, because you are selling something that people are addicted to.” It’s called liberty. People can open businesses you disagree with. People can ingest things you may not want them to. You do not have the right to force others to live as you do, or to try to bully them into submission. This point seems to be lost on a lot of Muslims.

Khan claims that $160 million is “wasted” on alcohol-related advertising in Canada annually. I bet the marketing execs at those alcohol manufacturers see those expenditures quite differently, once again highlighting Khan’s apparent inability to see things from another’s perspective.

In another video, Khan explains that Muslimahs pray behind Muslim men not because Islam is a patriarchal, misogynistic religion (note: it is), but because the men will become lustful toward the floor-kissing Ringwraiths. “If you’re in close quarters with some very beautiful sisters, what would you do?” Khan asked. Uhh, I don’t know, if I were actually devout, I’d connect with my maker and not get distracted. But then again, if your religion does not allow numerous forms of healthy sexuality, it’s understandable why many Muslim men experience so much sexual frustration.

“It is totally repulsive to insinuate that Muslim men should be praying side by side with Muslim women,” Khan continued, not realizing it is more repulsive that Muslim men cannot be expected to keep their hands and eyes to themselves for the entirety of their five-minute headbanging ritual.

Khan has said that by giving children access to electronic devices, “you are literally decimating their souls.” Why? Because they can access content and information that may be haram, and become addicted to viewing it. I don’t know, if Allah were all-powerful, wouldn’t he simply prevent such media from being made in the first place if it pisses him off so much? Doesn’t make sense. “They’ll never be good at any worldly things because they’ll be addicted to pornography, they’ll be addicted to violent video games…” sounds like the worst of conservative Christianity and radical feminism mashed together, with a dash of being stuck in the 7th century sprinkled on top.

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  2. Good to see a new post! I’ve missed your wit.

    Portable electronic devices are also haram due to real threats of being tracked, tapped, or even targeted!

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