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Your Daily Muslim #727: Abu Abdillah Ismaeel (Part 2)


Last time we looked at New York imam Abu Abdillah Ismaeel, he was bashing photography, women’s independence, and philosophy. The seventh-century primitive is back with even more madness straight from the bowels of ancient history.

Ismaeel was shocked by the idea of gay imams, as most Muslims are because their religion is incredibly homophobic. He called New York’s out gay imam, who receives tons of death threats from his coreligionists, “sick” and a “fag.”

“When this country was established, they [gays] weren’t OK,” Ismaeel stated. “So as far as I’m concerned, it’s not politically incorrect, doesn’t go against any constitutional laws to call them a fag, a homosexual, a lowlife, a savage. This is what they were then, this is what they were back in the time of Lut, this is what they will always be… freedom of speech. We don’t call to attacking them, gay-bashing, or none of those things. That’s the responsibility of the rulers, of the governments around the world.”

A Muslim calling gays savages?! The irony…

At least he doesn’t want his followers to go out there and beat gay people up… as long as the government is doing it! If Ismaeel’s violent homophobic rhetoric were to come out of the mouth of a Christian preacher, every leftist with pink hair, thick-rimmed glasses, eight gender identities and a Whole Foods tattoo would be screaming until his preaching was effectively shut down. But because Ismaeel is a Muslim, no such outrage is anywhere to be found.

Ismaeel also believes homosexuality is a choice, which goes to show he has never met a gay person. (Note: none of us would associate with someone as messy and out-of-fashion as him.)

“There’s no way you can enjoy [sex with] a woman and say, you know what, I’ll see what a dude is like,” Ismaeel continued. “It’s impossible.” Clearly he has never met a bisexual male either.

Ismaeel then compared homosexuality to heroin use and serial homicide, saying that if society accepts one because people say they want to do it, why not accept the others? It’s pretty obvious to anyone whose brain is larger than a walnut, but let me spell it out – consenting adults.

Like many other Muslims, Ismaeel is perfectly OK with gays being thrown from the top of buildings, as is prescribed by sharia. He adds in one caveat, that the ruler of the nation must be the one to enforce this penalty and not vigilante groups, but that doesn’t make it less barbaric.

The mad imam also opposes female imams and prayer leaders being allowed in Islam, which is a commonly-held albeit misogynistic position. He said men who knelt to pray in female-led services were “idiots” for accepting a woman’s leadership.

Ismaeel also expressed outrage at physical contact between unrelated, unmarried men and women. He said men who allow their wives to hug other men are “soft,” not realizing that it’s a woman’s choice whether or not she wants to hug someone, and not at all her husband’s business. “Some of us get offended if you wife walk by some brothers and say assalamu alaikum- what?!” Women are commanded to lower their gaze in Islam, which many interpret as a command for them to refrain form any social contact with the opposite sex.

Again, not promising this site is returning 100%, but I’ll be writing these up occasionally. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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