A semi-humorous blog chronicling the mischief of the religion of peace. I research individual Muslims who serve their religion in horrific ways and present their stories in a lighthearted manner. Content on here is an amalgam of news, satire, and opinion. Note: this site does not fabricate any of these stories; everything on here has been documented by other news outlets and/or firsthand accounts. Source information for a piece can be provided upon request. I try to find multiple sources on each featured Muslim before finalizing the piece. If you want your piece edited or your image removed, message me calmly with a reasoned explanation of your wishes and I will probably oblige. This site is more for entertainment than anything else. ENJOY! 😀

If the content of this blog compels you to issue a fatwa or threat based on your prehistoric religion, please be informed that the threat will be relayed to the proper authorities and you will be prosecuted.

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  1. Dear your daily muslim. I invite you to accept Islam, the religion of truth, the religion of Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Please accept the Oneness of Allah, Who does not have any partners. Islam is peace. Islam accepts all the Prophets including Prophet Jesus, a mighty Prophet of Allah who is not God and not the son of God.

    • Stop trying to spread that hateful, disgusting “religion”! Anywhere in the world that Islam goes, poverty and violence follows! I’m tired of western people constantly being attacked, without provocation, in the name of your satanic cult called Islam. When will the west wake up? It is time to destroy the entire culture. And all of its people. If Christians and Jews had the same mindset as Muslims, you would all be dead by now! We have the power to get rid of all of you! However, western leaders are restrained. We do not have a violent culture that considers life as cheap the way you do. We value life. That’s why we haven’t done anything up until now. But if you keep pushing us, keep killing our civilians- you’re going to start a war that you cannot win. We have the technology, and the economic resources of the modern world. You- you have a pre-historic view of the world, and an evil out of date ideology that lacks morals of any kind whatsoever. You would have remained a forgotten hellhole of humanity, had you not begun to attack the civilized world. You are trying to wake a sleeping giant! We will unite against you. All of you. You’re simply bringing destruction and death to you all.

  2. Nadeem, you are pretty clueless although I do admire your optimism.

    Take this opportunity to publically, vocally, and vehemently denounce the rampant violence and victimhood of your co-religionists and you will do more good for your religion than trying to convert others. Right now, your religion is mostly attractive to our society’s dredge — criminals and entitled whiny complainers.

  3. You filthy kafir will remember all that you ever wrote against God and his Prophet when you stand before them on the day of judgement,before you are cast in to hell fire. Enjoy your very fleeting life,which will one day come to an end. And do you think you will just become dust? A massive shock awaits you. Laugh and enjoy what you have. Eternity in hell awaits you,the loser.

  4. Is that an Islamic heaven we are supposed to aspire to? Would there be people like you there, along with all your angry criminal coreligionists? Sounds like an Islamic hell!

    I am going to have to say no.

  5. To attack people on such a platform does noting more than reveal your insecurities and fears. Kindly note the lack of hatred and animosity. Does one become angry at a dog covered in fecal matter? Of course not – The dog knows not what it does. Just because your suffering is delayed, do not doubt that it will overcome you soon, if you do not change your ways.

  6. Dear Nadeem –

    I invite you to eat a slab of bacon…oh yeah, and to fuck off as well.


    • Nadeem’s alright. Misguided, to be sure. But at least he’s not spewing venomous hate. The ones who really need to fuck off inside the anus of a gay pig are those who, when told they’re murderous thugs respond with threats to kill you.

      * In memory of 10 unarmed Parisians murdered this week by a couple of cowards.

  7. Please reconsider going on hiatus, particularly in light of the awfulness the Kouachi cowards committed in Paris.

    I want to know which brother was the closeted homosexual. If I had to guess, I’d say the one who had very un-halal imagery of children on his computer. One also had an image of a shirtless British male bodybuilder as his Facebook profile pic.

  8. Wow I just found this witty, lol funny site.. Please say it’s not ending I just found it! I have been laying in bed while my spouses sleeps peacefully beside me while I’m reading the funniest writings about the worlds worst scummiest Mooozlems.. Trying so hard no to litterally lol the bed is shaking.. Trying to read but not wake my husband!! Hunter you are the funniest most clever writer of counter jihad material and if this truly is the end of this blog I am so sad… Will it carry on but how will it ever be as outrageously funny, on target and politically UNcorrect at the same time… Thank you hunter.. I have not had much to laugh about lately with the way the world is being taken over by the savages..but I have been laughing (silently) my ass off for a good couple of hours! Thank you thank you thank you! Good luck! Wish I would’ve gotten hip long before tonight! X

  9. Ps! My favorite mooozlem is the zany wacki paki sabreena sadaf! God what a nut job! Love the dialog between you two! My god I’ve God tears rolling down my face.. Shit my hubby’s awake! Oh boy…he’s not happy but unlike our moozlem population I am in no danger of a beating or death.. Just a crabby comment! Haha!

  10. nice work, fookin muslims think they going to take over the world… but as they keep pushing too far a strike of public opinion will stop them!

  11. Dear YDM,

    I see your point by running this blog. I wish it didn’t come down to this.

    Being Muslim, just wanted to speak out – All the stories you feature are actions done by individuals who clearly contradict with the teachings of Islam.

    You need to understand that majority of Muslims oppose terrorist ideologies and cannot be generalized over the actions of an ignorant few.

    There are good Muslims throughout the world who do good deeds and even denounce wrongdoings done by ignorant ‘muslims’ misrepresenting Islam, but those stories would never make light of day as it is simply less media-savvy.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Yeah right – and I just spotted a squadron of pigs with wings zooming over my roof.

    • Don’t worry Nizamm, not all of us are idiots who simply believe the right wing press. I work for a charity and more than half of my volunteers are muslim. They go to people with dementia homes to befriend them, spend time with them and just provide them with some social interaction. They do such a worthwhile job that really dramatically helps people with dementia. I also attended a sixth form centre that was nearly half muslim students so having spent time around Muslims I know the actions highlighted here are not the majority but the minority. I know its a peaceful religion but sadly there are some messed up people out there who will use its name to commit atrocities. If there was no religion they’d just find another reason.

      • Right you are! Also, I hope people understand Mufti Menk’s views on ISIS. It’s well worth the information – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUpak6eW0Y

      • Kate- so young, so naive…

        ” I know its a peaceful religion but sadly there are some messed up people out there who will use its name to commit atrocities. If there was no religion they’d just find another reason.”
        1. You have not read the koran
        2. ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities’
        3. ‘Good men do good, evil men do evil. But it takes religion to make good men do evil’

        When you’ve grown up and learnt to think critically, come back & review your pie-in-the-sky opinions…

    • Your two cents are worthless. You’re a dirty Muslim

  12. I was very surprised on a visit to Melbourne australia some years back, and seen the video on YouTube, that MacDonalds in Elizabeth Street employed crazy looking Muslim afgan men as security. I can hardly believe the company and the francisee used security like this who harras women according to their Islamic ways and bully and humiliate young aussie men. But can I suggest you look at the owner of this greedy high turnover establishment folks?

  13. Kate. Do you understand the Islamic concept of Taqiyya? Do you also understand that those volunteers you spoke of are most assuredly using their service as an opportunity to convert? Do you understand that ISIS is walking directly in the footsteps of their prophet? Thank goodness that you have come across some Muslims who do not walk too closely (at least not yet).

    • The core of the problem lies in people (such as yourself) believing that ISIS represents Islam.

      On what basis do you claim ISIS represents Islam? Have you majored in Islamic studies? Have you gained any academic qualification from any reputed Islamic university? Have you consulted such issues with a reputed Islamic scholar? Are you even a muslim to begin with?

      You speak of Taqiyya? This is widely adopted by ‘Shitte’ muslims who themselves are not regarded as muslims as THEY TOO contradict the fundamental teachings of Islam.

      You clearly have no authority to speak of Islamic teachings because you are, simply put – unqualified, uneducated, misguided and ignorant.

      Just Googling and nit picking verses from the Quran doesn’t make you an expert. So please do not argue on topics you are unaware and unqualified of. There are scholars who major in Quran Tafseer that spend over a decade to qualify. Please consult one, instead of deriving your own false conclusions.

      Having said that – ISIS completely contradicts the basic teachings of Islam and this is acknowledged by all renowned Islamic scholars throughout the world. Majority of the muslim countries (including where I live), continue to educate the youth on the wrong-teachings of ISIS and the like. Laws here are so strict, if you even utter a mention to support the ISIS propaganda, you are imprisoned for atleast a decade and deported. This is common amongst the Gulf countries with Saudi Arabia being the strictest. Obviously, such positive actions are never covered by the news channels you watch.

      Please realize ISIS annihilates everyone in their path INCLUDING MUSLIMS. They pose a threat to you as well as us. And here you are claiming THAT is Islamic? Based on some personal hatred? To avenge the actions of an ignorant few who commit atrocities on false pretext?

      Please, open your eyes and don’t be so gullible. All of you.

    • Hey don’t preach when you don’t know anything! I don’t understand why people talk about other religions as if they know best. Just get a life people

  14. Shame on all of you bigots. USA is such a hateful place. They talk about tolerance and good race relations but to have these many people filled with hate is disgusting. You all know nothing about Islam but comment like you are scholars. Your Bible has many remarks about Violence and War, why don’t you start quoting some of that? The reason why you are misbehaving and using profanity here like a bunch of clowns is because this country is majority Christian. The day it becomes majority something else, you all will shut your mouths. Shame on you for perpetuating hate and not trying to understand Islam and Muslims. Never have I seen such stupid people grossly generalizing groups of people like you do in America. I can use the same pathetic arguments and say I learned about Christianity when USA bombed Nagasaki OR I learned about Christianity when white settlers butchered millions of natives here. Oh, what, that’s not making sense for you now? Get over your hate. Be better. Understand your own Bible for God’s sakes. Your shameless actions of hate will never be the way of Jesus (who so you all know was Palestinian). Any criminal actions should your hate lead you to will not disappear in vain. If the authorities don’t punish you, God will. p.s. Islam is not “peace.” If you actually got over your ignorance, it means “submission.” Please educate, it’s really getting annoying talking to a lot of ignorant and hateful people. If you dare, just think about how it is to bear this hate as a Muslim. Don’t judge what you truly do not know. Know thy neighbour like really know thy neighbour before making some illegal stereotype.

    • Bugger off you sad, braindead indoctrinated Muslim.

    • Well said, Ari. I’m so sorry to hear of your experience in America. Hatred is a disease; it would take so little effort for individuals to try using empathy and curiosity instead.

  15. You don’t seem happy here in the West. That Islam means submission and not peace does not really make it more appealing. The Jesus was a Fakestinian comment was really funny. Fakestine never existed. Do a modicum of research. You might want to go back to wherever you are from. Sharia law awaits you.

  16. You guys do a great job. All westerns see how muslims would kill you if they given any chance. They are disgusting, stupid and bad. Yes, they are bad. I’m from Turkey and i just want to get out, my country sinking you now, Erdoğan and him shit hole party driving us a bad stuation. There is no future for seculers like me. It’s suck! You western guys really must kick out all muslim adults, take their children and give them a good life, save those children. Because muslims fuck children. I mean it, they fuck children! This is all this disgusting religion all about. All those rules for just this, a 60 years old man can fuck a 6 years old child but if two teenagers make love they kill them for this, this is all sheria about. Turkey is not there yet, we can dress as we want, drink and enjoy and get laid in certain cities but in the future… It will only get worse. So, you guys do what you must to do: Kick them muslim asses out of your beatiful countries.They don’t deserve to be in anywhere but their own shity middle earth.

    Please, nuke the middle earth and save humankind.

    • LOL atheist Turk, no wonder you’re suffering. You can’t even spell. Anywhere you go, you’re going to suffer. Just dig a hole and bury yourself…. Hopefully when you’re questioned on judgement day, you can plead stupidity

  17. Hi, Pigs (and all other filthy swine) be upon you, thanks for wasting your time with this silly website. You seem to have ‘knowledge (read ignorance)’ of the Qur’an. Ever thought of really learning it with a knowledgeable scholar. I don’t mean people like you (boy those cancer cells must be spreading like wildfire in your brains)… but real scholars who understand language (grammar, metaphors, etc) and the pure religion of Islam ? Btw long after you have been eaten by worms in your hole, Islam and Muslims will still be alive and growing. Btw since you don’t have a donation button, can we just stick our donations up your arse-hole ?

    Pigs and swine be upon you.

  18. There is no such thing as a “real Muslim scholar.” What an oxymoron.

    I would rather die that learn about Islam from some terror-loving, goat-humping, camel-urine drinking, Jihad red-beard-dying, child-marrying, infidel-killing, head-chopping, adulterer-stoning, gay hanging, boy fondling, virgin-worshipping, hand-cutting off, taqiyyah-lying, allahu-akbar yelling, wife-beating, woman-oppressing, pipe-bomb-building, suicide-vest exploding, shit-for-brains, Jew-hating, knife-wielding, smelly imam with some disease.

    But that’s just me.

    Muhammed? Some prophet you got there. Guess what? The West has your number!

    Now get out of our countries!

  19. Have you though how the Titanic, Twin Towers, Taliban, Tianaman Square, Turbans (the religious head garment) all start with T. Americans dislike English Americans, I do not know this as fact, but I bet (like a craps table ) that maybe an American put a bomb on the side of the Titanic’s hull and blow a hole in the massive ship and sunk the boat. I boated for ten years in Ontario on low-priced China made small yachts. I never saw any ice bergs in Canada. I have been to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and I never saw an ice berg. I don’ t think there are as many ice bergs in the ocean as people say – no I do not know this as a fact. But on the other hand, the English have boated all over the world to the southern tip of Africa, around, Australia and the waters and oceans between. I don’t think English shipbuilders would build a half-quality ocean vessel. Twin Towers, was two towers, one plane. People trapped for hours and days.

    But I do not know this a fact. But I really do doubt the Titanic and Twin Towers. The Twin Towers isn’t the much of an impressive building. I have seen impressive stadiums all over the United States. Really expensive, grand, stadiums, with a touch of American spirit or what have you. The Twin Towers maybe or maybe not had a lot of English Americans. But I really do not know this a fact. But what suffering I watched on the TV at a pub in Ottawa, Ontario, when the people in the Twin Towers were trapped.

    But then again, I really do not know this as fact. Ice bergs,, I was in Inuvik, the Arctic Circle, and no ice bergs, no snow on the ground. But, I have been wrong before. Cheers my friend.

  20. Dear your daily Muslim.
    My name is Hashim Hussain and I wanted to request for you to take down a post you have put on this blog. I have changed my views and was 100% wrong about what I said. I wasn’t clever in terms of society today. Thanks

  21. I truly agree with what you are saying. I would like to remain unnamed because I feel I will become a target … But Call me ” heather “. God bless you for having the courage to form this site angel. The world needs more people like you … I enjoy this site and am glorified with its content. Genius and insightful. 👌🏻. Are you from England ? I reside in Australia but happened to come by this site when I was researching Islamic radicals. I would
    Like to know more about your opinion but on a personal level as I feel other Muslims will target me and I do not want to cause drama for myself – but I truly Agree with your views. Please contact me. Heather. ❤️💗

  22. Take this opportunity to publically, vocally, and vehemently denounce the rampant violence and victimhood of Islam and you will do more good for Islam than trying to convince others who criticize this violence that they are bigots.

    In the meantime — look no further than the Koran and Mohammed’s behavior if you want to see real hate acted out in real time — rape, enslavement, head chopping, robbery, child marriage. We are hateful if we criticize this, you moron?

    Pointing out the supposed violence in other religions’ texts is just a distraction. Get real! Wake up and smell the cancerous tumor on humanity’s backside!

    • Your posts define the term Islamophobia ; that is the prejudice, hatred, or bigotry directed against Islam and Muslims.

      The use of derogatory language is a direct reflection of your poor character . One that comprises primarily of ignorance and little or no education . This is the same for your followers.

      Clearly you are unhappy in your own personal life . Seek professional help and utilise your time to better yourself .

      May God have mercy on you .

  23. Honestly this blog just looks like its been written by an old patchic white man who probably doesn’t get a lot of play lol

  24. No “Heather” — this site appears to be crafted by someone who is telling the truth about a sickness that people like you are too politically correct or blind — or perhaps even Islamic– to understand. LOL

  25. There is a post with my name. I kindly request that you please remove this post. My Facebook account was hacked at that time. I’m very sorry this happened. I don’t want to be represented this way. Thank you very much.

  26. I would like something removed, where will I be able to contact you

  27. Who do i contact to get something removed?

  28. Fuck all muslims.

  29. Hi can you please remove a post. My facebook account was hacked and whoever hacked it wrote that terrible post. Thank you

  30. stop playing these games,hahaha don’t think that you are smart & others are stupid.Stop creating misconceptions abt islam,you can’t fight with fate;this is the promise of Allah that islam will dominati every religion atheism,christanity,satanism or any baseless & weak religion whatever that it is YES! THE ONLY WAY WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE IS ISLAM.Whatever u want to do just do it with ur full strenght by undeterminig islam using these non-sense stories of ISIL who aren’t muslims in the least way,and most probably u knw that ”mr admin”.AH!now offcourse u’ll keep my comment awaiting isn’ted?keep trying!

  31. I am a proud Muslim and thanks ALLAH almighty for creating me as a Muslim. All you people out there complain about the simple and rational values of Islam and sharia. I suggest you people to respect our religion, prophet and ALLAH. All the complains made by all of you people will b vanished. If we respect your religion and beliefs than we also have the rights to get respect for our religion. Islam is a religion of peace and it preaches the same. I am not mentioning here the collateral damage happening to Muslims in the middle east by the west so please stop the propaganda, live and let others live…
    Just simple give and take

    • “kill the infidel wherever you find him.” Koran 9:5

      “slay and be slain for the sake of allah.” Koran 9.111

      The sun sets in a muddy pool.

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