Hall of Shame

These Muslims are the worst of the worst featured on YDM. The moldy cream of the crop.


Feiz Mohammad

Imam Feiz Mohammad claims women are at fault for being raped based on what they wear: “A victim of rape every minute somewhere in the world. Why? No one to blame but herself. She displayed her beauty to the entire world… Strapless, backless, sleeveless, showing their legs, nothing but Satanic skirts, slit skirts, translucent blouses, miniskirts, tight jeans: all this to tease man and appeal to his carnal nature.”

Yasser al-Habib

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib claims that Satan anally fingers all non-Shiite infants, turning them into ravenous gay bottoms.
Part 2 on al-Habib

Abdullah el-Faisal

Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal said “So you go to India, and if you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money, is that clear?” He also spoke favorably of violence against Jews: “People with British passports, if you fly into Israel, it is easy. Fly into Israel and do whatever you can. If you die, you are up in paradise. How do you fight a Jew? You kill a Jew.”

Hossein Dehnavi

Iranian Shia cleric Hossein Dehnavi claims “Women have to provide sex to their men anywhere and at any time.”

Fazlul Haque Amini

Bangladeshi cleric Fazlul Haque Amini is staunchly in favor of child marriage on religious grounds: “Islam permits child marriage and it will not be tolerated if any ruler will ever try to touch this issue in the name of giving more rights to women.”

Wassim Fayed

Washington (state) imam Wassim Fayed spoke favorably of the Qur’anic punishment of wife-beating and said “Are men and women equal in Islam? No, they are not equal in Islam… the one who is in charge of the house is the man. If your woman wants to remove her hijab, wants to walk on the street, wants to do whatever she wants, she’s actually destroying the family structure.”

Abu Waleed

UK Islamist Abu Waleed said “The day will come when David Cameron and Barack Obama will be on their knees, giving us, the Muslims, the jizya [safety tax]. That’s right. Believe me, the day will come when even Queen Elizabeth will wear the niqab and the burqa.”

Abdullah Daoud

Abdullah Daoud issued a fatwa saying that baby girls must have their faces covered since they can incite temptation in men.
Part 2 on Daoud

Ibrahim Hewitt

UK Muslim convert/scholar Ibrahim Hewitt, a noted homophobe, wrote “Indeed, anyone involved in any part of the production or selling of drugs or alcohol, whether they use the stuff themselves or not, has been cursed by prophet Muhammad.”

Sharif Hussein

Sheikh Sharif Hussein asked Allah to kill billions of people: “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one. Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one.”

Sad Arafat

Sad Arafat thinks “Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings.” This is likely inspired by Qur. 4:34.

Mücahid Cihad Han

Turkish Islamic evangelist (da’ee) Mücahid Cihad Han claims men who masturbate will find their hands impregnated in the afterlife: “One Hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights.”

Shah Ahmad Shafi

Bangladeshi cleric Shah Ahmad Shafi stated: “You women should sit in the house of your husband, take care of his things and raise his children. This is your job. Why should you leave the house? … Allow [your daughter] to study until the fourth grade. This is all she needs to keep the household accounts after she gets married.”
Part 2 on Shafi

Ilyas Qadri

Ilyas Qadri ran an Islamic rehab center. His preferred method of “treating” drug addiction was by chaining over 100 boys and men together and holding them captive. Qadri molested some of the boys, and all 112 “patients” were underfed and routinely beaten and tortured. After being acquitted in 2007, Qadri did the same thing in 2014, this time with 115 boys and men.

Taj el-Din Hamid Hilaly

Taj el-Din Hamid Hilaly, the former grand mufti of Australia and New Zealand, set fire to his mosque to fake an Islamophobic hate crime. His views on uncovered women are also quite unfortunate: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it… whose fault is it, the cats’ or the uncovered meat?”

Abdel-Bari Zamzami ben Seddik

Abdel-Bari Zamzami ben Seddik issued numerous perverse fatwas, including that husbands can have sex with their wife’s corpse and that women are “allowed” to masturbate using phallic objects such as glass bottles and carrots.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh

UK cleric Abdul Qadeer Baksh posted vitriolic anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and homophobic rhetoric from other Islamic clerics and scholars, and stated his “ideal society” would have a “punishment” for homosexuals and would be an “Islamic society, not a western society like we live in here [in the UK.]”

Yousuf al-Badri

Yousuf al-Badri thinks there’s no such thing as marital rape. “In Islam, the marriage contract is a contract of pleasure, which allows both the husband and wife to derive pleasure from one another. So if deriving pleasure lies at the core of the contract, how can we possibly call it rape when a husband derives pleasure from his wife?!”
Part 2 on al-Badri

Fahad Ullah Qureshi

Norwegian preacher Fahad Ullah Qureshi spoke favorably of the death penalty for gays and adulterers, and his packed conference audience, who claimed not to be extremists, all agreed with him.

Usama al-Qawsi

Sheikh Usama al-Qawsi issued a fatwa permitting men to be peeping Toms if they had the alleged intention of marrying the woman on whom they were peeping.

Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly

Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly, a published author, wrote “shaving the beard is an act of imitation of the disbelievers, and should be extremely abhorred,” and “The beard presents a major distinction between men and women. Shaving it removes this distinction, and is thus a means of imitating women. Any act that involves imitation of the opposite gender makes a person liable for the curse of Allah and his messenger.”

Muhammad Ali al-Jazouli

Sudanese cleric Muhammad Ali al-Jazouli said the following in a sermon: “The shedding of the blood of infidels is for the sake of purification and security. We must draw a distinction between the concepts of chaos and jihad. The killing of an infidel, the bombing of an embassy, the killing of US diplomats, or the killing of Rafidite Shiites do not constitute chaos. These are great, noble, and blessed steps towards order.”

Muhammad Salah

Muhammad Salah likes ’em young: “Kids at the age of six and seven, they start to grow mature and they understand, and a girl will look pretty and she will be desired. In this case, she will be treated as a girl who reached the puberty age…”

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

Lebanese-born preacher Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari believes “saying Merry Christmas is worse than killing someone.” He also said, “Muhammad smelled so good, they used to make [the] most beautiful perfume with his sweat.” Eww.

Assim Alhakeem

Jinn-fearing cleric Assim Alhakeem shared his totally tolerant sentiments: “Homosexuality… takes all the bashfulness and good character of people and turns them into animals that seek only their sexual satisfaction through weird ways.”
Part 2 on Alhakeem

Saif Abbas Naqvi

Shia cleric Saif Abbas Naqvi claims women aren’t allowed to post selfies on the internet because unrelated men could see their uncovered faces.

Abdul Haleem

Abdul Haleem issued this horrific fatwa: “Killing of women in the name of honor is a local custom and religious practice in Kohistan… if someone witnesses female relatives roaming with people other than close relatives, he can kill her without producing four witnesses.”

Abdulkadir Apaokagi

Nigerian preacher Abdulkadir Apaokagi had this to say about gay people: “Homosexuality and lesbianism are just too dirty in the sight of Allah. Those who engage in them deserve more than capital punishment. When they are killed, their corpse should also be mistreated.”

Mohammed Kassamali

UK Imam Mohammed Kassamali shared his thoughts on child marriages, which he performed in secret: “If [the marriage] was not possible, I would have told you straight away… I would love the girl to go to her husband’s house as soon as possible, the younger the better. Under sharia there is no problem. It is said she should see her first sign of puberty at the house of her husband. The problem is that we cannot explain [the marriage] if the girl went tomorrow (to the authorities.) The other thing is the underage thing and if tomorrow the girl is, let’s say coerced or forced into this, and she goes and reports it to the police then she will put all of us into the problems.”

Mazen Sirsawi

Egyptian cleric Mazen Sirsawi claims “If [the Holocaust] really happened, they [Jews] deserved it.” He also advocated the death penalty for apostasy, as prescribed in sharia.

Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid

Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid issued a fatwa against Mickey Mouse: “…some cartoon characters, such as dogs, pigs, and mice – reprehensible animals according to the Sharia – are glorified in animated films… it is inappropriate to show such things to people, and that a mouse is a ‘little corrupter,’ which should be killed in all cases.”

Terrorists & Terror-Related

Samantha Lewthwaite

British Muslim convert Samantha Lewthwaite, the “white widow” of one of the 7/7 bombers, was one of the masterminds behind a horrific jihad massacre in the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a member of terror group al-Shabaab and has trained suicide bombers and perpetrated grenade attacks.
Part 2 on Lewthwaite

Mehdi Nemmouche

Former Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist Mehdi Nemmouche shot and killed four people at a Jewish museum in Brussels. While with ISIS, he was reported as saying “Do you know what happens when I go into a Shiite home? First, there’s the grandmother — I only use one bullet on her, she’s not worth more — then the wife. First I rape her, then I cut her throat. Then I come to the baby. Ah, a baby! You cannot imagine the pleasure you get from cutting off a baby’s head.”

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

One-eyed jihadi Mokhtar Belmokhtar’s terror group held dozens hostage at a natural gas plant. At least 38 hostages were killed in the standoff.

Samira Ahmed Jassim al-Azzawi

Samira Ahmed Jassim al-Azzawi recruited women to be suicide bombers by having them raped, then telling them the only way they could be redeemed of the shame they had brought upon themselves by being raped was to blow themselves up.

Abubakar Muhammad Shekau

Abubakar Muhammad Shekau, leader of Islamist militant group Boko Haram, routinely plans attacks against civilians, particularly Christians and students.

Amal Ahmed Abdullahi

Amal Ahmed Abdullahi threatened to shoot her coworkers, claiming that the US would soon be a Muslim country and that she was willing to die for Allah.

Naser Jason Abdo

Naser Jason Abdo was discharged from the US military after refusing to fight in Afghanistan. Child pornography was found among his possessions. Abdo was later discovered to be plotting a bombing against US soldiers, but thankfully was arrested before he was able to go through with his jihad. After his arrest, he claimed he was HIV+ and tried to spit blood on various court personnel.

Ahlam Tamimi

Ahlam Tamimi organized and helped carry out a suicide bombing at an Israeli cafe, killing 15.

Chiheb Esseghaier

Chiheb Esseghaier plotted to derail trains between Canada and New York. In court, he refused to hire a lawyer and asked to be tried by the Qur’an instead of Canadian criminal law. When a female officer touched him while trying to escort him out, he snapped at her: “You are not my wife!”

Ismail Jabbar

UK-raised Muslim Ismail Jabbar traveled to Syria to wage jihad, where he posted images of himself killing Syrian government forces. He called them “dirty kuff[ar],” and said he longed to behead infidels and sought 72 virgins in the afterlife. He also claimed that Muslims would be doubly rewarded for killing Christians or Jews.

Kabiru Sokoto

Diminutive Nigerian Muslim Kabiru Sokoto blew up a church, killing 37.

Abu Rahin Aziz

UK Muslim Abu Rahin Aziz was involved in the savage beating of an infidel soccer fan. During the assault, many of Aziz’s accomplices handed out dawah (Islamic evangelism) fliers to horrified onlookers. Instead of serving the 9 months behind bars he was sentenced to, Aziz fled to Syria to wage jihad and tweeted that “Trafalgar Square is where public executions will take place. Army of Islamic State [khilafah] is coming.”

Bouchra Bagour

Bouchra Bagour sent her son named Jihad to preschool wearing a shirt that said “I am a bomb,” and “Jihad, born September 11” on it.

Abu Talha al-Almani

Muslim rapper Abu Talha al-Almani, who used to sell “I’m a Muslim, not a terrorist” t-shirts, was killed while waging jihad in Syria. His lyrics included passages like “I light the bomb in the middle of the crowd, I press the button. Right in the city center or in the subway, press the button, al-Jannah, al-Jannah.”

Abdul Salam Mahmoud

Australian Islamic evangelist Abdul Salam Mahmoud traveled to Syria to wage jihad. An outspoken supporter of al Qaeda’s leading terror clerics, Mahmoud had this to say about the future of media in Islamic territories: “Our media will be purified and cleaned from these devilish programs that have been brought to us by the west… then in the streets, you will not be able to see women and girls wearing short shirts and things that, uhhhhhhhh, you just can’t believe that you see in the Muslim country. And boys and girls will not be free-mixing out in the open.” Mahmoud was killed in Syria.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother Dzhokhar bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three.

Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai

Outspoken Australian jihadist and convicted robber Milad bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai threatened to cut the throat of an officer tasked with monitoring him and shot a man for being gay.

Amir Hossein Raisolsadat

Iranian-Canadian Muslim Amir Hossein Raisolsadat ran a Facebook page for the sale of chemical weapons. After the first piece on him went live on YDM, Canadian authorities investigated him. They discovered numerous drawings and diagrams for making bombs, as well as castor beans used for making ricin.

Mouna Diab

Canadian anti-stereotyping activist Mouna Diab was ironically arrested for smuggling weapons to terror group Hezbollah.

Messed Up Marriages

Meryem Dursun

Meryem Dursun shot her daughter, her son-in-law, and their baby because her daughter had refused an arranged marriage.

Jubel Miah

When Jubel Miah’s wife told him she wanted to go to college, he beat her, impregnated her, stabbed her with scissors, and forced her to wear the niqab, saying “You are a married woman. You don’t do this.”

Ghazala Ditta

Ghazala Ditta’s devout Muslim family was trying to marry off one of her sisters, Nazma, to her own cousin. When Ditta found out that Nazma was a lesbian and was involved with another woman, several of the siblings assaulted Nazma’s girlfriend and tried to kidnap her, saying “you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.”

Ahmed Rufai Sani Yariman

Nigerian politician Ahmed Rufai Sani Yariman more or less purchased a 13-year-old girl to be his wife and told his critics “For those who wonder if I can give my daughter(s) out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I can give her out at the age of 6 if I want to and it’s not your business. This is because I am a Muslim and I follow the example of the best of mankind, Muhammad.”

Ahmed al-Khatib

Ahmed al-Khatib killed his wife, claiming he was possessed by a jinn.

Shamim Akhtar

Shamim Akhtar drugged and kidnapped her daughter, Naila, after Naila refused an arranged marriage to her own cousin.

Afazuddin Ali

Afazuddin Ali married his 15-year-old daughter, claiming it had been divinely ordained by Allah.

Sibel Üresin

Islamic life coach Sibel Üresin has bizarre sentiments on marriage: “Women talk ceaselessly. It is the woman’s fault if she is killed… Really, I know some women that never shut up. It is very normal that her husband’s going to go crazy. The biggest weapon a woman has is her ability to hold grudges and show that through her attitude, but men resort to violence, because they are built that way.”

Suleiman Saidu

Suspecting his wife of having an affair, Suleiman Saidu beat her and claimed she provoked the violence: “I always beat her, but she was the one who caused it. She is having extra-marital affairs.”

Sahar Thabit

Sahar Thabit repeatedly burned her daughter for refusing an arranged marriage to her own cousin.


Sharika Bella Sacranie

Sharika Bella Sacranie hired a non-Muslim man for a job, then had him fired the same day after he offered to buy bacon sandwiches for his new coworkers, calling his remark “racist.”

Muhammed Ejaz

Closet-case Muslim Muhammed Ejaz met gay men on hookup apps for sex. Feeling religiously-driven guilt after having sex with three of the men, Ejaz snapped their necks. After his arrest, he claimed his victims were “spreading evil in society and I had to stop it… [Gays] are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves.”

Sabreena Sadaf

Sabreena Sadaf claims that eating pork causes babies to be born out of wedlock. The Pakistani Muslimah also said she met the antichrist and threatened infidels with dismemberment at the hands of Allah.
Part 2 on Sadaf
Part 3 on Sadaf

Jamaal Uddin

Jamaal Uddin put up posters around London declaring certain areas were “sharia-controlled zones” and assaulted non-Muslim men for drinking.
Part 2 on Uddin
Part 3 on Uddin

Mabul Shoatz

Mabul Shoatz and the imam of his Philadelphia mosque attempted to, per sharia, sever the hand of a man they suspected of stealing from the mosque.

Salwa al-Mutairi

Kuwaiti politician Salwa al-Mutairi claims that allowing sex slavery, as permitted under Islamic law, would decrease adultery.

Masridzi Sat

Malay Islamist Masridzi Sat declared jihad against Cadbury Chocolates after traces of pig DNA were found in some of their products. “Because the person eats pork it is difficult to guide him to the right path. When the day of judgment comes, that person will be wearing a pig face because of what he has eaten.”

Nasrul Hassan

Porn-addled Indian Muslim Nasrul Hassan said “If a 10-year-old can have menstruation cycle, then what is the problem, she can marry and can have baby, it’s a sign from almighty that she can be a mother. Come on grow up folks, Allahu Akbar.”

Jamila Farole

Jamila Farole pushed for sharia-compliant gender-segregated swim sessions at a taxpayer-funded public pool near Seattle. She then denied it was any sort of attempt to push sharia law on western society.

Mohamed al-Hakim

Mohamed al-Hakim threatened to kill his cousin after she decided to stop wearing the hijab. Surprisingly, the two weren’t married. al-Hakim said: “I am warning you if, by the 19th of June, you are not wearing the hijab back, I am warning you I will kill you and harm you. I am giving you ten days. You brought shame to your family, you should not have done that.”

Omar Hallak

Australian Islamic schoolmaster Omar Hallak claims that running will cause young girls to lose their virginity.

Naseema Sarlie

South African Muslimah who wrote, “Used to love Hitler, but now I hate him for not killing all of them [Jews]!” Sarlie’s employment status on Facebook changed from being listed as a school administrator to being “self-employed” shortly after the publication of her YDM piece… in other words, YDM readers did a damn good thing 🙂

Faleh Ghazi Albasman

Faleh Ghazi Albasman killed his 24-year-old daughter after he saw her talking on a cellphone, claiming she had ruined his “honor.”

Nadia Irsan

Nadia Irsan helped her father carry out an honor killing, jealous that her sister was marrying a man she had interest in.

Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh

Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh, president of the Gambia, said the following about gays: “As far as I am concerned, LGBT can only stand for Leprosy, Gonorrhea, Bacteria and Tuberculosis; all of which are detrimental to human existence.” He also stated he would not allow gays to live in the Gambia and said he hoped to behead them if they were caught.
Part 2 on Jammeh
Part 3 on Jammeh

Yusuf Ibrahim

Yusuf Ibrahim beheaded two Coptic Christians and cut off their hands in accordance with the Qur’an – “strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

Masoumeh Rahimi

Masoumeh Rahimi thinks “every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile” because Barbie is uncovered.

Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan

When a local man was found to have made sex tapes of himself with over 50 women, Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan decided to blame bizarre weather patterns on the man, claiming the storms were retribution from Allah. Alhassan sentenced the man to lashing and death, per sharia.

Ali Yedes

Professor Ali Yedes threatened a female faculty member: “In my culture, I could have had the female department chair killed.”

Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed

Lafleur Mauvette Mohamed was arrested for beating her daughter. She caused controversy when she tried to have her mugshot taken while wearing the niqab, which fully covers the face. After her arrest, she promptly made another fuss about being denied service at a gas station while wearing the niqab since she looked like a robber.
Part 2 on Mohamed

Raymond Akhtar Ali

Halal butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali butchered his newborn daughter because she was born out of wedlock. Now imprisoned, he filed a claim against the prison for not serving him halal meats, and instead serving him vegetarian food.

Abu Azmi

Indian politician Abu Azmi stated: “Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty.”

Muhammad Saad al-Beshi

Muhammad Saad al-Beshi is a Saudi executioner who claims he is doing “God’s will.”

James Cosby

James Cosby killed his daughter and her girlfriend because they were lesbians.

Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar

Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar held a Christian couple hostage before allowing a mob to beat them. He then burned them alive in the kiln.

Jumanah Imad Musa Ahmed al-Bahri

When asked if she was for or against Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah’s stance that Israel’s existence is a good thing because it enables Jews to be easily exterminated, Jumanah Imad Musa Ahmed al-Bahri confidently stated “for it.”

Ismail Kijo

Malay politician Ismail Kijo, who claims Malaysian religious officials have “cured” over 20,000 “cases” of homosexuality, made bizarre comments about lesbians’ breasts: “Malaysian mothers would be forced to face the harsh possibility that the [lesbian] partners of their daughters could have bigger breasts than them some day. Could you imagine how shocked the mother would be when she sees that this future ‘husband’ has breasts bigger than hers?”

Sahara Tabriz Fakhir

On trial for murder, Sahara Tabriz Fakhir claimed Allah was her attorney before threatening everyone in the courtroom, the entirety of whom she accused of being Freemasons and Illuminati, with Allah’s wrath.

Mustapha Baba Ilelah

Nigerian sharia commissioner Mustapha Baba Ilelah initiated a mass roundup of suspected gays. The captured men were tortured into confessing and revealing the identities of other gays, who were then also detained. Ilelah stated, “We are on the hunt for others.”

Omar Abdelbadie

University of Washington student and CAIR activist Omar Abdelbadie molested a 12-year-old girl because he claims she was “dressed provocatively.”

Noorhayati Cherry

Noorhayati Cherry denies evolution, thinks it’s OK to attack people for being gay, calls Jews “monkeys,” and otherwise demonstrates the intellectual ability of a first-grader.

Ibrahim Melih Gökçek

Ibrahim Melih Gökçek, the mayor of Ankara, Turkey, had a woman arrested for tweeting an image of feet stepping on the Qur’an. He also said, “Women kill their babies born out of adultery. Why do babies die because of these so-called mothers? Let mothers kill themselves.”

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    • Just use google… you will find that everything on this site is factual.

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  7. Yea. Crusaders slaughtered thousands of innocent people (whom they claim were “infidels”) of the cities they captured, and they don’t get in the list.

    Muhammad Al-Fatih II conquered Constantinople, and let the “infidel” non-muslims pray to their God freely as before instead of killing them, and you don’t want to hear about him.

    Syarifuddin Khalifah is a miraculous child prodigy who persuaded their parents to embrace Islam by reciting a Quranic verse which had never been taught to him when he was a baby, was able to do the 5 prayers and read the Quran at the age of 1,5, even though born from a catholic family in Tanzania, and mastered many different languages at the age of five, then islamized a thousand without violence, and you don’t want to hear about him.

    Al-Khawarizmi invented algebra, which is used in your everyday-to-professional math, and you don’t want to hear about him.

    You only want to hear the stories of those who have done wrong, and claiming their errors as part of Islam. Yea. You all are lie-spreaders. Just go rot in your secular, empty life.

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      The numerical system was usurped from the romans, greeks and hindus of india and then you claim them as “arabic” numerals. And if muslims could invent something in the way past, (eg: flying carpets, flying donkeys & talking ants) why do they are mental retards for the last few hundred years other than screaming death to the kuffars and when things get out of hand “you will burn in hellfire”
      It is even wrong for you to believe the earth is round or the sun is up there instead of setting in a pool of murky water!

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    • Syarifuddin Khalifah has been proven to be a complete hoax. You basically have achieved nothing except bloodshed for the last 1200 years

    • Really your mentioning the Crusades again. Watch this dynamic time lapse battle map of both jihad (from Islam inception) to enslave the infidels, and the Crusades (very brief & tiny in number compared to jihad) by Christians to free their Christian brothers in the middle east.

      Watch the time lapse map show the truth about jiahd

      Muhammad Al-Fatih II only kept non-Muslims alive in Constantinople to make money on the tax on non-muslims. Now Muslims must believe the Mahdi has arrive, because when he appears their is no tax non-muslims can pay to live. The choice is convert or the sword.

      Islam is not a religion, but a cult created by a man infected with Satan that used his religion to manipulate people & gain wealth/power & his own version of 72 virgins on earth (down to the age of 9). The Cube & Stone was a Hindu temple in Mecca that existed before Mohammed invented Islam & Allah was one of the many gods there (moon god).

    • no he did not invent algebra,and certainly had nothing to do,either,with the concept of ‘zero’,both of which are essential to maths…

    • No, no croc_doze… Muslims are responsible for having nurtured what at the time was the greatest centers of learning in the world!

      Al-Khawarizmi was a Persian scholar in the House of Wisdom in Baghdad who produced works in mathematics, astronomy, and geography during the Abbasid Caliphate, and translations of his works on Indian numerals resulted in the decimal system we still use today! He was in every way, EXACTLY the kind of man we’d love to have come out of any Muslim nation ANY TIME.

      As well, if you dig a little, you’ll find that most stars in our skies that have been named, are named in Arabic, as Muslim astronomers were the first to discover them, and thus had the right to name them as was (and still generally is) the practice of discovery.

      However, after Imam Ghazali stated with the full authority of his exalted position as Muslim holy man and theological master decreed that:
      “… falsafa (which literally means philosophy but included logic, mathematics and physics) was incompatible with Islam.”
      and decreed: “The manipulation of numbers is the work of the devil.”,

      this began the end of the Islamic and Muslim supremacy in science and discovery.

      And most definitely, Muhammad Al-Fatih II DID, in fact, continue to allow non-Muslims to practice their religions after the taking of Constantinople (thereafter to be named Istanbul) without penalty…

      Of course, all this is moot, when you recognize that ALL the examples of excellence in Human rights and enlightenment are a minimum of 550 YEARS in the PAST (sorry, but the tale of the young prodigy Syarifuddin Khalifah speaking the Quran without coaching has been debunked, he has been proven to have been coached the whole time), and that there are NO examples of modern Muslims showing consideration for those of non-Muslim faith, nor tolerance of education in advance of what is taught as acceptable within the Muslim faith, AND the fact that everyone trying to dismiss the horrific acts of modern Muslims brings up the crusades, where thousands were killed for refusing to convert to Christianity… And conveniently ignore the fact that THOSE killings happened OVER 700 YEARS AGO, NOT last year, or last month, much less LAST week… The point here is that NO religion in the world is more inhumane, destructive, intolerant and dehumanizing than the MODERN Muslim faith and it’s adherents.

      If the extremist Muslim is the minority in the Muslim faith, why are they allowed to continue to act within EVERY Muslim community, no matter the country or society? In western society, if a group acts against the people of that society in ways considered to be extreme and violent, the community and the government act in the people’s interest and arrest, prosecute and punish those who perpetrate those acts, and failing that, the people themselves rise up and prevent the perpetrators from continuing their behavior. Not Muslims. They simply watch the violence, shake their heads and say ‘there was nothing that could be done’ or ‘that person obviously brought such acts upon themselves’, then respond to questions about their lack of concern for the victims as ‘that was not us, that was the extremists. We have nothing to do with that.’

      It grieves me that so many people can’t understand that if you have a society of freedom, ALL members MUST be in agreement as to the society they want to live in, and the rules they wish to have stand to defend that society and it’s members. But if you have created protections for the individual to prevent abuse due to disagreement, you also MUST have in place protections for the masses FROM those who do NOT agree to the rules that the rest of society has agreed to…

      And this is where the current problem is in western society: Islam and those who lead the Muslim faith have finally found the fatal weakness in a society of freedom – demand the rights of freedom granted by the laws of the society that holds them absolute, but do not hold yourself to them. Since they have the right to free speech, they will freely speak their lies to deceive all they can about the nature of the Muslim faith, then use their freedom of speech to shout down anyone who wants to use THEIR freedom to speak against the Muslim faith. Demand that the people of the free society be held accountable to their own laws, then demand the protection of only being held accountable to their religious laws, NOT those of the free society they are invading. Demonstrate hate and violence against the people of that culture, then demand that those that would return such violence upon them be held accountable for religious persecution. Perpetrate inhuman acts of violence and sexual abuse against the people to try to force their way of life upon the people of the invaded society, then claim innocence of any wrong by claiming their members cannot be blamed for being incited to inappropriate acts, when it’s OBVIOUS that the victims of these attacks set out to PROVOKE them into committing these acts, and if the people try to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes, claim that it’s ‘racial profiling’ and ‘Muslim-phobic’ persecution. Any of this sound familiar?

      Europe is currently being invaded by an extremist force that rather than dominating by orce of arms, relies on terrorist acts, and oppressive violence with abuse of social mores to demoralize and modify behavior through fear and acquiescence. In other words, get you to accept THEIR way of life through just wearing your culture down by looping the legal aspects of religious freedom and cultural differences to protect their ‘soldiers’, while freely claiming ever-growing amounts of the country as their personal area that local law holds no bound over. Allowing this to continue unabated is the same as the European leaders’ reactions to Hitler marching his forces into the Rhineland region: by not responding with decisive ACTION, Europe effectively opened the gate to Hitler’s march across all of northern Europe, and the near loss of the western world to the Nazi Party.

      So long as people refuse to realize that Muslims are voluntary slaves, who only wish freedom to use against those who are NOT Muslim in their ongoing bid to push Islam upon the entire world, and who want only to FORCE the entirety of humanity to become slaves themselves under the flag of Mohammad, these people continue to win. The only places that the ongoing violence and acts of hate are held in abeyance are those countries that strictly minimize the entry into their nations of Muslims and the legal barring of proselytizing by them (like Japan, whose leaders had the wisdom to legally allow full police monitoring of ANY Muslim in the country).

  8. I truly believe that Islam is the cancer of humanity. Muhammad may have been trying to civilize the savages, but they went in the opposite direction of the way he tried to lead them after he died. Savage men began making things up & writing crap down that Muhammad NEVER said. A few generations later, we have a bunch of mad med that think committing the most evil of sins will get them into an orgy of an after life.

  9. you should put up Pakistans Imran Khan onto your hall of shame. The once cricketing icon turned politician and who studied at Oxford has rightfully earned the nickname of Taliban Khan, for his soft stance against the Taliban. He also refused to back the amendment to the 2006 woman’s bill in favor of victims of rape

  10. It would seem that all the inbreeding Muslims engage in has distorted their genetic integrity they are nothing but genetic mutants and should be put down like rabies infested dogs. Their continued hatred of everything non Muslim will eventually bring back the crusades then some serious payback. Step one nuke mecca. I have a beautiful daughter so I have nothing but seething hatred for all Muslims and everything they stand for. KILL THEM ALL……

  11. The modern, civilised world is slowly getting sick and tired of having to try and drag muslims into the modern world. In the last 60 years or so, muslims have shown us just what a backward, vile cult they follow. Look at the middle east. What a shithole of violence! That`s what your cult has done for you…nothing but keep you back in the 7th century. Bunch of inbred morons.

  12. Islam teaches peace.
    Terrorists are fool guys. They could pretend being muslims, actually they’re not.
    Islam teaches peace.
    World is wide. Who knows (?) there might be yeddish wear white, buddhist wear black, christian wear orange, and islam wear cross.
    Islam teaches peace. Try to read Al Qur’an and the meaning (don’t just read 1sentence then judging). Even in Al Qur’an tell “don’t believe in issue you don’t know /don’t understand well about it”

  13. No comment…wheres the proof to support all these accusations???

  14. How many women have to escape the evil that is islam and come to educate americans and europeans about it before we start to listen? These are real people im talking about who have every reason to hate islam. Actually every good person on earth should hate islam. Tolerating the few good muslims isnt worth taking taking in the millions of peice of shit goatfucking perverted jelous ugly smelly abominations that is most muslims

  15. First time I’ve been on this site. Wow, I’d never heard of some of these creeps, and I’ve been studying Islam for more than three decades. Well done, YDM. Keep telling the truth about Islam.


    • Oh look a foamer ❤ stop banging your head on the ground 5 times a day, it's the reason you're brain-damaged

      • may ALLAH TALLAH you hidayyah,Listen the truth is that ISIS are wahhabis they have their different ideology which is not accepted by higghest & learned scholars of islam,scholars had aleardy declared them as wrong and adviced to stay from them and their philosphy.We people are adviced to pray for others first before we pray for ourselves,so how is it possible that a true muslim will kill people ruthlessly for no reason.This is all rubbish and the people who believe that they are muslims who are creating all nuisance they too don’t use brains that their are no famous muslims scientists so far how can muslims be so advanced in techno used by isis,so from where do they get the stuff?

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