Messages of Peace

So, you believe that Islam is a misunderstood religion of peace, do you? Still got your head in the sand? This should clarify any misconceptions you may have about Islam. These are everyday Muslims on Facebook, not gun-toting mujahideen. This is what “normal” or “moderate” Muslims actually think. Prepare to have your mind blown… I hear Muslims are good at making things explode. Most of these screenshots are taken from the walls of counterjihad pages on Facebook, including the YDM Facebook page.

Many of these screenshots contain explicit language, including graphic descriptions of violence and sexual content. Read at your own sanity’s risk.

11 comments on “Messages of Peace

  1. I assume you have nothing against people downloading the funniest screenshots?

  2. kill all of those muslims with a knife

  3. Words can’t express the disgust and disdain I feel towards these worthless shitstains on humanity.

  4. Well, it’s not really hard finding idiots on the internet. Congratulations. There are idiots everywhere, no matter religion. Islam isn’t very special. If you can’t even realize this, then congratulations, you’re probably an idiot as well.

  5. Amazingly well thought out points expressed here by the lowered bar thought process of islam. But the one guy seems to think that fucking my mom and sister will somehow convince me that Islam is a superior ideology. Or maybe he’s just volunteering to help them get laid. I’ll let them know that he’s available for charity work. But honestly, my mom is 85 and my sister has severe health issues so it’s probably not going to help their conditions. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the offer though.

  6. Seriously, Saadick Burkman shows real promise. “I hope a rat chews on the rim of your a**hole” and goes on to hope one shiites on your liver and on cums in your tympanic membrane. That’s some truly creative stream of rage. He’s on his way to med school for sure. I actually like this guy.

  7. So if I can find 200 clippings of white conservative Christians making death threats on Twitter, I can write you all off as terrorists, cut off all empathy or respect for you, and joke about nuking your sacred religious centers–which I would assume is, what, Graceland? Awesome, I’ll be done by this time tomorrow. Hell, I’ll be done by breakfast.

  8. You are racist muslims are not that at all they are a religion of peace and if you kill then you are not a muslim anymore heck muslim means peaceful so can you find a good source before spreading this shit.

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