Muslim of the Month

The most shocking, horrifying, and outrageous Muslims, as chosen by YDM readers.

How it works: Every month, I put up a poll of the top pieces in terms of hilarity, shock value, and reader response. The poll begins 1 week from the end of the month and runs for the duration of that week. The winner of the poll joins these losers in here.

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208 comments on “Muslim of the Month

  1. Great blog together we smash islam

  2. I didn’t know Shrek was a muslimah! :O

  3. Great work, name and shame these muslim scum.

  4. great work 🙂 I’m happy that they were caught and brought to justice
    but if they were in the Mideast they would kill her and get away , and not just that they would be considered heroes for saving their “honor ” !!

  5. Ahhh, children…dey blow up so fast…

  6. you and your followers are the dead YDM (Your daily Muslim)! … your activity manage to piss off every Muslim on this planet including the mighty ones. As my point of view, Muslims did not fool themselves because they were idiots! but you are just giving them good reasons to lose you puny head! when they come they will come for you and your followers logically (Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!) and just came out of your pathetic mind that no body can find you. today even a child knows it is easy to find people. “the world is smaller place these days” , well don’t forget that the “survival is the fittest”, good luck.

    • Come On , Cous Cous , Smile .

      Make my Daily Muslim Day

    • Bring it on Muzzie. FYI, I will gladly provide the day and place of the Nascar races I will be attending this year, so you can have the opportunity to meet some of my friends. Radical Muzzies are soooooo welcome in our environment.

    • Fuck Islam, mohammad lied, islam is all bullshit. and muslims remember buraq’s are NOT real donkeys can’t fly dumbasses.

    • 5.6 Billion on earth DISLIKE islam! islamic countries represent the least educated and most vile countries with muslims preferring to live in the west to escape the wretchedness islam brings to their societies! so fuck islam,,,mohammad lied! there is no angel theory, no evidence at all to suggest he spoke to an angel Gabriel!


    • Muslims piss us off when we hear of acid attacks on women and kids, or when we hear of Female Genital Mutilation, it also annoys the world when we hear of another bomb going off driving people from their homes.

      It also annoys us when we pay taxes to support poorly educated muslims that are so ignorant due to islamic indoctrination they are unable to compete and support their families in a technologically advanced western society!

      So if muslims want to suggest islam is the answer for the west maybe they should provide an example of an islamic country muslims prefer to live in rather than flocking to the west!

      • Very well said! Muslims should adapt to our culture if they want to reap the benefits of living in our countries. Sharia law belongs in Muzzlamic shitholes, not in enclaves popping up around the EU.

    • Muslims fool themselves because they are uneducated morons due to many generations of inbreeding and lack of fact based education in favour of revelation, myths and lies.

      Look muslims believe mohammad spoke to an angel in a cave to get the quran and rode a Buraq to Medina when he wanted.

      Not exactly many Angel Fossils to support Angel Theory is there?,,,and flying donkeys is impossible due to biology, solid bone structure prevents flying.


    • Malek you retard, I make it easy for you, come to Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and you will find me, Fuck Islam.

      • Hello…Zulkefli johan i can understand your feelings and hate about muslims and islam…
        Dear i am also muslim,i’ll not give abuse to you and will not say bad words about you because my holy book andHoly Prophet(S.A.W)(peace be upon him) had never gave us a bad teachings and i am his follower.He was really a good man and also good to a non-muslims.
        Dear the truth is that muslims are not bombers,and the bombers are actually from (pathan) sect(taliban) they are only not killing non muslims but also killing muslims they claim that they are muslim but they are’nt.If you dont believe me then you can read news that they had killed many islamic spirtual leaders.Then how could be they muslimsTheir Rules are totally different from us.We are also against them.And they are dishonouring our religion.Our holy prophet and our holy book have no bad teachings.
        And we muslims have faith on all prophets of god(allah).We have faith on jesus,abraham,moses,daud,noh,Muhammad,because this is the teaching of our Koran and prophet.The koran have disscusion about all prophets including jesus in good words.
        So i cant understand that why you have not faith on Muhammad(S.a.w).
        And you said about buraq,look the discussion about buraq is present in Koran.As you believe in bible as well we beleive in koran.Koran is the speech of god and god never lies.If you dont believe on god then you are communist.
        and i admit you say about acid.look crime is different from religion.Islam does not teach us like that.There are equal rights of muslim and non muslim men and women.
        Crime could be done by any person relate to any religion.So why are you highlighting us.

    • You should talk to them in a more gentle way I understand your frustration but you should explain them in a bit more of a rational way so that you could convince them they’re wrong and that we are NOT extremist

    • Hey fuckstick, how is your islamic beliefs going?..find any evidence of Buraq’s?,,,see skeletal structure of animals reveals secrets about the animal, for example a donkey has dense bone structure making it unable to fly etc, Ignorant islamic fools didn’t know that centuries ago, and I suggest even today most retarded islamofools still don’t know that.

    • I had a great time gunning down your sandal wearing donkey fucking brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vineyards of panjwaii were watered with your terrorist brothers blood and we danced and sang every night as we loaded more mags and planned our next offense against your dirty mud huts. Thousands of warthog 30mm rounds rained upon your poor explosive filled villages while I watched through night vision as your people wailed and moaned and ran with no hope of survival. Come try and threaten me fuck boy everyday I pray I get to pop a few more murder holes in your piece of shit malnourished bodies

    • Dirty, dirty muslims. Just a load of arrogant oxygen thieves. We all know their religion is made up and that the world would be a much safer and pleasant place for all were they not around. In fact it would be paradise is we mopped the muslim scum up and wiped them off the face of the earth….

    • Who are you, Malek, another sheep humping, pedophile, rag-headed scum sucking, shit fuck Muslim..?? Go fuck yourself with your, “”‘When they ( Muslim scum ) come for you….””. Your brother Muslim scum are cowards. You will ALL get what is coming to you, you fucking scum and scum, demom god, Allah andnhis perverted, pedophile prophet. moooooooHamed.

    • Works both ways Muslim maggot

    • Islam is the most insane, evil ideology in the world. The nonsense that Muslims claim to believe makes them insane.

    • Filthy muslim subhuman scum thinks it can scare us with its petty death threats, what with its disgusting beastiality goat and camel cocksuckers and pedophiles. Why don’t you go blow yourself up they are already doing that in porkistan.

  7. Come On, Cous Cous

    Make my Muslim Day

  8. Congratulations YDM! you placed yourself as the second wanted by Islamic community. your reward is $100000

  9. I’m going to give your information to them! burn in hell as you burn in your ass

  10. ISLAM IS COMPLETE RUBBISH.,,,One man says he spoke to an angel in a cave and 1.3 billion believe it ,,,hahaha,,,,gotta be the most easily led in the world,,,would you dumbasses like to buy a vacuum cleaner that plays the sound of Allah when you turn it on, only $995.95,,,hahaha,,,retards,

  11. The women are obviously better than the men at being arseholes.

  12. Woah…Remind me who started the two world wars? Oh yeah, that’s right… NOT the muslims. 5.6 billion people on earth hate islam? LOL where’d you get that from? And you’re calling Muslims stupid -_- (You’re not really doing yourself a favour) See im expressing my oppinion without using offensive terms or phrases.

  13. In fact people with ideologies like yours started both world wars! In Islam we respect human rights just like any other religion, its just a few asses that ruin our image masquerading as muslims. Take it from me the barbarians that perform these terrorist attacks I dont even consider as muslims neither do lots of other muslims. By the way, did you know that the CIA trained Bin laden and the Taliban to fight off Soviet Expansion?

    • Oh fuck off you boring Muslim twat…..your book and religion is all bullshit anyway…A big waste of life.

    • I agree with you. Islam is peace

    • Islam respects no one least of all woman try living in reality rather than your brainwashed religious stupa. Your religion promotes killing of all non Muslims and any one that tries to leave. Your movement is worse than the natzies and look what happened to them. Your religion has destroyed once great countries in the middle east. There is nothing good about Islam it is a hateful and destructive movement , it is not a religion all it’s followers are dumb pawns in a game of power struggle. You are all too brainwashed to see this. You are all better off dead. Do us all a favor and end your life and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Aww. Didn’t your faggot imam get to fuck you today. Muslim cunt.

  14. Fucking pigs they are…Flithy shit stained pigs! I am sick to death of this muslim pigs..get rid of them ..tossers.

  15. Yes they are scum and very very evil they wont to take over the world and they will one day if we let them! With ther sick ways and beliefs and the way they try to bush push islam on the rest of world,, thats way the 969 hate them so mutch ,

  16. I feel sorry for people who are Muslims. No one is that stupid to think that they can rule the world through fear and intimidation. I think they all must have drain bamage….

  17. Muslims needs to be smashed asap!!!

  18. Islam is the Anti_Christ. You will reap what you sow and burn in hell with your master Satan!!!


  20. Why the fuck haven’t we kicked these cunts out of our countries? Who cares, get rid of the lot of them! Stupid fucks need to be locked uo in a cage and left to rot, that way they can’t attack our fucking country that THEY chose to live in. Also, why is it that they sook about us not wearing their fugly burqa’s, and try and get us aussies to wear them.. yet when we’re over at their country, we have to respect and abide by their ways?!? Hahaha get fucked, go die in a whole you delusional fucks.

  21. Fuck muslimes. GTFO!

  22. Yesterday a Muslim made some comment to my girlfriend. Today, the NO RACISM PLEASE cunt is undergoing facial reconstruction after I rearranged it with an iron bar.


    No. Just no. -Hunter

  24. Allah will punish you evil doers

  25. Islam represents peace. Every religion has extremists retards. You guys just want reasons for hating on other groups of people. First the African Americans, then the Japanese now islam

    • Islam represents idiotic savagery, murder and the glorification of a hateful dogmatic ignorance. There are no positive examples of Islam. The Islamic countries are all middens. The qu’ran is a thuggish manifesto of senseless idolatry and imbecilic ideology utterly incompatible with civilised life.

      Paedophilia is prevalent in Islamic communities perhaps owing to mohamet’s wife having been nine years old, a vile practice, like beheading and maiming, which is sanctioned in the qu’ran and haditha.

      Please stay in your own countries.

    • There are some dicks who wanted to take over American’s business and change the economy and set the non muslim no go zone …
      Try to take over us, trust me you won’t.

  26. What the filth do not understand we are not scared of a few cowards killing innocent people .dont come crying racism when you get your fucking heads blown off. Skuzilums from Islam are the scum of the earth ,now fuck off and fill your hands you so of a pig

  27. We all know in the western world that Mohammad is nothing but a cunt and any muslim foolish enough to follow Islam is also a cunt. We need another hitter but this time to exterminate Muslims all of them everywhere.

  28. It was so nice this morning ,to turn the tv on and find out two sub humans and a low life drug dealing criminal We don’t want to say he was black,we’re all shot DEAD ….shut the tv off didn’t need to hear the other bullshit. Let’s see, a bunch of unsuccessfull drug dealing murderous scum of the earth dead, to lazy to work ,wanna.be rap assholes Had to kill some innocent people ,why because they are sub humans ,who thrive on welfare drugs and murder ,rot in hell boys they are coming for pig who’s boy friend murdered innocent people in a store ,yelling you know who I am. No we no what you are ,just an ape like dead piece of shit …..now I can sleep like a baby. Nite

  29. Before graduating from high school, every child should be required to draw Mohammed, riding his child bride or the winged monkey, and engaging in sex with a goat. With a Koran being used to wipe someone’s ass in the background.

  30. We live in a democracy so respect our ways. You are entitled to your beliefs and religion. Most don’t agree with your ideology but tolerate it nonetheless. Stop imposing your beliefs on us and join a free society. Accept our beliefs, integrate rather than forming a sectarian society. If you don’t like our ways go and live back in an Islamic state where you will be deliriously happy.

  31. Its a good job its us with the finger on the button to wipe out these primitive retards. All they have to do is pushed the very pissed off world a little too far and boom…problem solved

  32. The cartoons are just the latest excuse the “Scourge Of The Earth” are using to continue their global jihad. Our government is too scared to jump on these scum. They give them what they want because they are frightened what will happen if they upset them. The time has come to ban Islam and their wicked book. Does anybody know of at least one miracle their holy prophet performed?

  33. fuck islam and its so-called prophet..what a mockery of God. Damn islam and muhammed. yeah reach out to me with threats and see what that gets you.

  34. Fuck all muslim scum.Die cocksuckers!

  35. The very fact we bow down to these jiggers cracks me up. Id love a mouthy little packy try beheading me. Id say ignore the press. Vote ukip and join the edl marches. Ban the burka. Ban anymore mosques in the Uk we have enough. The councils fund the mosques as its a place of worship which is where plotting goes on. gov hav a duty to listen & protect us

  36. Twat muslim family owns liquor stores selling porn crack coke meth pot pipes.. young “owner” son claims to be inseminating every white chic at UNR. He deals drugs at his store with his “cuzins” as he and his stupid brother are getting ready to bring yet 2 more idiot females “over” to USA to marry them..They have no insurance and cant drive speak, english yet his whole ghetto family here drive and deal dope and paraphenlia.. pigs. Khan and sons of reno nevada ..

  37. I am from Colombia. So many people here despise muslisms just because they all are pure evil itself. Their religion is the worst. We, heathens, must remove this dross.

  38. The devil possesses Muslisms with its false religion. The devil has used these beasts so easily that it just can mock them. But do not worry over their misdeeds. The devil leads them to hell, wipes them out while God protects us from these miserable beasts, from these crazy beasts, from these worthless beasts…

  39. All muslims look like clowns. Fuck you.

  40. When I was in iraq I would always catch some men pumping each other off. Fucking gross. And we soldiers always seen alot of goat fucking action from them disgusting pigs. Gross!!!!! These fuckers are lying decieving savages. They cut the clits off their women, will trade a goat for a 9 year old bride, father’s would treat their children inhumane and make them do discusting things, oh the list goes on people. These assholes are not peaceful. They are a cult of horror. I did not mind putting a bullet in these cocksuckers. Fuck islam. Muslims need to die. They are sick evil twisted decieving traitors. Watch your back people. Especially in the US, they are intentionally trying to destroy the free world.

  41. I agree totally. The lot deserve whats coming to them. They fly the palestinian flag even tho their from places like pakistan or syria and iraq. Clear anti semitism against the jew. Also jihad john i say get his family. Cut their heads off and send him the video. Its the only language this savage “religion” understands. The lefties here in the uk are all for it as it sells newspapers and corpaerates like the bbc.

  42. Muhmahhud was a homosexual pedophile who, when he couldn’t rape young boys, enjoyed raping male gpats, pigs, and dogs. The Muslim is no different.

  43. Muslims fear our certain killing of them.

  44. Black Metal metalers are also the enemies of fucking muslims.

  45. I think Muslims are a mix between camels and rats can u imagine a camel and a rat getting it on it’s almost as funny to think about as a Muslim is to look at

  46. I think I will open up a new toilet paper company I think I will call my new company Koran can you imagine how many people would love to use this to wipe their ass

    • why do you beleive science? did scientisist pass theory by democracy? then how quran should be affected by you?

  47. If Cartoon Muhammed sucks donkey dick, does that mean real Muhammed sucks donkey dick?

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