Your Daily Muslim #720: Hojjat Ramzy

Hojjat Ramzy

Hojjat Ramzy

Iranian-born sheikh Hojjat Ramzy, who now resides in the UK, has several centuries of catching up to do. Ramzy established the first Islamic school in Oxfordshire to ensure the spread of incivility.

When a female convert to Islam (clearly a person of compromised mental faculty) applied for a teaching position at the school, she alleged Ramzy asked her invasive questions about her sex life. Because somehow what a woman chooses to do with her body affects her ability to teach. The woman filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming she had been underpaid after refusing to answer Ramzy’s questions about her virginity. Information about the outcome of the lawsuit was unable to be located.

Aside from women’s virginity, Ramzy also enjoys butting into their marital lives. “It is not allowed under any circumstances for a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman, it is not acceptable,” he is quoted as saying. Of course, it’s OK for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman so as to convert her to Islam, a practice commonly referred to as “love jihad.” Still, any cult that says you can’t marry outside of it needs to get with the times. Feels a bit too “you can’t sit with us” for the 21st century.

On September 11, 2015, in what has been described by many Twitter users as the most solid proof of god in the 21st century, a crane at the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca was struck by lightning. The crane crashed into the masjid, killing over 100. Ramzy commented on the calamity: “…I would like to congratulate those people who lost their lives for going straight to heaven without any question.” Really? What if they were child molesters like their prophet, pigs be upon him? What if they were terrorists? That doesn’t matter, believing in the invisible sky-demon Allah is apparently a get into jannah free card. “This is great honor from god that everyone wishes for but not many will be granted.” Really? So everyone wishes to die? Sorry, I don’t ascribe to beliefs that glorify death.

Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo jihad attack, a Muslim storeowner decided to sell the magazine’s next issue so as to satisfy the demands of his customers and generate dialogue. Ramzy condemned the decision and led a small protest against the magazine’s sale: “By Charlie Hebdo publishing this picture of our prophet [pigs be upon him], we have been insulted,” he said. “I believe that Charlie Hebdo is an extremist magazine and they are trying to intimidate Muslim communities. I totally condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris but I condemn the magazine’s action by repeating the picture. It wasn’t necessary. [The store] should not sell it as it insults the Muslim community.” Ramzy calling someone an extremist? That’s rich.

As for the magazine intimidating Muslims, if a picture is all it takes, that’s kinda sad. They enjoy intimidating infidels (see Muslim Patrol), but can’t take even the slightest jab at their pedophile prophet? Sad.


Your Daily Muslim #719: Jaffer Syed

jaffer syed

Most of the folks featured on here are not the brightest, but Pakistani Muslim Jaffer Syed is quite possibly the dimmest light in the room. The idiot had the gall to attempt to debate Islam with counterjihad activist Christopher Logan, who asked the tough questions about Islam that make Muslims squirm. Syed squirmed… and admitted some horrific truths about his religion between volleys of vitriol aimed at the west.



Oh really? Muhammad, pigs be upon him, marrying a 6-year-old and molesting her when she was 9 isn’t pedophilia? Islam promotes Muhammad, pigs be upon him, as a perfect moral exemplar. Also, Syed’s demonstrated lack of knowledge about consent is frightening.

Syed then had the nerve to accuse the west of being a rape hotspot. Here’s the thing: in many western countries, an estimated 3/4 of rapes are committed by foreign-born Muslims.



Another accusation Syed attempted to hurl at the west was that we enjoyed getting intimate with goats, a stereotype commonly used against Afghans and Pakistanis:


Other things Syed isn’t fond of include the film industry (it’s allegedly against Islam), Jews (no surprise there, this is YDM, after all), gays (this guy really likes being predictable), and women who leave the house. The only kind of man who gets bothered by independent women is insecure and has control issues.




Yeah, I am afraid of Islamic laws – I don’t want to be thrown off a building before being stoned, assuming I survived the fall.


Was that a threat of violence in there too? Is this guy trying to be the most stereotypical foamer ever?


Last but not least, Syed decided it was smart to use the west’s love of bacon as an insult. I’m not sure he realizes that we love bacon because it’s delicious and there’s nothing wrong with eating pigs.


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Your Daily Muslim #718: Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib

Indonesian-born Muslimah Rachmawati Rahimah Thaib, who now resides in London, isn’t a fan of facts. Ranging from her support of sunnah treatments for cancer (read: pseudoscience) to her claim that terrorist Adem Karadag is actually an American infidel, Thaib’s unwillingness to accept reality knows no bounds.

After news of Karadag’s jihad bombing broke, Thaib began spouting insane conspiracy theories about his nationality, religion, and motive.



Here’s the thing: Karadag (initially identified as Mohamad Museyin) is a Turkish Muslim. Whether or not that sits well with Thaib’s worldview is irrelevant to its veracity.

Thaib works as a hijama therapist. The last hijama therapist featured on YDM earned the title of Muslim of the Month – is the same in store for Thaib? Aside from her hijama practice, Thaib supports other forms of sunnah medicine. Here, she advocates consuming black seed oil to fight off cancer and cure viruses. (Black seed oil is mainly used to relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.) Forgive my skepticism, but I’ll stick with western medicine when it comes to anti-viral therapy.


Thaib’s religion has also damaged her self-esteem. She feels people won’t see her worth if she doesn’t hide underneath a black bedsheet. However, instead of criticizing the religion that has mentally scarred her so, she defends it a la Stockholm Syndrome. Let’s see her sunnah medicine cure that.


Thaib also had some choice words for “Islamophobes”:


Those “Islamophobes” have studied Islam. And you know why they’re opposed to Islam? Because of those clerics who spent decades learning their religion and issuing vile fatwas based on its regressive teachings.

Thaib posed a rather horrific question to her 6,000-plus Facebook followers. Of course, to her, it’s a vision of a better world. To anyone not living in the 7th century, however, it’s a grim picture of savagery, oppression, and anti-intellectualism.



Your Daily Muslim #717: Aniqa Ahmed

Aniqa Ahmed

Aniqa Ahmed

Here’s another Muslim who decided to air her hateful views upon the release of the Muslim Drag Queens documentary. Funny, because she looks like a sloppy drag queen herself.

aniqa 1

WOW. “You can’t be gay and Muslim.” If you expect people to tolerate your invisible sky-demon cult, maybe you should tolerate them? Just saying, hate isn’t good PR. But she is right – it is next to impossible to be gay and Muslim… and survive.

Ahmed also retweeted multiple hate messages about the broadcast:

aniqa 2

aniqa 3

I wonder why she’s getting hate… it couldn’t possibly because she’s an intolerant regressive who values an ancient child-porn fairytale over basic human decency.

aniqa jinn

Jinns are invisible spirits that eat poop and can possess people, according to the Qur’an. Somehow Ahmed expects people to respect her religion that believes in jinns and excludes gay people. I swear, the logic employed by those featured on this site has been going downhill… and that’s really saying something.


Your Daily Muslim #716: Mustafa Baskal

Filed under: Hot but psycho

Filed under: Hot but mental

UK Muslim Mustafa Baskal is a more prolific Tweeter than even the most vociferous of Gamergaters. Baskal, who is of Turkish descent, routinely fires off dozens of Tweets a day, inundating his followers with all sorts of 7th-century nonsense.

Recently, UK Channel 4 aired a documentary about Muslim drag queens. Of course, the Muslims featured therein were widely condemned and threatened by their coreligionists because living in the present is against Islam. The critics cited numerous Qur’an verses condemning homosexuality, effeminacy, and so forth. Let’s see what Baskal had to say.

baskal drag 1

“If you have gay thoughts… keep that within you.” Uh, so you want all gays to stay in the closet? Wow. Why don’t you keep your Islam within you and let others live their lives as they please?

baskal drag 2

So you can’t disagree with child marriage, taking captured women as sex slaves, amputating hands for theft, and so forth? If that’s Islam, it has no place in civilized society.

baskal drag 3

…and there he is justifying death threats. Religion of peace.

baskal drag 4

The media paints Muslims as terrorists because many are. It’s not a series of “isolated incidents” anymore; it’s a pattern. Maybe some drag queens would help Islam’s PR problem. Instead, the Muslim community spends its time ganging up on those brave enough to come out.

Baskal is an anti-vaxxer. His beliefs are rooted in conspiracy theories, unlike the weird vegan-esque shit the stereotypical anti-vax suburban white moms peddle.

baskal antivax

And now for some misogyny:

baskal covered

What about covering yourself automatically makes you of more “value”? Sounds like bull to me. Forcing women to cover themselves to be valued is archaic. Also, Baskal is a bit of a hypocrite, as he has been photographed with an uncovered woman with whom he appears quite comfortable. Here’s some more absurd prudishness; I doubt this could come from anything other than deep insecurity:

baskal skanky

This last screenshot will have you shaking your head harder than you already were.

baskal approachable

So he’s either saying he isn’t a good man, or he’s full of shit about not allowing women to approach him. I suspect both.


Your Daily Muslim #715: Tehreem Siddiqui

Tehreem Siddiqui

Tehreem Siddiqui

Pakistani Muslimah Tehreem Siddiqui, who uses the name Maya Khan on Facebook, has some odd beliefs even by Muslim standards. In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy bore down on the US, most collaborated to bring relief to those affected. Not Siddiqui. She thought the disaster was the work of Allah, and attributed it to “Muslims’ prayers.” Praying for Allah to rain down natural disasters on the infidel… yep, totally a religion of peace.

tehreem siddiqui

Her claim that Muslims don’t abuse others religions’ deities is also false. The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group routinely destroys Christian places of worship in territories it has conquered, not to mention the flurry of recent attacks on Jewish cemeteries.

Speaking of not attacking other religions, Siddiqui will have a hard time explaining this hypocrisy of hers:

tehreem siddiqui 2

Siddiqui is also a report jihadist. Muslims often gang up against pages and profiles of people they don’t like and report them en masse, hoping that Facebook staff will shut down the “offending” page due to the sheer volume of reports.

tehreem siddiqui 3

Needless to say, you should ban her if she ever comes near your page.


Your Daily Muslim #714: Adem Karadag

mohamad museyin

You know how Islam consistently shows the infidel it’s really a misunderstood religion of peace? By continually behaving like Turkish Muslim Adem Karadag. In Bangkok, Karadag visited the Hindu Erawan Shrine, a popular attraction for people of all faiths. Karadag, however, was not there to work on his selfie stick game. He entered with a backpack and left the shrine shortly thereafter without it.

20 dead bodies later, Karadag was on the run. He was tracked down and captured by THai authorities.