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  1. Fuck you nobody likes you, kill yourself, not funny

  2. fuck you asshole,if you dare come to me then i’ll kill you slowly..or you can give your mom to dementor to be rape with cool,are you dare..or interest..

  3. you call yourselves muslim but look at the way you answer to hate…

  4. Inside every muslim is a hidden homosexial.

  5. This is racist and stupid , you don’t have the right to post this online . Your a jerk !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Depicting a dislike of a religion is NOT racist. Muslims are not a ‘race’ they are a psychotic, hateful, enslaving group who share a BELIEF.

      And in that belief, if they get their way, neither YOU nor ANY ‘girl online’ would be able to express her opinion. Nor to make her own decisions. LEARN some truth, before you deride others for disliking that which SHOULD be disliked!

      Yeah, you can post this kind of hateful tirade online. But ONLY because you don’t live under the enslavement of the Muslim religion. Be grateful that you have the chance to express your ignorant opinions against someone like this guy, and realize that you can ONLY because you don’t live in the primitive, male-dominated Muslim society!

      If you feel the Muslims deserve consideration and respect, put on your burqa and MOVE to one of their countries! And as you find yourself being raped by a gang of 6 men in the street because you decided to make a quick trip to the store to get some milk, and know that they will NEVER face punishment for it, but that you can be beaten, driven from your home (and the ‘protection’ afforded to you my your MEN) and may even be stoned to death, because YOU HAD UNLAWFUL SEX! (Don’t believe it? Look up ‘Zina’, the crime under Sharia Law)

      And don’t deceive yourself with claims of ‘well, those are just the extremist Muslims, that’s not all of them!’, because you have to remember that not only does the Quran DEMAND these punishments and WORSE, but the ‘extremist’ Muslims couldn’t have acted the way they have without the acceptance of that behavior by your precious ‘moderate’ Muslims! If ‘moderates’ really oppose this behavior, and they are in the majority, WHY have the extreme operated for so long without punishment?? Western countries have extremists of religion, social belief, political belief and hate, but they don’t operate for CENTURIES of killing, raping and destroying those they choose to attack, because WE as a society (in most ALL cultures) share a belief that if a minority takes extreme action against the people of their culture, that THOSE PEOPLE MUST BE REMOVED FROM SOCIETY AND PUNISHED! Not Muslims. They allow those actions to be taken, and at most if asked about them, simply shrug their shoulders and say ‘well, that’s not US, those are the extremists. We have nothing to do with them…’! WHY AREN’T THEY DEFENDING THEIR COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN??

      Imagine there was a neighborhood in your city where 50 or 100 people lived where they acted like what is supposed to be the minority of Muslims. Do you really think your local police would continue to allow that kind of behavior? Do you think that even if the police and local government did nothing that eventually the PEOPLE themselves wouldn’t organize and go full-vigilante and STOP THEM?? Not Muslims.

      OPEN YOUR EYES FOR ONCE, AND SEE THE TRUTH! If Muslims don’t actually have anything to do with terrorism, then how does prejudice against Muslims cause there to be more terrorists?! READ THE QURAN, not just the bedamned Cliff Notes, but a FULL, UNEDITED translation of the ENTIRE text! See where it tells you that women and children are the properties of the MEN! SEE where it not only CONDONES but actually ENCOURAGES the use of children as SEX TOYS! SEE where it not only encourages the keeping of non-muslims as slaves, but even explains the ways such slaves should be TREATED!

      Before you decide to defend a religious group, MAKE SURE YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR!! Don’t just blindly jump on the Social Justice Warrior bandwagon and get all high and mighty defending a group you know NOTHING about!! If they get their way, YOU will be wearing a burqa to keep OTHER men from seeing your face or form (because that is reserved for the man that OWNS you), you will have to have a male of your family escort you wherever you go, to prevent you from being assumed to be available to be used as other men please. In your home will hang a multi strap whip (called a scourge) with the lesson given to you that if you disobey your MASTER, you will have it applied to your body as HE sees fit! You will not read. You will not get an education. The man you have been given to will decide what you will be allowed to do, and when, and HE will have final say on EVERY aspect of your life! And if you decide you don’t want to be Muslim anymore, and decide to revert to christianity? That’s called being ‘apostate’ and the punishment…is death. And know that if you ARE so foolish as to speak against your husband, and he beats you and makes you sleep apart from the rest of the family, just remember that his slave girls will be taking care of hubby’s ‘needs’, and if they are below 9 years old, he will merely hold their legs together to rub between till he gets his rocks off, but once they turn 9, he can fully penetrate them and use them as he see fit.

      Welcome to the new Muslim World Order. Don’t believe me? Fine. READ IT YOURSELF! Don’t just assume that since you don’t believe it, that means it isn’t like that! PROVE me wrong, don’t just SAY I’m wrong! I CHALLENGE you! Why? Because you WILL fail. EVERYTHING I have posted here is well established FACT. And before you let a ‘moderate’ tell you they don’t hold the ‘offensive’ parts of the Quran as THEIR religion, remember that “Islam is the totality of the Quran and the Prophet`s (saas) Sunnah; there is no question of eliminating either one.” and thus denying ANY part of the Quran is denial of ALL of the Muslim faith!

      These are not good people of faith that are misunderstood, they are the slaves of a horrible and evil book and belief system that will accept NOTHING less than the total enslavement of mankind under the banner of Allah. Absolute obedience, with absolute punishment for lack of obedience. THAT is what you are defending EVERY time you speak out against those trying to show the vile nature of the Muslim faith. LEARN THE TRUTH, THEN speak. Let your words be those of someone knowledgeable in the FACTS, not just whatever someone TELLS you, or even worse what you just THINK without evidence!

      In fact, I don’t WANT you to take my word for it! Unlike Muslims, I WANT you to go and LEARN about the Quran! Learn not just the parts they WANT you to see so they seem like a wonderful religion, but ALL of it! LEARN of the FILTH that lies at the very HEART of their religion while you still can! Because if you and the other liberally minded people continue to try to ’embrace in freedom’ the Muslim faith, YOUR freedom and the freedom of your children WILL be ended in time. Please, don’t be blinded by the Muslim propaganda that makes them out to be the victims of social injustice…it’s all lies. Dig deeper, and the truth will be so clear, you may actually become physically ill to think of what this religion actually represents: total slavery.

  6. dementors are boring, so boring that cause dementia to people

  7. “i’ll kill you slowly..” haha – see?? That’s what a muslim said. Are they really THAT stupid to always react in the same way? That’s funny!

  8. Your probably a powered donut with no hair line that supports Donald “Jackass” Trump. I will grab you by your alien looking head and beat the crap out of you . Maybe if you got up off your couch and took a step outside then maybe you’d think differently and not look like Casper the Ghost.

  9. hm i see that being creative can be harmful in someways why the fuck you mess with these kind of wearing people leave everyone in themselves and start to try to be a respectful “human”

  10. Are BOTH evil!

    p.s. I and my brothers will kick musul-asses! Before Putin let bomb the musul-asses away.

  11. The muslim explodes

  12. Life is good, u should get one u friggin savage

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