Your Daily Muslim: Shah Ahmad Shafi (Part 2)

Shah Ahmad Shafi

Shah Ahmad Shafi

As we learned in part 1, Bangladeshi Islamist group Hefajat-e-Islam’s leader Shah Ahmad Shafi is at least a millennium behind the times. The white-haired Muslim hasn’t let arthritis slow him down – he’s still actively preaching and issuing fatwas, the majority of which go against the values of every secular individual on the planet.

In 1971, Shafi formed a paramilitary group, Mujahid Bahini, to oppose the liberation of Bangladesh. Despite having picked the wrong side, Shafi survived the war and managed to find people who enjoyed the 7th century as much as he did.

Most of Shafi’s Islamist career has been spent as a sheikh and an allama (Islamic scholar.) As such, he is a learned authority on Islam’s teachings. According to him, women should not leave the house and should not receive beyond a 4th-grade education. Why? Because it will lead them to disregard of their bizarre headbanging rituals and to getting laid. “Why are you sending your daughters to work in garment factories?” Shafi asked his followers during a speech. “She goes to work after Fajr at 7/8:00am and does not come back even at 8/10/12 at night… You do not know which man she is hanging out with. You do not know how much zina [fornication] she is getting involved in. Through zina, she is earning money, which does not bring prosperity.” Remember, Shafi has studied Islam’s holy texts and believes this is the best way to uphold their teachings. Once again, we can see how Islam is truly compatible with any society that strongly values gender equality…

“We are Muslims; we have no conflict with anybody,” Shafi recently stated. “But the persons, who are living in this country of Allah, and taking different facilities from Him, cannot live in His country.” By “persons,” he and his followers meant “atheists.” Another member of Shafi’s Hefajat-e-Islam group openly said that no atheist could live in Bangladesh, and called for stricter blasphemy laws to protect the dignity of Islam’s pedophile prophet, pigs be upon him.

Shafi also issued a fatwa against atheist bloggers in Bangladesh, replete with a cryptic threat of violent backlash. Considering Bangladesh’s Muslim majority, those bloggers are brave and deserve commendation, not condemnation. “The current government is implementing its long-term plan, which was made by the advice of the leftist atheist intellectuals, to wipe out Islam from Bangladesh.” The fatwa stated. “Recently, the so called bloggers, young infidels, are insulting Allah and prophet Muhammad in their blogs. They are freely writing and publishing their imaginary vulgar comments and conversations on Allah and prophet Muhammad. One blogger wrote that Allah is everywhere so he is also inside the toilet.” Well, yeah, that totally makes sense. Either Allah is everywhere or he isn’t. Muslims, it’s time for an answer – are we pissing on Allah every time we go to the bathroom? Also, Shafi’s opposition to freedom of expression is typical of Muslims, who generally become rabid at the slightest criticism of their ideology.

Other things Shafi criticized in his fatwa were the government’s increasing secularism (because there totally aren’t any non-Muslims in Bangladesh) and the activities of atheists. Shafi condemned: “Continuous free mixing [between genders], dancing, sex, obscenity, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and anti-social and illegal activities… Muslim women’s dress (burka and jilbab) were described as hotel prostitutes’ clothing.” As is common for Muslims, he basically opposes anything fun. However, the atheists were wrong on one thing as well – Muslim women’s dress is more Halloween than hooker…

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Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Noor Abdullah

He looks WAY too happy here...

He looks WAY too happy here…

Former Malay Court of Appeals judge Mohammad Noor Abdullah has all sorts of grudges – against Hindus, Buddhists, and apparently the Chinese. The middle-aged Muslim has been at the heart of many recent controversies, all of which somehow stem from his intolerance. Totally out-of-the-ordinary for a Muslim.

After Chinese (and Malay) voters turned out in favor of a candidate Abdullah opposed, he threatened the Chinese with “Malay backlash,” completely ignoring Malay support for said candidate. “The Chinese betrayal towards the Malay’s hand of friendship – that is true,” Abdullah stated. “Because they plotted to seize political power even though they already have economic power.” Of course, the threat of “backlash” was not well-received.

Abdullah has also spoken favorably of Islamic supremacism. In a case involving mixed-faith parents battling over child custody, Abdullah argued that the case should be adjudicated in sharia court. Malaysia has concurrent legal systems; both sharia and secular courts exist in the nation. “You forgot that Islam is the religion of the state,” Abdullah said of the custody battle. “It puts Islam at a different level.” Yet again, we don’t see Islam trying to coexist and work within secular democracy; we see it trying to impose itself on top of secular law. Sounds like a religion that is willing to “coexist” like your idiot leftist neighbor’s bumper sticker.

Abdullah most recently stated that he believes large Hindu and Buddhist statues should be removed because they are offensive to Muslims. Apparently followers of other religions are supposed to be OK with huge masjids, but it’s fine if Muslims get offended by other religions’ icons. Totally not a double standard at all. “With such a huge statue, you’re showing that your religion is almighty and powerful,” Abdullah said. Uhh, duh – that’s why people believe in religions, because they think their religion is the true one. So, in Abdullah’s world, it’s reasonable for Muslims to think their religion is powerful and express it, but not afford other religions the same freedom. “When non-Muslims build such big idols, it hurts people’s feelings,” Abdullah continued. Gee, I totally don’t see any correlation between Abdullah’s insecurity about the giant statues and his genital inadequacy.

Abdullah went on to claim that “Muslims feel threatened” by other religions’ idols. Maybe if Muslims weren’t paper-skinned pansies, they’d accept religious equality in society. And the irony of claiming Muslims feel threatened is priceless – how does any apostate or other non-Muslim feel in a Muslim area? Threatened. “Islam forbids images [of gods]. Here, you allow images of Buddha in the country. That’s not consistent with Islam. But if you cover it up, you can allow it.” Oh, just like you do with your women? Maybe you should cover up your minarets instead of asking other religions to surrender their freedoms. The moral of the story is: once you let sharia in, it will grow until it pushes all other religions out. Resist Islam.


Your Daily Muslim: Naima Rharouity

Naima Rharouity

Naima Rharouity

Aside from being an oppressive eyesore, the Islamic ninja costume is also a safety hazard. 47-year-old Moroccan Muslimah Naima Rharouity, a resident of Montreal, found that out the hard way. Rharouity was at a metro station and got on an escalator. She didn’t think that choosing to take the escalator would be the last decision she’d make.

On the trip down, part of Rharouity’s headbag (and the hair inside it) got caught in part of the escalator. Not realizing this had happened, Rharouity continued her fateful voyage until she reached the end. She realized her droopy headbag and another part of her outfit had gotten caught in the escalator and tried to get it out without taking it off – doing so would compromise her modesty (oh noes!) Suddenly, Rharouity felt the force of the escalator pull sharply down on the back of her head. At that point, it was too late. The force alone likely caused trauma to Rharouity’s neck, if it didn’t break it altogether. The resulting impact of her head on the floor jarred the mother of two, and the cloth stranglehold around her neck grew tighter as the escalator belt continued to pull, suffocating her. The official cause of death was a “traumatic brain injury,” likely from her fall. Rharouity’s family is still mourning the unexpected loss.

Now, if this isn’t enough of a wake-up call to Muslimahs everywhere, I’m not sure what would be. Tarainia McDaniel and all other pro-hijab activists should take note: it’s only a matter of time before another freak accident like this occurs because of this absurd garment. Muslimahs, it’s time to ditch the hijab and rock this century’s fashion.


Your Daily Muslim: Andrea Raftis

Headbags, regardless of color, will never be fashionable.

Headbags, regardless of color, will never be fashionable.

UK Muslim convert Andrea Raftis is yet another victim of the Islamic process known as “love jihad.” Love jihad is when Muslim men try to seduce non-Muslim women into marrying them and churning out little Muslim babies. Of course, to marry a Muslim, one must convert to Islam. That’s exactly what Raftis did – and soon found herself in over her head. But, as it turns out, she’s probably just as bad of a person as her husband.

Raftis and her husband decided the best way to make money was by conning British taxpayers. She and her husband fudged numbers on welfare forms and ended up claiming £37,000 in benefits – which they used to travel to places like Egypt. I’m guessing she felt as though she wouldn’t be charged because it’s “racist” to accuse Muslims of wrongdoing.

When she was caught, she immediately began to play the victim. She claimed her husband was domineering (as many Muslim men are) and forced her to join in his foul scheme. This may not have been the case, however, because her husband allowed her to take selfies and wasn’t particularly strict about her wearing loose-fitting clothing to protect her modesty, so him being forceful in other areas doesn’t entirely add up. Raftis did, however, wear the Islamic headbag. She was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.


Your Daily Muslim: Armaghan Binehsan and Fozail Mehsud Ahmed

Binehsan (L) and Mehsud (R)

Binehsan (L) and Ahmed (R)

One cannot expect a calm reaction from Muslims when faced with a simple phrase like “F**k Allah and Muhammad.” Pakistani Muslims Armaghan Binehsan and Fozail Mehsud Ahmed demonstrated their peaceful nature when faced with a page of that name.

Before we dive into the foam, let’s look into these Muslims, both of whom are estimated to be in their late teens. Binehsan posts periodic selfies and expresses an interest in anime. Fairly normal for a teenage boy, even a Muslim one. His Facebook profile has no indications of a proclivity for violence or for Islamic extremism.

Ahmed is much stranger. It’s like he thinks Facebook is MySpace or something; he is trying to collect followers like people used to collect MySpace friends. To do this, he used pictures of attractive male models and various other guys, likely taken from gay Tumblr blogs. A Muslim looking at porn even though it’s haram? Never would’ve guessed. Now, Ahmed is using his own picture on Facebook and is seething with rage at the offenses committed against his psychopathic imaginary friend.

Here’s the foam this dastardly duo unleashed upon the Facebook page “F**k Allah and Muhammad.” I reckon these two have forgotten the various islamic prohibitions against premarital sex, particularly sodomy. There are so many things wrong with the statements made by these Muslims I’m just going to let your jaw drop without further exposition.









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Your Daily Muslim: Abu Azmi

Pretty sure that's his rape face.

Pretty sure that’s his rape face.

Indian Muslim politician Abu Azmi of the Samajwadi Party recently committed a gaffe even Joe Biden could only dream of. When asked to comment on the issue of punishments for rape, Azmi revealed the totally reasonable and comforting sentiments of Islam toward rape victims.

“Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam,” Azmi began, before promptly sticking his foot in his mouth. “But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty.” How is a woman guilty of being raped? A crime is perpetrated AGAINST her. She didn’t ask for it. She wanted nothing to do with it. Time and again, Muslims try to blame women for being female instead of blaming their fellow Muslim men for not being able to keep it in their pants.

“In India, if you have sex with a person with consent, it’s fine,” Azmi stated. “But if that same person complains, it’s a problem. [No shit, Sherlock! Rape is always a problem.] Nowadays, we see a lot of such cases. Girls complain when someone touches them, and even when someone doesn’t touch them. It becomes a problem then, and the man’s honor is ruined in this. If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam.” The definition of rape implies non-consensual or coercive activity. As for the man’s honor – what about the woman’s? Female rape victims are shamed in Islamic societies (when they aren’t tried for adultery), often to the point of suicide and communal exclusion.

Azmi wasn’t done revealing his seventh-century idiocy: “If a woman is caught, then both she and the boy should be punished. As per Islam, if someone has [sex] with consent, it’s the death penalty even then. In India, there’s death penalty for rape, but when there’s consent, there’s no death penalty. But, this is a question of life and death between consent and no consent. If you agree to be with someone, it’s okay. But the moment something goes wrong, and one gets angry and starts blackmailing, then the other person would be hanged; this is a serious issue.” Maybe there should be a fair trial instead of rushed executions…? Or maybe, just maybe, Islamic law should never be allowed any influence in secular society. “The solution is that if any girl, whether married or unmarried, goes with a guy with or without her consent, they should be hanged.”

Yep, he just advocated the death penalty for adultery. But just in case that wasn’t perfectly clear, Azmi felt the need to expound on it a little more, with each word hopefully costing him votes in upcoming elections. “As per Islam, if a girl does it, she will be awarded the death penalty. What I mean is that if there’s rape, then there should be punishment. But on the other hand, as per Islam, if two people go to a hotel and have sex with consent, even that should be banned. They should be punished.” When asked what the punishment would be, Azmi replied: “I won’t talk against my religion. The punishment should be death by hanging.” Azmi had previously tried making a statement that was in solidarity with rape victims, but still placed much of the blame on them. Yeah, so much for solidarity when you support hanging rape victims for adultery.

Aside from rape victims, another group Azmi isn’t fond of are Hindus. While he isn’t as spiteful as fellow politician Akbaruddin Owaisi, he’s definitely not the shining beacon of tolerance liberals believe every Muslim is. “Some people are constantly talking about ‘Hindu Nationalism,’” Azmi said. “In fact, political parties are also mentioning it. This can cause hatred amongst people leading to riots. Such political parties should therefore, be banned and legal action should be taken against them.” You want to talk about banning parties for stirring up hatred? Ban the Islamic parties, which frequently call for violence against Hindus and other non-Muslims. Again we see Muslims trying to censor any dissenting opinion – it’s like they can’t stand up to opposition. Cowards.


Your Daily Muslim: Jannyce Nawal Aium (Part 2)

Ninja, Ringwraith, Dementor, bank robber...?

Ninja, Ringwraith, Dementor, bank robber…?

Last time Kenyan Muslimah Jannyce Nawal Aium was on here, she was raging about how falling in love is haram (forbidden) in Islam before going off the rails attacking counterjihad pages. Since then, Aium’s hatred of love has only grown as the realization she will be a bitter old spinster has dawned on her. Maybe her inability to meet a good man has something to do with that ridiculous ninja costume she’s wearing. Just saying, Jannyce, no one wants to marry someone who looks like a Dementor.

Aium believes that men and women should not have physical contact of ANY variety before marriage. Hey, Jannyce, how’s that working out for your sex life?

jannyce heartbreak

Sure, she might be following her religion to the best of her ability… but that’s probably why she’s still single. Instead of being willing to dump the ninja costume and dress like a normal person, Aium instead spends her time promoting the oppressive garment on all manner of social media platforms. I get the feeling she’d be having more fun if she were having sex, but she wouldn’t want to piss off her invisible sky-friend… it looks like Tumblr will claim the late, lonely nights of yet another socially-awkward single female. Oh, the humanity!

Aium is a convert to Islam. She thinks that, by donning the ridiculous black bedsheet she wears, she is somehow fulfilling her obligation to the divine. If an all-powerful deity who made humanity wanted women to cover themselves, why didn’t he cover them by design?

Aside from having jihadist friends on Facebook and promoting an unhealthy view of relationships and human interaction, here are a couple more gems from the completely stable Aium:

jannyce death

She really should not ask a gay man this next question… also, WTF?!

jannyce meat


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