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Your Daily Muslim #643: Mahmoud Abdullatif

Mahmoud Abdullatif with a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

Mahmoud Abdullatif with a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™

During his life in Australia, Muslim Mahmoud Abdullatif enjoyed numerous kuffar trappings, including clubbing and pick-up artistry. However, despite his affinity for all things western, Abdullatif reconnected with his Islamic faith. This led him to a very different life than the one he was living; in fact, this life epitomized the rejection of his former ways.

Abdullatif’s return to his Islamic roots quickly drew him to the path of jihad, as is taught in Islam’s holy texts. Instead of spending time with his friends or going out, he was busy banging his head on the floor, reading passages from a seventh-century child porn fairytale. This may have been partially inspired by his relatives – his uncle was once under investigation for terrorism. Abdullatif then did what’s quickly becoming all the rage among Muslims – flew overseas and joined the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

This conversion from everyday guy to terrorist did not happen due to “Islamophobia” or “discrimination.” No, Abdullatif didn’t leave the west because it rejected him, contrary to the idiotic theories of left-wing ideologues everywhere. Being unwelcome in some circles does not compel people to travel overseas en masse to behead people. Also, remember, Abdullatif was fully integrated into western society and culture. It was Islam, the so-called “religion of peace,” that turned him into the monster he has become.

Now in Syria, Abdullatif is taking part in everyday Islamic State activities like sex slave auctions, beheadings, and raids (not the World of Warcraft kind.) He sometimes uploads selfies taken next to Magic Muslim Peace Sprayers™ and the like. Unfortunately, he has not yet realized the error of his new ways.

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Muslim of the Month Poll

It’s time to choose the last of the 12 Muslim of the Year nominees. Who will be joining the other 11 Muslim of the Month winners in contention for the title currently held by Amira Abu Hanhan Qaoud?

Muhammad Mustafa al-Jibaly – US-based sheikh who advocates child abuse: “A girl should start hijab from the age of seven. By the age of ten it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab. And if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her.” al-Jibaly also wrote, “The beard presents a major distinction between men and women. Shaving it removes this distinction, and is thus a means of imitating women. Any act that involves imitation of the opposite gender makes a person liable for the curse of Allah and his messenger.”

Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri – Singaporean Muslimah who wrote, “Should have just let Hitler wipe you Jews out from the face of the Earth. Ungrateful beings!” Shafri also criticized Israelis for having children and compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hitler.

Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar – Pakistani kiln owner who held a Christian couple hostage before allowing a mob to break their legs. Gujjar then burned them alive in his kiln for having allegedly desecrated the Qur’an.

Ibrahim Melih Gökçek – Turkish mayor who said, “Women kill their babies born out of adultery. Why do babies die because of these so-called mothers? Let mothers kill themselves.” Gökçek also sued a woman for posting a tweet of stilettos stepping on the Qur’an, saying “no one has the right to insult our religion.”


Your Daily Muslim #642: Jimmy Stepney

Jimmy Stepney

Jimmy Stepney

An Oklahoma Christian offered a down-on-his-luck man a place to stay. This admirable act inspired by Christianity’s teachings of charity, however, would soon come back to hurt the host. The man who was taken in was Jimmy Stepney, a Christian at the time. However, Stepney began reading the Qur’an, a hate book from the seventh century filled with child molestation and commands to behead infidels.

The host and the parasite (read: Stepney) got into an argument over their differing religious beliefs. Stepney then said he believed it was OK to behead people. Gee, I wonder where he got that idea… totally from the Bible and/or primetime television. Definitely not the holy book of his “religion of peace (see Qur. 8:12.) Stepney’s frothing rage further devolved, with him having been quoted as saying that white people should be beheaded.

Stepney’s next act further disproves every left-wing social justice warrior’s incorrect belief that Islam is a religion of peace. After being kicked out of the host’s house due to his violent views, he returned two days later with a knife. He told the host, “you’re going to die tonight,” before punching him. The host’s mother was home at the time and grabbed a baseball bat. Stepney stabbed the man and lacerated his arms multiple times before being bludgeoned to the ground by the bat-wielding woman. Police arrested the wannabe mujahid.

Stepney is currently behind bars, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.


Your Daily Muslim #641: Hafida Treille

Hafida Treille

Hafida Treille

French Muslimah Hafida Treille got into some hot water with her employer due to her unprofessional conduct. Treille, a cashier at a supermarket, returned to her job after taking a few months off for maternity leave. That was reasonable, unlike her next decision. She began to wear the wear the traditional Islamic headbag upon her return. This repeated violation of workplace attire policy led to her termination from the supermarket.

Then, of course, the grievance-mongering began. She filed a lawsuit against her former workplace, claiming to have been discriminated against. The only thing that was being discriminated against was her faulty choice of garments – a non-Muslim employee who started wearing a balaclava to work would be promptly fired; this is no different. It’s a matter of adhering to professional standards, not discrimination. Being asked to follow the same rules as everyone else is not discriminatory; it ensures standards are upheld and makes for a more balanced work environment. Of course, Muslims can’t settle for that. They have an insatiable need for special treatment.

Unfortunately, an idiot judge awarded Treille 10,000 euros for her “offended sensibilities and humiliation.” Treille’s lawyer said, “this decision gives back her dignity.” There is no dignity in openly worshipping an invisible sky-demon named Allah who ordained a kiddy-fiddler as his prophet.


Your Daily Muslim #640: Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri

Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri tempting men with her uncovered hair

Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri tempting men with her uncovered hair

Singaporean Muslimah Nurhazrida Mohammad Shafri, who works at the Ministry of Education, needs some anger management classes. Like most of her coreligionists, Shafri is in a state of perpetual rage. This rage is often blamed on Jews. You’d think she’d want to set a good example for her children, but that does not appear to be the case based on these screenshots of her foaming on Facebook. Here’s how she reviewed the nation of Israel:


Another Muslim who wishes Hitler had finished off the Jews?! Who’d ever expect that?! Again, we see the religious tolerance Islam preaches. Of course, this wasn’t the only instance Shafri publicly posted anti-Semitic hatred on Facebook. Behold her criticizing Jews for having children:


Note how she makes no mention of the numerous jihad attacks perpetrated daily against Israelis. She then really went off the deep end, comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an advocate of peace and progress, to Hitler:


This is the tolerance Islam shows other religions. That “Coexist” bumper sticker your left-wing neighbor has on their car is the pinnacle of idealistic stupidity. Islam cannot coexist with other religions, and adherents like Shafri demonstrate that daily.

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Your Daily Muslim #639: Shahul Ahmed

Shahul Ahmed's Twitter avatar, an icon of the group Anonymous

Shahul Ahmed’s Twitter avatar, an icon of the group Anonymous

“Where are you the Muslim world!!!! If we don’t fight for [Masjid al-Aqsa] why are we living then…”

Shahul Ahmed is not this Muslim’s real name. It is an alias he uses to do the work of his beloved sky-demon Allah. Numerous Islamic black-hat (malicious) hackers have recently been targeting any and all Israeli sites. Ahmed is one such hacker. Identifying with the hacktivist group Anonymous, Ahmed has gloated in the takedown of several prominent Israeli sites, including resources for families of children with Down Syndrome, the Children’s Memorial Association, and educational institutions. In other words, evil bastions of Zionism, no doubt.

Here’s an image of what Ahmed and others do to sites they target:

"Jerusalem is ours" - I beg to differ.

“Jerusalem is ours” – I beg to differ.

Masjid al-Aqsa is an Islamic holy site located in Israel. Much of the jihad against Israel comes from Muslims who desperately want to retake that mosque and the surrounding land despite it being located in a Jewish nation.

More pig-hatred? Yawn. Predictable.

More pig-hatred? Yawn. Predictable.

Ahmed and his BFFs also targeted American sites, including the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and Florida International University. As many contend, Islam and liberal arts education tend not to go hand in hand, and Ahmed is doing a good job proving that. A handful of Indian sites were hit as well, likely due to Muslims’ disdain for Hindus.

This is a screenshot from one of Ahmed’s hacker group’s YouTube channels, outlining how to extract the identities of sites hosted on a particular server. Note how pathetic and childish this is – like left-wing crybabies, Muslims can’t handle any criticism. However, unlike left-wing crybabies, Muslims respond with violence instead of harpy-esque histrionics.


If this site goes down in the near future, blame this raging, butthurt Muslim who is proving how tolerant his “religion of peace” is.


Your Daily Muslim #638: Mohamed Makhloufi

She does not need any of that cake...

She does not need any of that cake…

Tunisian Muslim Mohamed Makhloufi, 32, a former coffee shop worker, realized he wanted to join the rest of the Muslim ummah in their invasion of the UK. To do so, he joined a dating site, where he found his prey: a grandmother in her mid-40′s named Jane. She was probably an easy target; aging hamplanets kinda get desperate (gee, I wonder why), though Jane said she wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time she met Makhloufi. After Jane, who suffers from multiple forms of arthritis and lives on incapacity benefits, took several trips to Tunisia to be with Makhloufi, he proposed to his visa her.

Of course, she immediately said yes, seeing as how she believed he was the one for her. She felt he wasn’t “only after one thing” when dating her. Well, clearly that one thing wasn’t sex. However, he is widely believed to be after one thing: a visa. What Makhloufi is thought to have done in marrying Jane is a common practice among young north African Muslim men, who are often crudely referred to as “love rats.” This is similar to the “love jihad” waged against Hindu women, where Muslim men try to (often coercively) convert Hindu women through relationships and marriage.

Jane made love jihad a non-goal for Makhloufi – she said she would willingly convert to Islam for him and start wearing the traditional Islamic ninja costume. Assuming there is a hijab or niqab that fits, this might not be the worst fashion blunder she could make.

Jane is lobbying government officials to grant Makhloufi a visa. He is currently working elsewhere, and Jane claims the separation is aggravating various medical conditions of hers. Maybe it’s the separation… or maybe it’s her diet. Just saying.


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