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Your Daily Muslim #595: Mehdi Nemmouche

Mehdi Nemmouche

Mehdi Nemmouche

“Do you know what happens when I go into a Shiite home? First, there’s the grandmother — I only use one bullet on her, she’s not worth more — then the wife. First I rape her, then I cut her throat. Then I come to the baby. Ah, a baby! You cannot imagine the pleasure you get from cutting off a baby’s head.”

Algerian-born Muslim Mehdi Nemm-douche became a French citizen, but refused to let the filthy kuffar of that nation influence his beliefs. Instead of lightening up a bit and downing a few beers, he became more and more radicalized by Islamic jihadist propaganda (including the Qur’an) until he felt compelled to leave the land of the infidel. Where did he go? To join a group of rebels that would soon become the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group in Syria.

In Syria, Nemmouche’s group of rebels captured a French journalist, Nicolas Henin, and treated him with true Islamic hospitality. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, that meant prolonged periods of torture. Nemmouche repeatedly beat Henin, normally with fists. This was all an attempt to extract a confession from Henin admitting he was a spy. Others held captive there, including recently-beheaded journalist James Foley, were also tortured. According to Henin, the adhan (call to prayer) for fajr (the early morning prayer) was what signaled a brief lull in the torment.

Henin was released in April. How he managed to keep his head is unknown. According to Henin, Nemmouche was an attention whore who wanted to get famous more than he wanted 72 virgins. He also noted that the mujahid held his fellow terrorist Mohamed Merah, who killed seven in southern France including four Jews, in high esteem. Among Nemmouche’s plans, according to Henin, was to do “five times [what] Merah [did]” in an assault against French president Francois Hollande.

The mention Nemmouche made of raping women perceived to be infidels (Shiites are seen as kuffar by devout Sunnis) ties back to the Qur’an. Qur. 4:24 makes mention of sex with captured sex slaves as being halal (permissible.) Qur. 33:50 and 23:5-6 also make reference to the practice of taking women as sex slaves in Islam. As for the beheading element, that’s Qur. 8:12 in action. Why he would kill a baby instead of raising it to be a devout Sunni is unknown. Oh wait, it’s because he’s a murderous fanatic trying to please an invisible psychopath in the sky.

Unlike most mujahideen who die in Syria, Nemmouche decided to return to the west to finish his jihad. He traveled to Brussels, where he acquired a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™ and decided to use it at a Jewish museum in the city. Four were killed by the metallic blasts of peace and tolerance. Nemmouche was taken into custody and is awaiting trial.


Your Daily Muslim #594: Abrar Omeish

Abrar Omeish and the butcher of Benghazi

Abrar Omeish during her Girl Scout days with the butcher of Benghazi

Open criticism of Islam is bound to follow a person into every facet of their life. Take a look, for example, at Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a human rights advocate, author, and Dutch parliamentarian who grew up in Somalia as a Muslimah. Ali is now an outspoken critic of Islam, and aside from the usual flurry of death threats received by counterjihad activists, she has also drawn the ire of the so-called “moderate” Muslim community. Earlier this year, Brandeis University withdrew an honorary degree they were going to give her after hordes of Muslims complained.

Yale University, one of the most respected educational institutions in the world, invited Ali to speak on Islam and her experiences with it. Ali is a noted academic and has written extensively on the subject. However, her views on the religion prompted Muslim Students Association member Abrar Omeish to speak out against the scheduled event. Omeish described Ali as “a speaker who is very well known for her hateful comments towards marginalized groups, especially the Muslim community.” Ali hasn’t attacked “marginalized groups” without warrant; the only group she is known for blasting are Muslims. “It is making many Muslims on campus feel unwelcome and uncomfortable[.]” Uhh, how do you think Islam makes gay students on campus feel? Most gay people know what sharia would make of us, and that’s not the kind of “swinging” we’re into.

Omeish continued, “We would like to point out though that her main source of fame – or, rather, infamy – has been her inflammatory comments about Islam and its followers. Not only are these comments hateful, but they are also very hurtful to the Muslim community, particularly to Muslim students at Yale[.]” Ali’s comments come from decades of personal hardship at the hands of Islam. Perhaps Omeish’s perspective on Islam would be different had she lived through some of the Islamic horrors Ali did.

Numerous student groups have signed onto a petition started by the Muslim Students Association to condemn the Ali speech. Here’s the thing: it’s a university, where ideas are meant to be freely exchanged. If some ideas – based on an academic’s personal experience, no less – are completely stifled due to political correctness or incessant Islamic whining, then the university is failing as an institution for discourse. I challenge Omeish and other Muslim Students Association members to go to Ali’s speech to engage in constructive dialogue. No protesting, no thinly-veiled threats a la Jumanah Imad Musa Ahmed al-Bahri, no screaming and acting otherwise uncivilized, just listening and responding. That is the only way for dialogue about one of the world’s most contentious religions to advance.


Your Daily Muslim #593: Ali Selim

Is he about to deepthroat the mic?

Is he about to deepthroat the mic?

“Islam presents polygamy or having a [sic] more than one wife as a solution to certain questions that can never be answered except in this way.”

Yep, Ireland has Muslims too. And yep, they’re just as crazy as they are everywhere else. Unlike the rest of the nation, however, they’re quite a bit less inebriated and significantly less gifted in terms of fashion sense. Recently, Egyptian-born Muslim Ali Selim, former general secretary of Ireland’s Council of Imams, made a demand of Ireland’s Catholic primary schools that would seem absurd to most – but he has the backing of many fellow Muslims and of course, leftist appeasers.

Selim asked Catholic schoolmasters to allow Muslim female students to wear the traditional Islamic headbag. “Although there is no legal ban on the hijab in Irish schools, wearing the headscarf is a divine obligation for Muslim girls,” he said. “I urge schools to be more flexible about incorporating it as part of their uniform. In today’s society we need to apply a more pluralistic approach when it comes to the school uniform.” First workplace dress code, now school uniforms? Parallel systems or standards in the same space do not work. Separate but equal is not equal. If Irish Muslims cannot conform to the reasonable expectations of the civilized society in which they live, perhaps they should find someplace that better suits their values. Even in Dublin, there are already two specifically Muslim primary schools; if wearing a headbag is such a big concern, then parents could send their children to one of those establishments.

Selim also called upon primary schools to remove religious symbolism from schools crests and the like. Religion is deeply rooted in Ireland’s history (though not always positively), and to remove religious symbolism from religious establishments to satisfy the demands of an invading religious group seems like the idiotic kind of appeasement only a liberal could get behind.

Not able to find the slightest bit of common ground with the western way of life, Selim demanded more accommodation, calling for a “revolution of inclusivity” in Irish schools. Wait, what was that word? Inclusivity? Then why not be OK with other religions’ symbols? Oh wait, he’s a Muslim, and Islam is unable to fit into that idiotic “Coexist” bumper sticker your annoying left-leaning coworker still stubbornly believes is plausible.

Selim also asked for schools to “employ a female PE teacher and provide students with a sports hall not accessible to men during times when girls are at play.” Really? It’s like he’s treating most men as though they have the pedophilic urges of Muhammad, pigs be upon him, who married a 6-year-old. “[Girls] should also not be visible to men while at play.” Sorry, Selim, but we in the west don’t view little girls as sex objects. I know followers of your religion do (the grooming gangs have made that all too clear), but the pedo crap is one of many reasons why Islam and the west will never be able to exist side by side.

In the past, Selim has called for sharia law to be implemented in Ireland in the case of a Muslim majority. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like he’s admitting what Islam’s eventual goal is at all… Recently, Selim defended sharia on Facebook, writing “The adroitly manipulated exposure to the imagery of a whip cracking on a naked back and a veil enshrouding a woman’s face has led many to believe that the sharia, the divine code of Muslim conduct, is in essence no more than a collection of values and practices primitive, uncivilized and barbaric.” Those things ARE part of sharia, and to try to speak duplicitously and weave words around the problem does not remedy it. “What to a Muslim is the object of his longing and exertion of sincere efforts has been very subtly projected as a relic from the dark ages which enslaves women and by means of chastisement inflects severe and degrading inhuman punishments on criminals.” Uhh, yes, hudud (sharia punishments) are cruel and unusual. Sharia values the testimony of a woman as equal to half that of a man. These are documented facts. Denial or trying to play spin doctor doesn’t change that; the true nature of sharia can be readily observed wherever it has been implemented, almost always with a long trail of blood.

“In the West emerged a phalanx of writers and media people claiming that unless Islam is ready to relent on these and other Islamic legal provisions of the sharia the chance of Muslims’ accommodation and integration is very slim and alternatively it will be a perpetual rejection of Islam and a an utter isolation of Muslims,” Selim continued. “This racial remark unveils deeply rooted hatred and the expression thereof, under the guise of freedom of expression, incites hatred.” Racial?! How is Muslim a race?! Since when does ascribing to a seventh-century set of barbaric values and banging your head on the ground five times a day affect one’s racial identity?! Islam is a religion, not a race, and it’s about time those left of center recognized that. Also, note Selim’s use of the word “accommodation.” Yep, asking for more cultural concessions from the west. He threw the word “integration” in there to try to make idiots believe Islam has any intention of fitting into our western secular society, which it does not. It never has and never will.

Selim has also claimed that there was a conspiracy surrounding 9/11, and also the July 2006 bombings. In fact, he went so far as to say there was no evidence that the July bombings were even perpetrated by Muslims. Uhh, tell that to the investigators. Tell that to everyone who interviewed suspects’ family members. Tell that to Samantha Lewthwaite, whose husband blew himself up that day. That’d really piss her off, telling her that her husband wasn’t getting his dick wet for eternity just to save face for the vile religion that motivated the jihad attack.


Your Daily Muslim #592: Mitul Ahmed

Mitul Ahmed

Mitul Ahmed

As YDM587 taught us, Muslims hate dogs. Islam views our furry friends as nejis, or ritually unclean, and commands its followers to avoid them. This Islamic belief is likely what led to an incident in Paterson, NJ, in which a disabled veteran was expelled from a Subway restaurant because he had a canine service animal.

Disabled Army Veteran Richard Hunter took his dog to a local Subway. Restaurant manager Mitul (more like Mi-tool) Ahmed was behind the counter. Despite the sign on the front door indicating service animals were welcome and the obvious identification as such on Hunter’s dog, Ahmed demanded he and his dog vacate the premises. “The dog is not allowed in here,” Ahmed said. “Get the dog out of here.” No question about whether or not it was a service animal. No polite, “excuse me, sir, but company policy doesn’t permit pets in this establishment.” Just a flat no, just like the rest of Islam’s austere rules and prohibitions.

Hunter identified his dog as a service animal and reminded the Muslim what the sign on the entrance said. Ahmed’s response? “I don’t care.” In Islam, it is seen as better to avoid that which is haram than to be kind and helpful, especially to the kuffar. In fact, Muslims are commanded to be “kind to one another but harsh to the disbelievers.” (Qur. 48:29)

Hunter got in contact with a disability rights attorney, who gladly took up his case. When word of the case began to spread, a local news crew tried to get Ahmed to comment. He refused and turned away from the camera. Shortly thereafter, his son went on camera and tried to obfuscate and seem entirely vague, but the news anchor wasn’t having it. In the end, the son’s attempt at saving face probably ended up further damaging the Subway branch’s image. If you live in Paterson, NJ, go to Quizno’s.


Your Daily Muslim #591: Bashir al-Ashi

Bashir al-Ashi

Bashir al-Ashi

Some leftist “coexist”-believing idiot needs to remind Islam that it needs to fit into that narrative. As of right now, the religion of peace can’t exactly coexist with anyone else – just look at Palestinian Islamic cleric Bashir al-Ashi. A noted anti-Semite, al-Ashi recently gave a televised interview in which he tried to explain his belief that the Jews are an enemy of mankind. All he really did was show how warped the beliefs of his own religion are.

“The Jews are the enemies of the Christians worldwide,” al-Ashi began. “They are the enemies of the Americans and of all the nations, not just of Palestine and of the Arab and Islamic nation. The Jews are prepared to sow corruption in the world, and to ignite strife and wars between the nations.” The only wars Jews are allegedly “igniting” are the ones Muslims wage against them. As for sowing corruption, I’m assuming by that al-Ashi means “developing scientific breakthroughs.” Also, Jews aren’t the enemies of Christians – last I checked, it wasn’t Jews asking Christians in Iraq to pay the jizya or be slaughtered.

“All the nations need to understand that the most important thing for the Jews and their leaders is to appeal to the sentiment of their people by quenching their thirst for sucking the blood of others.” What is this, the late True Blood? Jewish people aren’t vampires. Of course, al-Ashi wildly throws this accusation without any expectation of being asked to provide proof. Just as with the Qur’an, Muslims don’t feel the need to provide logical and/or factual basis for their assertions.

“The killing of children brings joy to the Jews,” al-Ashi continued. “The Jewish people rejoice at the killing of children, women, and the elderly, at the uprooting of trees, the plundering of money, and the burning of lands. This is true of all of the Jews, of the entire Jewish people.All the nations of the world should know that sucking the blood of non-Jews and killing them is in the very nature of the Jews. After all, they are the slayers of the prophets.” If Jews rejoice so much at killing people, where are the widespread Jewish celebrations every time Israel strikes back at Palestine? Oh wait, it’s MUSLIMS who rejoice at killing people! Muhammadans around the world were seen celebrating and cheering after 9/11, not Jews. Muslims praise murderers as long as those murders were committed to protect their religion (see yesterday’s daily Muslim.) Not Jews.


Your Daily Muslim #590: Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri getting kissed by someone who wishes to engage in anal jihad with him

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri getting kissed by someone who wishes to engage in anal jihad with him

Islam is not known for respecting its critics. From the rampant death threats that followed the publication of cartoons mocking Muhammad (pigs be upon him) in European newspapers to the savage rioting against counterjihadist groups in the UK, Muslims have made it known that they will not tolerate anyone making fun of their precious religion.

Now for a little background. Pakistani politician Salmaan Taseer had the courage to speak out against the cruel blasphemy laws in place in Pakistan, which earned him numerous death threats from Muslims. The law included the death penalty for those who leave or otherwise insult Islam, which is a tenet of sharia. A Christian woman was due to be sentenced to death under this barbaric law, which caused Taseer to speak out. One of his bodyguards, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, felt Taseer’s opposition to the savagery of the 7th century was an affront to his religion.

January 4, 2011. Taseer was shopping at a market near his home when Qadri publicly opened fire with an MP5 sub-machine gun, a distant cousin of the Magic Muslim Peace Sprayer™. Qadri unloaded 27 bullets into Taseer before being captured.

After Qadri’s arrest, over 500 clerics urged their fellow Muslims to not attend Taseer’s funeral. A large percentage of Pakistanis view Qadri as a hero, and he has developed a sort of cult following despite being incarcerated. When he was sentenced to death for Taseer’s murder, the judge who delivered the sentence was forced to flee the country because he received a flurry of death threats from foaming Muslims.

Recently, a mosque was built in Qadri’s honor. Nope, not Taseer’s, you know, the man who took a heroic stand against cruelty. Nope, Pakistani Muslims instead chose to honor a murderer. Says a lot about their religion, doesn’t it? Even worse is that the mosque is now overflowing with people looking to bend over for the invisible sky-demon Allah. “Everyone gives [Qadri] respect,” said Ali Haider, a worshipper at the mosque. “He was prepared to protect his religion and any one of us would have done the same.” Did you hear that? Right from the horse’s mouth. Every devout Muslim is prepared to kill for their religion, as they are commanded in Islam’s holy texts.


Your Daily Muslim #589: Musa Adnan

Musa Adnan. Not Photoshopped.

Musa Adnan. Not Photoshopped.

Sometimes I check up on Muslims that have been featured on here to see if they’ve done anything to warrant being shamed again. As I was looking through the recent madness caused by UK Islamic evangelist Erdi Kilic, I stumbled across videos by his fellow da’ee (giver of dawah) Musa Adnan. While less overtly sexist than Kilic, who recently implied that uncovered women are at fault for men making unwanted advances, Adnan’s views are far from modern. Let’s start with what he said about women wearing the hijab:

“People will generally just look at you in a better way and they will respect you much more [when you wear the hijab],” he said, either oblivious to or ignoring the fact that most people look at ninjas as potential assassins and/or terrorists. “The hijab will cause you, even if you’re a bad person, to want to act nice.” Nice like her, her, her, her, and so on? Don’t make me laugh even harder. Also, how does wearing a headbag make you want to act nice? Being oppressed doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of thing that would directly foster good character.

“Wearing the hijab can also protect you from side effects of sun exposure,” Adnan continued. Whoa, wait a second, you’re in the west. We like sun exposure. It’s called tanning, you know, vitamin D? I think this YDM meme sums it up pretty nicely.

Adnan also had quite a bit to say on the subject of pornography. Unlike his fellow Muslims, he didn’t blame it for rainstorms or natural disasters, but he did describe it as being problematic. I’d say sexual frustration and the resulting behaviors are far more problematic, but what do I know, I’m living in the 21st century and not the 7th. How does Adnan suggest Muslims rid themselves of their porn-viewing habits? He told his followers to “radicalize” their computers by making their wallpaper a picture of the Qur’an. The Islamic principle invoked here is taqwa, or god-consciousness, the idea that Allah is always watching. If Allah is male (as the Qur’an says) and is always watching, then why would he want his followers to *stop* looking at porn?! That makes zero sense.

How does Adnan think people develop a porn habit? He described what he thought the typical start to a porn-viewing session was. It is unknown if he drew this from personal experience: “We are not busy… we are very, very free, sitting at home, and then the Shaytaan will come to you while you’re sitting at home alone in your room with your computer and say, ‘Why not entertain yourself for a bit?'” You know how you could not be sitting at home and very, very free? Take a (second) job. As for Adnan’s claim about the Shaytaan (devil) – such pseudoscientific bullshit is unworthy of a response. People who hear voices from invisible creatures get institutionalized in the west; perhaps Adnan missed that memo.

Another solution proposed by Adnan to the alleged problem of watching porn is to fast. He claims that by fasting, you won’t have enough energy to focus and will be too tired to get it up. Have fun holding onto a job when you don’t eat and your performance suffers as a result. What he doesn’t recognize is that watching porn isn’t a big deal, isn’t “filthy” as he claims it is, and even married people sometimes enjoy it.

Speaking of marriage, that is yet another of the young da’ee’s “cures” for watching porn. “…get married as soon as possible, and that will, inshallah, stop you from engaging in things like watching pornography.” HAH! When the sex dies six months into your relationship, what are you gonna do? Very few couples (aside from gay men) can easily open up their relationship, and once the passion in the bedroom dies, it’s unlikely to come back. Adnan also recommends Muslims marry early and frequently mentions his unmarried status, both suggesting a sense of desperation to no longer be single and also frustration at his inability to get off in a way his religion deems acceptable. However, since he is Muslim, he views traditional western courtship such as dating as being unnecessary, and wants people to jump into marriage without getting past all the awkward moments first. “If he really loves you, he would marry you, he would propose to you, not take you out on a date on Valentine’s Day and buy you chocolates.” Muslims hate Valentine’s Day, but really, what’s wrong with taking your girlfriend out someplace nice? Oh wait, we’re dealing with Muslims here, the whole “girlfriend” thing is often seen as haram, ridiculous as that is.

Adnan also loves another variety of pseudoscience: creationism. He wrote [grammar corrected], “Scientifically evolution cannot be proved as a fact or a belief as science only comments on what has been observed, the changing of 1 kind to another hasn’t been observed by ANYONE, so in order for anyone to tell you that science agrees with evolution, they need to provide proof that 1 kind changing to another has been observed, they wont be able to.” We’ve pretty much got the entire fossil record of apes evolving into man, complete with all the changes along the way… if that isn’t enough to convince you of evolution, then nothing will.

Last but not least, Adnan is a staunch believer that men should grow their beards, a belief widely held by members of the gay bear community. He claims that it is the Shaytaan whispering to him whenever he feels the urge to trim his hideous facial sprouts. Again, if you think you’re hearing voices from entities that aren’t there, seek help from a mental health professional and stop banging your head on the floor five times a day. That will only make it worse.

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