The End

I feel like now is the time to stop writing on here. It’s just not the same as it used to be.

The YDM Facebook page was report-jihaded to death earlier today. Combine that with more work and other stuff going on in my life, the choice to stop doing YDM became clear. I’m still going to be writing, just nothing to do with this counterjihad business. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon my next endeavor one of these days.

And wherever you are, don’t stop fighting.



Your Daily Muslim #651: Khizar bin Qasim

Khizar bin Qasim doesn't realize selfies are best taken with smartphones

Khizar bin Qasim doesn’t realize selfies are best taken with smartphones

Pakistani Muslim Khizar bin Qasim clearly failed every science class he ever took. The jihad terror supporter and self-described “haxor” (internet slang for “hacker”) claims that Israelis are the offspring of porcine-canine intercourse. Actually, not just pig-on-dog sex, but gay pig-on-dog sex, saying Israelis are pigs and dogs. Needless to say, his attempt at an insult is about as logical as burning down small businesses in response to systemic police brutality. Take a look:


Once you’re finished laughing at the ridiculousness of offspring being produced by homosexual interspecies copulation, there’s some more serious anti-Semitism to examine. The fact that this Muslim openly dehumanizes Jews is disturbing enough, but claiming Hitler was right? Wow. That’s overt support of genocidal ideology. Then again, that is what Islam advocates against Jews, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. However, it’s not all that common to find Muslims who are willing to be so candid about their Jew-hatred.

As for the bit about vaginas and defecation – I really don’t know what he’s getting at, and I consider myself fluent in unintelligible Islamic foam.


Again, more dehumanizing of Jews and lewdness. It’s almost as if the Qur’an teaches Muslims this stuff… but surely that can’t be; Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance!


Actually, the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group are the ones getting their asses kicked by females (some Muslims believe it is a great shame to die at the hand of a female), which is nothing to be ashamed of unless you’re sexist. Needless to say, I suspect bin Qasim will be enjoying the company of his hand for quite some time.

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Your Daily Muslim #650: Bala Garba Jahumpa

Bala Garba Jahumpa

Bala Garba Jahumpa

The Gambia is not known for being friendly to gays thanks to its Islamic faith. Even its president has likened gays to a plethora of viruses and has threatened gays with life behind bars if caught. Today’s daily Muslim, The Gambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bala Garba Jahumpa (pronounced Ball o’Garbage Humper), hates gays as much as the nation’s president. Earlier this year, Jahumpa nearly died after a vehicular collision with a bovine. However, his near-death experience didn’t change his views. In a recent speech, he made numerous comments ranging from the spiteful to the truly delusional. In other words, the same old crap we’re used to from Muslims.

The Gambia is not particularly well-to-do, and international aid would be of great benefit to the nation. However, Jahumpa basically shot that possibility down: “We the government and people of The Gambia hereby make it very clear to the Union European and any outside bloc that wants to impose acceptance of homosexuals as a pre-condition for aid that we will never accept that conditionality no matter how much aid is involved.” Oh look, a Muslim actively opposing human rights. Still think that all religions are the same, left-wingers?

“Our country’s socioeconomic development depends only on the almighty Allah’s benevolence,” Jahumpa said, not realizing how idiotic that statement is. The Gambia is ranked as the 31st-poorest country in the world. Jahumpa’s invisible sky-demon is clearly quite benevolent. “We also hereby declare that The Gambia will always be an independent, dignified and Allah worshipping Muslim country where our way of life; our laws will be based on our Islamic values, that is, the strict adherence to our Islamic faith.” There is NOTHING dignified about denying people their rights. There is nothing dignified about forcing a religion on people whose nature it goes against. You know how many Muslims use that “there is no compulsion in religion” line to claim that no one is forced to be Muslim? Yeah, because being forced to live like a Muslim is totally different than being forced to be a Muslim.

“As an independent Muslim country, we will not be tied to any bloc that promotes decadence and ungodly behavior that are not only Satanic, but they are also detrimental to human existence, such as homosexuality; especially when it is used as a pre-condition for receiving aid.” Tell me again how homosexuality is detrimental to human existence? Was da Vinci a bad guy? How about Alan Turing? Us gays have always been and will always be. GET USED TO IT, Muslims.

Jahumpa then went further off the rails. “If the European Union is really interested in the protection of homosexuals in Africa as a human right; why are they slaughtering young and decent African migrants in their thousands on European soil?” Slaughtering young and decent African migrants? If such a thing were happening, it would make the news. It hasn’t made the news because innocent immigrants aren’t being massacred as Jahumpa stated. The few who are killed by police (European police are much more responsible and less violent than the American variety) are actively engaging in violent behavior. Jahumpa’s claim that European countries were violating immigrants’ human rights is devoid of factual basis (like his religion) and is a poor attempt to deflect from his own nation’s abuses.


Your Daily Muslim #649: Linda Hardan

Linda Hardan

Linda Hardan. If I were straight, I still wouldn’t, even with beer goggles.

This post contains adult thematic material that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Many left-wingers argue that it is impossible for a female to rape a male. This controversial stance has recently come to light after actor Shia LaBoeuf’s disclosure that he was raped by a woman; many argued that rape equals sexual violence plus institutional power, not just the sexual violence component. However, that isn’t the legal (or dictionary) definition of rape, and people who think men can’t be raped are rightly regarded as crazy by the average citizen. Their fringe-left “privilege” fanaticism rivals that of Islamists’ crazed devotion, to the point of severing all ties with loved ones who don’t agree with their outlandish views. Many – none of whom are (or even interact with) men – argue that an erection is equal to consent.

Today’s daily Muslim, Linda Hardan (NOT to be confused with Hard-on), 21, is accused of raping a male. With a headbag not quite tight enough to hide her burgeoning double chin, pimple-ridden Hardan, a substitute teacher, found her prey. He was 16, and the two formed a rapport. When he got into her car after school one day, he didn’t know what he was in for. All seemed well until she drove off course and parked the car. Hardan then allegedly molested the teen. Regardless of whether or not he had or developed an erection (which is unknown), HE DIDN’T WANT IT and NO MEANS NO. I don’t care how desperate you are or if you think that an erection equals consent, go play with your vibrator or get a Tinder. It’s ridiculous that some still fail to grasp this, but rape is NOT OK. EVER.

Hardan is facing up to 16.5 years behind bars on charges of child endangerment, sexual assault, and criminal sexual contact. You’d think that a devout Muslimah would know better than to molest a teenage boy, right? Well, her prophet, pigs be upon him, molested a 9-year-old girl, and thus the religion doesn’t set an age limit for when sexual contact is deemed unacceptable. Needless to say, Islam doesn’t have the best track record as far as child welfare.

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Your Daily Muslim #648: Khalil Attieh

Khalil Attieh

Khalil Attieh

“Hating the Jews is a great honor for me and it makes me walk with my head high, because they are worthy of hatred… Any man of honor should hate the Jews.”

Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh really doesn’t like Jews. His hatred likely stems from a deep-seated inferiority complex brought about by alopecia, an expansive waistline, and the resulting lack of sex, but I’m not going to go into that. I’ll let him tell you about his anti-Semitic views:

“By Allah, it is an honor to incite against the Jews,” Attieh said. So much for that whole “coexist” mantra the liberals spout. “Our people in Palestine expect us to support them, and to recite Qur’an verses for the souls of their martyrs.” Martyrs? You mean… terrorists? Israel is defending itself from enemies within and on all sides. Casualties are unfortunate but inevitable in armed conflict. You’d think someone belonging to a tolerant religion of peace would understand that…

“…if [inciting against Jews] is terrorism, we are terrorists,” Attieh continued, further cementing in everyone’s mind that Muslim stereotypes have a high degree of accuracy. “Indeed, I make use of the hatred of the Jews, as all Arabs should, because the Jews respect neither treaties nor human beings. They respect nothing. That accursed [Israeli] ambassador did me a great honor by saying that I hate the Jews. Yes, I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews.” He’s repeating himself an awful lot while rambling on about nothing. Perhaps it’s Alzheimer’s?

Attieh concluded his speech with more baseless accusations against Jews, including the tired lineage of “apes and pigs” line from the Qur’an. Sadly, he remains in elected office.

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Your Daily Muslim #647: Ismail Kijo

Ismail Kijo

Ismail Kijo

Today’s daily Muslim is a case study in abnormal psychology. Meet Ismail Kijo, a delegate of Malaysia’s UMNO political party. How does Kijo feel he can best serve his nation? By trying to get all gay rights taken away.

“[The practice of homosexuality] should not be allowed, as it is against the rule of nature and therefore we should do what is necessary to curb it,” Kijo stated earlier this year. Actually, homosexuality is observed in numerous animal species and is thus not against nature. Besides, since when have Muslims cared about nature? Kijo’s objection to LGBT rights likely does not stem from the faulty biological component of the argument he presented, but rather from his devout Islamic faith.

What was Kijo’s proposed solution to this dangerous epidemic of gym bunnies and overalls? “With the help of several religious councils, we have cured over 20,000 cases [of homosexuality], and we hope they continue to carry on their good work,” he blathered. Homosexuality is not an ailment. It cannot be “cured.” It’s a sexual orientation, and a perfectly natural and valid one. I have no idea where he got the statistic that over 20,000 Malays changed their sexual orientation, but I imagine he pulled it out of his ass (perhaps along with a dildo or two.)

More recently, the maniacal Muslim made more comments in an attempt to criticize gays, but really he just made homosexuals sound all the more appealing. “Malaysian mothers would be forced to face the harsh possibility that the [lesbian] partners of their daughters could have bigger breasts than them some day,” he said, causing the world to collectively wonder why someone would care about the size of their mother’s tits. Then again, perhaps Kijo’s relationship with his mother was rather close, a la Lysa Arryn from Game of Thrones who breast-fed her 10-year-old son.

“Could you imagine how shocked the mother would be when she sees that this future ‘husband’ has breasts bigger than hers?” First, why would the mother care? She’s not vying for the romantic affection of her daughter. Why would it matter if her daughter’s partner’s breasts are bigger? Second, Kijo’s use of the word ‘husband’ is truly sad; not every marriage is between husband and wife. People are a little more tolerant than that now. Is it just me, or is Kijo’s fascination with lesbians’ breasts potentially indicative of his internet viewing habits? Uh oh, that’s haram (forbidden in Islam)…

Of course, gay men weren’t spared from Kijo’s bizarre wrath. He claimed that mothers would be excited to meet their future “daughters-in-law,” but would be shocked when they had thick mustaches. Guys with thick mustaches? Sounds hot, where do I sign up? I don’t know if Kijo realized that, by saying LGBT people had attractive features, he was complimenting them rather than making a case for why LGBT rights should be stripped. He soon learned the hard way that his views were outlandish – the crowd listening to his speech began to laugh at him, as did the entire world when word of his remarks got out.

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Your Daily Muslim #646: Omid Roshan

No one wants any of Omid Roshan's "service."

No one wants any of Omid Roshan’s “service.”

Afghan Muslim Omid Roshan, who arrived in Ausfailia as a “refugee,” was up to no good. Promoting the trope of the pervert who offers children a ride home, he approached a 9-year-old boy after a soccer match. The Muslim pressured the boy into getting into the backseat of his car. He drove the boy past his house before jumping into the backseat and molesting the boy.

“Bacha bazi” is an abhorrent cultural practice many Afghans and others in that region partake in. It normally involves dressing up little boys in feminine clothing and forcing them to dance before raping them. Despite the practitioners’ Islamic faith, most of them do not see it as haram (forbidden) in Islam because the boys are dressed up like girls, thus making it a bizarre “no homo” sort of situation. However, the fact that it is a form of extramarital intercourse should have them worried, as that is zina (fornication), but for whatever reason that concern is generally brushed under the rug.

Roshan, knowing bacha bazi was against the law in the civilized nation of Ausfailia, paid the terrified boy $10 and told him not to tell his parents. However, the visibly traumatized boy explained what had happened to his parents – and the police – when he got home. Roshan packed all of his belongings and began to drive to Sydney. He was arrested shortly after his arrival.

Speaking through an interpreter, Roshan denied all the charges against him, including rape, child abduction and three counts of committing an indecent act with a child. He had to use an interpreter in legal proceedings but had the conversational skills to lure a young boy and instruct him not to tell his parents… something seems fishy about that. Painting himself as an immigrant with little English in a pathetic attempt to win sympathy isn’t gonna work for this perv.


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