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Your Daily Muslim #556: Ilyas Qadri

Ilyas Qadri

Ilyas Qadri

This post contains graphic descriptions of abuse and torture that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

There’s a difference between helping suffering drug addicts and cuffing 115 of them to a single chain as a bizarre form of detox. Pakistani Islamic cleric/scholar maulana Ilyas Qadri didn’t get the memo.

Qadri, who has no license or background to treat addiction, ran an establishment known as the Center for Spiritual Treatment of Drug Addicts, where he provided drug users with Islamic counseling and guidance to help them conquer their addiction. However, rehab in Islam is quite different than in the west. Qadri believed many of the addicts needed further treatment beyond counseling, and many of them could not afford a hospital visit. He and several of the center’s guards took the men into adjoining rooms in the back and fettered them to a single chain which stretched between the rooms. The men were never allowed to be unchained, even when praying, eating, or using the restroom.

Instead of actually trying to help his now-unwilling patients conquer addiction, Qadri was more intent on using them for his own twisted enjoyment. He and his guards routinely beat the boys and men, knowing that no one could see or hear any of what was happening. The captives ranged in age from 13 to 45. Though 13 is a bit old for a Muslim’s sexual fancy, Qadri took indecent liberties with what was available.

The men were underfed and many became significantly malnourished. Qadri collected money from the men’s families, claiming they were staying with him for detox, though he didn’t mention anything about the conditions they were kept in. Some of the men who did not have family in the area had been held for as long as five years; Qadri knew no one was looking for them, so he and his guards kept them around as human punching bags.

Police grew suspicious of the center after family members complained about their loved ones not returning. They raided the facility in 2006, arrested the cleric and freed the 112 men held captive. However, due to a bizarre miscarriage of justice, Qadri was acquitted and returned to his former profession a few months later in 2007.

Of course, the cleric couldn’t resist the sight of men in chains. In 2014, he began to assemble a second chain of drug addicts. As more and more addicts turned up asking for treatment, the chain quickly grew. This time, Qadri improved his high score, capturing 115 men and boys. The same abusive practices as the 2006 incident resumed. When another patient at Qadri’s center stumbled across the men, he immediately filed a police report. The center was raided and Qadri was arrested a second time, along with the center’s guards.

After his arrest, Qadri denied the charges and stated that the chain was necessary to prevent the men from escaping treatment. You know, maybe, just maybe, those men would have been better off being addicted to heroin instead of being shackled and tortured. The investigation into Qadri’s center is ongoing.

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Your Daily Muslim #555: Mohammad Asri Zainul Abidin

Some #gayporn4muhammad no one wants to watch

Some #gayporn4muhammad no one wants to watch

Coexist: the mindless philosophy of left-wingers whose heads are buried in the sand. Jihad: the mindless philosophy of annihilation most Muslims hold dear. Malay Muslim cleric/professor Mohammad Asri Zainul Abidin’s recent statements are a slap in the face of idiots with “coexist” bumper stickers worldwide. Instead of promoting interfaith tolerance and dialogue, Abidin instead tried to give credibility to one of the most hated men in history: Adolf Hitler.

“We are not anti-certain races, or blindly anti-Semitic like Hitler or previous Europeans,” Abidin wrote, before gradually changing his tune toward being anti-Semitic. “But if we see the betrayals and wicked acts of the Israeli Jews, those are not a new or odd thing for them. There might be truth behind Hitler’s belief.” Take one look at Israel, a shining beacon of human rights and progress in the Middle East, then take a look at Afghanistan, a backward Islamic hellhole. Now tell me that the Israelis are the ones guilty of “wicked acts.” …yeah, that’s what I thought. The hypocrite Abidin fails to recognize his own hypocrisy, instead falling into blind anti-Semitism which he claimed he was avoiding.

“Why did the Europeans unite in believing that the Jews were an evil race?” Abidin wrote. “The answer, is whether the belief was superstitious, or it was based on their experiences with the Jews.” No, it was based on the power of rhetoric and propaganda, which hate peddlers like Abidin fail to recognize they are spreading.

“…the cruel and brutal acts of Hitler had indirectly reduced the harm that the Jews pose to Europeans and the rest of the world,” Abidin continued. What harm? You mean Nobel Prizes, scientific advancement, prosperity, and human rights? Gee, sounds like a lot of harm to me. If you want to talk about harm, look no further than Islam.


Your Daily Muslim #554: Mabul Shoatz

Mabul Shoatz. Note the prominent zebiba caused by repeated headbanging on the ground. It's an indicator of likely brain damage.

Mabul Shoatz. Note the prominent zebiba caused by repeated headbanging on the ground. It’s an indicator of likely brain damage.

Many Muslims often say that sharia punishments (hudud) for theft etc. are rarely fully implemented. Some even claim that only four hands were cut off in a century for theft in ancient Islamic society. However, the city of Philadelphia’s Muslims think that figure is insufficient. The imam of the Masjid ar-Razaqq ul-Karim and one of his followers, Mabul Shoatz (born Merv Mitchell), decided to take justice into their own hands when one of the members was accused of stealing from the mosque’s prayer jars. The mosque is a converted house – and also Shoatz’s residence.

The bloodthirsty followers of the religion of peace poke with the accused but did not give him a chance to defend himself. Shoatz and the imam grabbed the man and dragged him to the backyard of the mosque. Instead of giving him a fair trial, they felt the need to immediately administer hudud to the man they presumed guilty. They threw the man to the ground and laid his arm out on a log. Shoatz picked up a dull machete and swung at the man’s wrist. The amputation wasn’t successful, though the skin and several tendons were severed. Allah was surely displeased at Shoatz’s failure to deliver justice.

The victim required surgery to save the damaged area. Shortly after the incident, Shoatz was arrested and there is a warrant out for the imam. This is just the beginning of the wave of barbarism that will surely come as more and more Muslims invade the west. Islam cannot coexist with our free society and its fair justice system.


Your Daily Muslim #553: Khalifa Faria Khan

ANOTHER leopard-print headbag?! Good god...

ANOTHER leopard-print headbag?! Good god…

I don’t really have much to say about this one that hasn’t been said about the previous bunch this week. She checks off tons of Angry Muslim Bingo boxes, misspells the word “bastard,” and engages in the common Islamic pastime of flinging empty threats over the internet at strangers. As for the whole anti-pig rhetoric part of her rant – 1) pigs don’t eat themselves 2) I really don’t know why the Muslims have been going after Babe so often lately. Pigs are lovable and delicious!


Sorry, Khan – messing with your religion is way too fun thanks to foaming idiots like yourself. It’s probably my favorite hobby at this point. So thank you, Muslims, for providing an everlasting wellspring of foamy goodness.

Here’s another selfie Khan took that will probably make you burst out laughing:

Yes, Khan, you look totally intimidating. Put that bat down before you hurt yourself.

Yes, Khan, you look totally intimidating. Put that bat down before you hurt yourself.


Your Daily Muslim #552: Amani Kapre

Amani Kapre's "modeling"

The eternally classy Amani Kapre

UK Muslimah Amani Kapre seems normal on the surface – she likes drawing, photography, and the occasional venture into modeling. However, a truly terrifying Islamofascist menace lies beneath, seeking to blot out criticism of Islam and Muhammad, pigs be upon him.

Kapre ran into some counterjihad pages on Facebook and unleashed a flurry of froth rivaling that of even the most seasoned foamers. Never mind the fact that she uses her personal Facebook in a professional capacity; nope, all of her friends could see the beast within bursting free. For a model, this certainly isn’t model behavior.


Let’s see: we’ve got thinly-veiled threats, more taunts and threats, insults to family members, promises of supernatural violence, and a finally an outright call to slaughter infidels. Truly, Islam is the religion of peace.

Kapre is just the latest Muslim to make fun of us infidels for eating delicious bacon. Kapre went on another little rant about food and drink her religion prohibits her from consuming, including humanely-slaughtered meat. FYI: we’re not jealous of your effed-up dietary restrictions, you’re jealous you can’t enjoy yourself.


Like any devout Muslim, Kapre asked her friends to report the counterjihad pages she found. However, some of them thought she was just asking them to like the page, since she hadn’t been particularly clear in her instructions. They apparently sent her some nasty hatemail (again, see how tolerant Muslims are of any criticism of Islam) due to the misunderstanding. To clear the air, Kapre posted this totally-not-mad rant:


If we’re not even human, what are we? LOL. Maybe Kapre should take a few minutes and figure out whether or not her insults make any sense before flinging them and looking like an idiot in the process. Oh wait, she’s Muslim, that’s totally par for the course.


Your Daily Muslim #551: Nasira Kazi

When will Muslimahs realize that leopard print is dead and will never come back?!

When will Muslimahs realize that leopard print is dead and will never come back?!

South African Muslimah Nasira Kazi probably tied her headbag too tight because it would seem there is a lack of oxygen getting to her brain. Instead of accepting the right to free speech and the right to criticize violent seventh-century ideologies, Kazi railed against the infidel after finding various counterjihad pages on Facebook. She initially chose to walk the path of peace, asking her fellow Muslims to not send their usual barrage of death and rape threats to the pages’ administrators:


However, like all Muslim attempts at being peaceful, Kazi’s effort was incredibly short-lived. The recent University of South Africa graduate then flipped out about delicious infidel cuisine:

All she wants is some bacon inside her.

All she wants is some juicy bacon sliding down her throat.

Islam is pure... LOL. The most vile creatures on the planet are Muslims, who marry children, stone gays, and lash women for showing their hair.

Islam is pure… LOL. Excuse me while I facepalm.

I swear, that foam was almost copied from Noorhayati Cherry and/or Sabreena Sadaf… the hive-mind effect is apparently quite strong among Muslimahs when it comes to bacon.

Now we get to see the brilliant logic Kazi employs when discussing alleged double standards against Muslims. Never mind the fact that Islamic Jew-hate pages are allowed to stay up free of consequence when innocent counterjihad pages like Allah Returns 8 and Laughing at the Muslim Defence League 2 get routinely deleted.

Nasira Kazi tried to get her report jihad on... and failed.

Nasira Kazi tried to get her report jihad on… and failed.

Yep, she just compared pro-Hitler messages to someone insulting Muhammad, pigs be upon him. An insult to Muhammad is not a call to annihilate a race. There’s kind of a big difference there, but Kazi can’t recognize that. Belief in Islam and logic are incompatible.

Here’s a final (totally nonviolent) message of peace from this totally reasonable Muslimah:


Infidels, we need to protect our freedom of speech. Muslims are in our countries and their numbers are not shrinking. We need to take a stand against this madness before it is too late.

Update 7/21/2014: After the publication of this piece, Kazi began foaming at counterjihadists on the YDM Facebook page’s wall. Behold this Muslimah’s attempt at being reasonable:


And here’s this failed voice for peace showing her true sentiments. Moderate Muslimah, not so much.


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Your Daily Muslim #550: Shannon Maureen Conley

Shannon Maureen Conley

Shannon Maureen Conley

Converting to Islam is all the rage among left-wing hippie types as a bizarre act of “solidarity” or something of that sort. Enter 19-year-old Colorado female Shannon Maureen Conley, a lonely teen who converted to Islam after spending too much time on the internet. Conley drew the attention of her neighbors after her conversion at age 18 when she began to wear the traditional Islamic ninja costume. Even her parents questioned their daughter’s bizarre fashion, but could not convince her that her new imaginary friend, Allah, wasn’t real.

Conley began hanging around a church. Some church leaders tried to make conversation with her, but she had developed the bizarre brand of Tourette’s many Islamic foamers demonstrate. When she ordered biscuits and gravy from the church kitchen one morning, she cursed at the server when she found out it contained (non-halal) meat before throwing the meal in the trash. Conley’s Facebook postings grew more absurd as well, with messages of support for jihadists fighting in Syria. Her own connections to the jihad at that time were unknown.

“If they think I’m a terrorist, I’ll give them something to think I am,” Conley said. As if that ninja costume wasn’t enough reason to suspect. She had begun making detailed blueprints of the church and listed herself as a “Slave of Allah” on Facebook (that’s what many welfare-sucking Muslims in the west list their professional status as.) Totally not a terrorist. Nope. Also, I have no idea why Muslims are so brazenly open about their jihadist intentions. It’s unlikely the 19-year-old Conley realized what such postings would lead to – the end of her romance.

Since she spent much of her time on the internet, the young ninja managed to find a way to contact the mujahideen. She began talking to a man online whom she believed was a Tunisian fighting for an al-Qaeda sect in Syria. Of course, we all know that this man was really a 40-something American… but unlike most 40-something American men on the internet who talk to girls less than half their age, this one was getting paid to talk to the wannabe mujahidah. He and his fellow FBI agents built a file on Conley, who was arrested at the airport before she could board a flight to the middle east.

Why was Conley so interested in the church, anyway? According to her, she “hate[d] those people.” She expressed discontent with the church’s support of Israel, despite the fact that Israel is infinitely superior to her beloved “Palestine.” This typical Muslim behavior has become all too predictable at this point.


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