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Your Daily Muslim #660: Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud

Minnesota Muslim Abdulkadir Sheikh Mahmoud has never been well-behaved. His criminal career has been lengthy, with its recent culmination in an attempted jihad attack against police.

In 2012, Mahmoud was arrested for kicking over the chair his 6-month-old daughter was sitting in during an argument with his ex. His ex told authorities he had abused her at least fifteen times. It is unknown the extent of abuse the child suffered; she was bruised but not permanently injured from Mahmoud’s assault. Mahmoud was charged with domestic violence and stalking.

In 2013, Mahmoud again got in trouble with the law for interfering with a 911 call and for another domestic violence offense. You’d think he’d learn to treat women better, but his holy book encourages their abuse (Qur. 4:34.)

After that most recent term of prison dawah, Mahmoud decided it was time for something more sinister. When police responded to a report of suspicious persons at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Mahmoud was laying in wait. The police approached the loitering group. Mahmoud then made like Shaheeda Hadee and drove his car at the police. Officers shot at the vehicle, hitting Mahmoud. He and one officer were hospitalized. It is unknown whether or not Mahmoud and the suspicious group coordinated the vehicular attack.

Mahmoud is facing aggravated assault charges. He will appear in court in the near future.

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Muslim of the Month Poll

Well, that hiatus was nice. Here’s a poll!

Amir Hossein Raisolsadat – Iranian-Canadian Muslim whose “Chemical Weapons Industries” page I reported to authorities in 2013. Police obtained a warrant based on the tip and discovered he had diagrams of warheads and a substantial quantity of castor beans, used to produce the toxin ricin. His next court date is pending.

Omar Hallak – Australian Islamic school headmaster who believes that allowing girls to run may cause them to “lose their virginity.” Hallak also claimed the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is a US-Israeli conspiracy.

Abdul Salam Mahmoud – Australian street preacher who traveled to Syria to join a “relief effort” (read: terror group.) In a video message, he stated: “Our media will be purified and cleaned from these devilish programs that have been brought to us by the west… then in the streets, you will not be able to see women and girls wearing short shirts… And boys and girls will not be free-mixing out in the open… And nightclubs and all the things will be shut down because we are Muslims and this is haram and we cannot have these in our country.” Mahmoud was killed in March.

Shaheeda Hadee – Honduran convert Muslimah who attempted to ram her car into the entrance of Miami-Dade International Airport. When her car crashed, she got out and screamed that she had a bomb. She was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

Azhar Abdullah – Malay Muslim doctor who advocated sharia amputation as punishment: “For the Muslim doctor society, they see the punishment as not contradicting to their profession as doctors, to amputate patients and convicted criminals.” Abdullah feels it is a Muslim doctor’s “responsibility” to dismember those convicted of certain crimes as prescribed by sharia.

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Your Daily Muslim #659: Amir Hossein Raisolsadat (Part 3)

Amir Hossein Raisolsadat

Amir Hossein Raisolsadat

Normally I don’t like to post about the same Muslim all the time, but this one deserves it. For those just joining us, catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Back in 2013, I ran across a Facebook page called Islamic National Socialism (Nazism.) The page was covered in anti-Semitic and other anti-infidel propaganda. I did a little digging and found it was connected to another page called Chemical Weapons Industries-CWI, which purported to deal in chemical and biological weapons. Iranian-Canadian Muslim Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, a chemistry student at the University of Prince Edward Island, was the admin of those pages.

I published the first piece on Raisolsadat and CWI on April 1, 2013. I also submitted tips to law enforcement about CWI and those I knew were involved with it. Shortly thereafter, this site was inundated with veiled threats in the comments from Raisolsadat and his fellow CWI admins. As more information about Raisolsadat and his associates was found, the story picked up steam in the counterjihad blogosphere. This culminated in the CWI folks putting a bounty on my head as well as that of fellow counterjihad activists in early June.

(If you want to view the CWI screenshots, check out Part 2.)

What I didn’t know was that Canadian authorities had begun looking into Raisolsadat after I alerted them to his nefarious online dealings. Police obtained a warrant based on images of Raisolsadat found online showing him next to a castor bean plant. Castor beans are used to make the deadly toxin ricin. In August 2013, police interviewed Raisolsadat, who denied any involvement in terror activity or any affiliation with CWI. Of course, we all know better, otherwise this would be a non-story.

Police began collecting Raisolsadat’s trash later that year. What they found was alarming – chemical formulas for calcium phosphide (an explosive compound), as well as a drawing of a rocket labeled “warhead.” An officer who viewed the drawing wrote, “The warhead section appeared to be designed to deliver a chemical or biological agent.” By this point, police had obtained a warrant. They entered Raisolsadat’s residence when he was out for the day and found 51 castor beans, as well as multiple castor bean plants and pods. Also seized were multiple hard drives, phones, and storage devices. Oh, and let’s not forget the eight journals Raisolsadat had put together with bomb diagrams, chemical formulas and drawings of explosions.

“…I believe that Amir Raisolsadat has the capability and intent to carry out a terrorist activity. I also believe that the results of the General Warrant show that Amir Raisolsadat has in his possession enough castor beans to produce a substantial quantity of ricin,” an officer wrote. If he weren’t involved in terrorist activity, why the castor beans? Why the diagrams? The evidence paints a damning picture.

The wannabe mujahid’s lawyer claims this whole saga is a huge “misunderstanding,” and that his client’s family received death threats after the story broke. Raisolsadat has been prohibited from leaving the province and is due back in court in the near future.


Your Daily Muslim #658: Omar Hallak

Omar Hallak

Omar Hallak

Sending your child to an Islamic school is one way to guarantee they’ll receive a suboptimal education, especially if that school is Ausfailia’s al-Taqwa College (for Americans who may be confused, the word “College” doesn’t mean it’s a university.) Omar Hallak is the principal of al-Taqwa college. Taqwa is the principle of “god-consciousness” in Islam, which can be summarized as the belief that Allah is watching your actions and you should behave accordingly. I wonder what that invisible voyeuristic psychopath Allah thinks about Hallak’s numerous pseudoscientific proclamations.

Hallak stated that if young girls run “excessively,” they may “lose their virginity.” This led to him cancelling the runs of the girls’ cross country team for the past two years. Now, even Islamic texts aren’t crazy enough to lend support to Hallak’s theory. However, that didn’t stop him from basing school policy on it. Also, what does it matter if running causes a girl to lose her virginity? It’s hers. Some creepy old dude should have no say in it.

At the al-Taqwa college, students experienced an alarming amount of sexist discrimination. Certain areas of campus were reserved for boys, and girls’ areas were often repurposed as boys’ areas. Female pupils’ complaints often fell on deaf ears.

Hallak also claimed he and his school administrators “don’t believe Muslims are creating [the Islamic State terror group],” and that the Islamic State is “not linked to Islam.” Oh really? Then why do they justify their cruelty with passages from the Qur’an, and why do they scream Allahu Akbar every ~8 seconds?

Hallak blamed the creation of the Islamic State on the US and Israel; Muslims tend to be incredibly unimaginative when it comes to their conspiracy theories. He claimed those nations formed the terror group to gain control of the region’s oil. Uhh, if we wanted oil, we wouldn’t do it by beheading random Shiites and Americans. The fact that Hallak is an educator remains gravely alarming; who knows what kind of madness is being taught at al-Taqwa?


Your Daily Muslim #657: Azhar Abdullah

Azhar Abdullah

Azhar Abdullah

In civilized society, shoplifting is punished by a small fine and a misdemeanor charge. In Islamic society, shoplifters get a hand chopped off. Malaysia’s Kelantan state recently passed a law that would legalize sharia-prescribed hudud punishments such as amputation, effectively regressing to the 7th century.

Dr. (though hopefully not for long) Azhar Abdullah is a member of the committee on the practice of hudud in Kelantan. During a recent speech to a local university’s Muslim Student Association, Abdullah tried to sugar-coat savagery: “For the Muslim doctor society, they see the punishment as not contradicting to their profession as doctors, to amputate patients and convicted criminals.” He also claimed it was a “responsibility” for Muslim doctors to cut off the limbs of those convicted of certain crimes. The Hippocratic Oath, which all doctors are required to swear before receiving their medical license, demands doctors not harm their patients. While Abdullah’s insistence upon adhering to sharia may make him a good Muslim, it makes him a terrible doctor.

“If they [doctors] are given the mandate, elected by the sultan, then at that time maybe they will choose to resign temporarily while they administer the punishment,” Abdullah said, presenting a convenient work-around for Muslim doctors who want to moonlight as the bloodthirsty sociopaths their religion commands. Of course, Abdullah highlighted the suggestion that the sentenced would be put under anesthesia, as if that somehow makes the ethical issues surrounding hudud disappear.

Speaking of ethical issues regarding hudud, guess what else is soon going to be punishable by extreme mutilation? Drinking, extramarital sex (zina), and anal sex, which are punishable by public lashing. The final phase of the law that is to be implemented includes punishments such as stoning and crucifixion. According to Abdullah, 97% of Kelantan residents interviewed supported the enactment of the hudud law. But remember, Islam is a religion of peace and is no different from any other major faith group. To say otherwise means you’re a racist for opposing a non-racially-aligned belief system.


Your Daily Muslim #656: Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky

Today’s daily Muslim is a prominent Nigerian Shia cleric, sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. al-Zakzaky is the head of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Of course, instead of using his position to build bridges, he spends his time spouting absurd conspiracy theories and finding numerous other ways to show the world how full of Shiite he really is.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria is loosely based on terror group Hezbollah (Hizb’Allah) and was founded with Iranian financial support. The group has built numerous Islamic schools named after a jihadist of ages past. Despite his claims he never advocated violence, members of his group engaged in firefights with authorities in 2009 and 2014. al-Zakzaky’s response was to accuse the government of trying to wipe out his followers instead of questioning how they could have become radicalized.

“[W]hen Israel is celebrating sixty years of occupying Palestine’s land, we are mourning because the truth is Israeli state is created on the basis of terrorism and what is not yours is not yours, no matter years of oppression and hostage it would slip someday along with those supporting them,” al-Zakzaky stated in a lecture before continuing, “Israel will fall with her allies certainly.” If you want to talk about something being created on the basis of terrorism, look at the tunnels Palestinians dig into Jerusalem. Israel is a haven for Jewish people surrounded by nations rife with anti-Semitism. It is not a terrorist state. It is trying to survive.

al-Zakzaky is no stranger to legal trouble. He blames his arrests on politics, seeing himself and his Shiite followers as prime targets for government action due to bias. In reality, he’s arrested for preaching radicalism and separatism. “There is no government except for that of Islam,” he said, shortly before being handcuffed in years past. Of course, he conveniently omitted all the wonders that come with Islamic government, including lashing of adulterers and punishments for rape victims.

What is al-Zakzaky’s stated goal for the Islamic Movement of Nigeria? To establish a separate Islamic state within the nation. And he wonders why he keeps getting arrested…

At Islamic Movement of Nigeria compounds, al-Zakzaky’s followers engage in military-esque drills. al-Zakzaky has instructed them to apply for positions within the military and various police forces. What he is planning is unknown, but the writing is certainly on the wall.

al-Zakzaky is probably best known for his errant belief that terror group Boko Haram is a western conspiracy. The group, responsible for kidnapping and selling hundreds of young girls into forced marriages, routinely targets schools and other institutions it deems un-Islamic. “There’s nothing like Boko Haram,” al-Zakzaky said. “I have never seen a single man calling himself Boko Haram. Our enemies are from outside. And they are the ones behind those bombings.” al-Zakzaky then went on to claim the specter of Boko Haram was created by the Nigerian government and western authorities to “balkanize” Nigeria and take its resources.

Think al-Zakzaky’s right? Misguided? Crazy? Post your thoughts in the comments!


Your Daily Muslim #655: Amir Hossein Raisolsadat (Part 2)

Seyed Amir Hossein Raisolsadat

Seyed Amir Hossein Raisolsadat

Canadian Muslim Seyed Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, most commonly known as Amir Raisolsadat or Amir Hossein Raisolsadat, a member of the Chemical Weapons Industries (CWI) group, has been arrested. This is likely because of information released on this site in Part 1.

Here is everything I gathered on Raisolsadat’s involvement with CWI, which is not to be confused with CSI (especially the Miami variety.)



Here’s the censored version of a screenshot I took of his Facebook profile. He aligns himself with Islam and the National Socialist (Nazi) party.










A screenshot of "Chemical Amir"'s Facebook page. Chemical Amir is an alias of one of the members of CWI. Note Raisolsadat's comment.

A screenshot of “Chemical Amir”‘s Facebook page. Chemical Amir is an alias of one of the members of CWI. Note Raisolsadat’s comment.

"Chemical Amir," a member of CWI, and others' boasts of his weaponmaking prowess.

“Chemical Amir,” a member of CWI, and others’ boasts of his weaponmaking prowess.

A photo of "Chemical Amir"

A photo of “Chemical Amir”

A "Wanted" poster the CWI admins made of "me" a while back, offering $900k for information on me. Religion of peace.

A “Wanted” poster the CWI admins made of “me” a while back, offering $900k for information on me. Religion of peace.


I hope Canadian authorities figure out what each of those projects is...

I hope Canadian authorities figure out what each of those projects is…

More proof Raisolsadat is involved with CWI.

Now, YDM has a new screenshot of a profile of Raisolsadat’s. This is from a dating site. Aside from sounding a little desperate at the top, he seems oddly normal, especially considering his CWI involvement.

amir hossein raisolsadat dating

amir hossein raisolsadat dating2

If any news organizations or law enforcement agencies wish to contact me with regard to this piece or this story in general, please do so in the comments on here or on my Facebook. I would be glad to help in any way I can. Thank you.


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