Your Daily Muslim #620: Zunera Ishaq

No image of Zunera Ishaq was available. However, this is probably pretty close to what she looks like.

No image of Zunera Ishaq was available. However, this is probably pretty close to what she looks like.

Zunera Ishaq was brought to Canada from Pakistan by her husband in 2008. Now, she’s demanding Canada change its laws for her bizarre religious beliefs. Instead of being grateful for having been welcomed into Canada and for the opportunity to become a citizen, Ishaq put off her citizenship ceremony – because she wasn’t allowed to pretend it was Halloween and wear the traditional Islamic ninja costume, an oppressive garment she says she has worn since age 15, while taking the oath of citizenship.

All people who wish to become Canadian citizens (read: those too stupid to realize the USA is better) must take the oath of citizenship, which basically involves pledging allegiance to Canada. Oath-taking ceremonies normally involve dozens of people being in the room at once as each goes up and says a few magic words to become a filthy moose-humper. However, ninja-costume-wearing Ishaq refused to lower part of her veil so the officiant could see her lips moving during the ceremony, as is required of all taking the oath. Now, she’s filing a lawsuit against the Conservative party because the former immigration minister, a conservative, put the anti-ninja policy into effect.

Ishaq, who has joined a Facebook group in support of Isamist political party Jamaat-e-Islami, claims the ban on wearing ridiculous ninja costumes violates her right to express her religious beliefs, a right extended by Canada’s Charter. However, numerous parliamentarians disagree, citing that wearing a veil during the ceremony can be problematic since you can’t tell if a ninja’s lips are moving. “To segregate one group of Canadians or allow them to hide their faces, to hide their identity from us precisely when they are joining our community is contrary to Canada’s proud commitment to openness and to social cohesion,” wrote Jason Kenney, the minister who initially implemented the ban.

What do you think – should Ishaq be able to hide her face? Or should she be forced to briefly show it to take the oath, despite whatever religious obligations and/or self-image issues cause her to want to hide it?

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Your Daily Muslim #619: Hassan Sayed

Hassan Sayed putting Qur. 4:34 into practice

Hassan Sayed putting Qur. 4:34 into practice

“Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.” -Qur. 4:34

Dearborn, Michigan. A city completely overrun by Muslims, home to anti-Christian violence and outrageous demands of sharia on American soil. The most recent Islamic atrocity to come out of Dearborn is the beating and subsequent dragging of a woman by Muslim Hassan Sayed.

A woman was driving Sayed and their two children along a busy street when she pulled over, apparently having an argument with ex-husband/baby daddy(?) Sayed. It is unknown whether or not the woman being in the driver’s seat is what triggered Sayed’s rage. She then got out of the car and tried to cross the street, but Sayed grabbed her purse, causing her to come back to the vehicle to try to protect her property and her children.

Sayed then got into the driver’s seat. He struck the woman repeatedly, and the two continued to struggle as Sayed put the car into drive with the woman still struggling in the door. Sayed then began to speed off, dragging the woman down the street with her children in the backseat.

Eventually, the woman was able to get free of the door and the violent Muslim, who was arrested shortly thereafter. He is facing charges of stealing the victim’s cell phone, child abuse and neglect and assault with a deadly weapon, the weapon being the car. In other words, he’s going to receive numerous years of prison dawah.

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Your Daily Muslim #618: Atiq Ahmed

Atiq Ahmed: Internet tough guy

Atiq Ahmed: Internet tough guy

This post contains strong adult language including graphic anatomical descriptions and racist language. Reader discretion is advised.

UK Muslim Atiq Ahmed needs to close his browser window and his Qur’an. The young padawan is close to mastering the ancient Islamic art of foaming – raging uncontrollably like a rabid fiend at the kuffar. It is unknown whose apprentice Ahmed served as to learn his foaming skills, but surely this young keyboard warrior extraordinaire learned his tricks from somewhere.

Ahmed found the Facebook counterjihad page called Allah is a Pig and proceeded to launch into a flurry of spite aimed at the infidel. Note here how he claims us infidels will be turned into pigs at the hands of Allah, a claim made by several others featured on this site.


An African-American counterjihadist commented, attempting to engage the Muslim in discussion. Of course, reason does not work on those who have renounced it. How did Ahmed respond to the assault of logic? With racism. Eww.


When others engaged the rampaging Muslim, the insults went from racial to familial. Like tons of others before him, he decided it would hurt us the most if he insulted our mothers. Sorry, Ahmed, most of us have matured past 4th grade.


I have no idea why he thinks our mothers are into gay guys’ genitals…

When a counterjihadist responded to Ahmed’s last bit of anti-motherly foam with a pathetic insult about Muslims’ mothers, Ahmed struck back, insulting all infidel women:


How would you know, Ahmed? Have you been perving? Watching porn? You know that it’s haram for you to look at the awrah of a woman you aren’t related or married to…

As if insulting our mothers wasn’t enough, Ahmed went on to show how he and his religion totally fit in the secular UK. No wonder he’s so mad, his religion prohibits him from having fun!


Note how he says “we cover them” when describing Muslimahs, not “they choose to cover themselves.” The hijab is often forced upon Muslimahs, who are faced with threats of violence, even death, if they choose to dress liberally. Also, his attempt to insult our mothers by claiming they had low enough standards to be with him is a double fail – 1) no one would say yes to that, 2) extramarital sex is punishable by lashing for the unmarried and death for the married under sharia.

I hope Ahmed foams upon seeing this piece and gives me enough material for a part 2.

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Your Daily Muslim #617: Akba Jihad Jordan

Akba Jihad Jordan

Akba Jihad Jordan

North Carolina Muslim Akba Jihad Jordan’s contribution to humanity is the same as that of many other Muslims – a failed attempt at mass murder. The 22-year-old wannabe mujahid and his co-conspirator Avin Marsalis Brown got in contact with people they believed were fellow mujahideen to arrange for overseas travel to join a terror group.

Did the pair have a specific group in mind? Nah, they weren’t particularly discerning; they expressed interest in joining the Islamic State (ISIS), al Qaeda, and Jabhat al-Nusra, among others, you know, any opportunity to shoot the infidel and finally lose their virginity to 72 virgins. Virgin-on-virgin sex… can you say awkward?!

Jordan and Brown also discussed potentially carrying out a jihad terror attack within the United States. They even mentioned their targets, specifically, were the kuffar. Yes, liberals, keep on believing the feel-good lie that Islam can coexist with our secular society. Rolling my eyes…

Of course, the young Muslims were talking to an undercover informant, not a fellow mujahid. Jordan was . It turns out the attack in the US Jordan hinted at may have been near – investigators found a Magic Muslim Peace Sprayerâ„¢ and ammo in his apartment. Jordan pleaded guilty to one count of one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. He’s also guilty of being an idiot with no respect for human life, but unfortunately you can’t incarcerate someone for that.

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Your Daily Muslim #616: Rasel Siddiquee

Rasel Siddiquee

Rasel Siddiquee

Bangladeshi Muslim Rasel Siddiquee immigrated to the US in the hope of a better life… but things didn’t work out so well for him. The devout Muslim, age 27, experienced the same difficulties finding employment as the average liberal arts major, and struggled to make ends meet. His landlord, another Muslim immigrant but one who had become deeply attached to America and loved it here, would soon face Siddiquee’s wrath.

It is believed Siddiquee killed his landlord for money, seeing as a he had quite a lot of cash on him for someone who lacked permanent employment. However, the method by which Siddiquee carried out the murder was truly Islamic: beheading.

Instead of shooting his landlord or stabbing him like a normal criminal, Siddiquee had to commit murder in a uniquely Islamic fashion. His victim’s head was found barely attached to the body, having been hacked nearly off by a sword. Qur. 8:12, among others, commands Muslims to behead infidels, and there are numerous permissions in the Qur’an for Muslims to take the possessions of those defeated in battle. Siddiquee’s comments have suggested his landlord’s attitude toward his lack of income was a motive. Of course, instead of handling a slight bit of shame like a reasonable person, Siddiquee had to defend his “honor” from someone who questioned it. In Islam, the way to do that is to slay the source of the shame.

Siddiquee was apprehended when he tried to flee the country and return to his native Bangladesh via Kuwait. He never made it out of the US, and is now facing murder charges.


Your Daily Muslim #615: Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev

Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev being fat

Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev being fat

Islam and LGBT rights don’t go together, despite idealistic leftists’ insistence the two can coexist. Even Muhammad himself, pigs be upon him, called for gays to be put to death. It’s no wonder that Muslims can’t tolerate LGBT people when their “perfect” moral exemplar (read: pedophile warlord) was a raging homophobe. Kurmanbak Dyikanbayev, a member of Kyrgyzstani parliament, is continuing his prophet’s tradition in the best way a portly, aging fellow like himself can think to – by criminalizing homosexuality and those who speak favorably of it.

Dyikanbayev, despite having traveled to more progressive societies like the United States, still holds the values of the 7th century close to his heart. Thus, he and several others co-authored a bill that would criminalize the demonstration of “a positive attitude toward non-traditional sexual relations,” and impose up to a 1-year jail sentence for anyone caught supporting LGBT causes. Dyikanbayev commented in a radio interview, “The main objective of this bill – to prohibit the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations. We need to preserve the institution of the traditional family from western influences, which are trying to impose the idea of same-sex families [onto our society].”

Non-traditional? Oh, so you mean anything other than bland, vanilla sex between husband and wife? Excuse me while I laugh, considering the very small percentage of intercourse that meets those strict guidelines. Also, just because something is traditional doesn’t make it right. Just look at child marriage in Islam. I mean, sure, Dyikanbayev probably would take less issue (if any) with that than with same-sex marriage, but that’s because he’s a Muslim and thus supports the backwardness of ages past. In any civilized society, equal rights and protection under the law trump religious dogma. It’s about time the Islamic world caught up.


Your Daily Muslim #614: Khalid al-Ghamdi

Khalid al-Ghamdi suffers from resting bitch face

Khalid al-Ghamdi suffers from resting bitch face

Recently, a group of al-Houthi Shia Muslims protested against the Yemeni government. Since Shiites are viewed as kuffar (infidels) by many Sunnis, including al Qaeda militants, there is considerable backlash against them in majority-Sunni areas. The protest began peacefully but was interrupted by an al Qaeda jihadist carrying out a martyrdom operation. Even around other Muslims, it seems mujahideen cannot control their bloodlust.

47 were killed in the explosion. Shortly thereafter, Saudi sheikh and TV host Khalid al-Ghamdi took to Twitter with some rather unsightly images of the victims’ mangled corpses. “Allahu akbar. Enjoy watching,” the sheikh tweeted, accompanying his message with a grisly image.

al-Ghamdi has posted similar things in the past, including images of decapitated Iraqi soldiers with the text, “one of the most beautiful things my eyes have seen.” Many blame him for sectarian violence in the region, but he denies involvement.


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